Black Out

I know its stupid but I can't help thinking that why on the earth God chose such a hot place like Pakistan for me.In these days of scorching heat and  nights of endless Load-shading, I keep on complaining that Why I was not born in Switzerland! and what my life would be like if I were born there and not here...

Awwww such an entertaining little hobby of mine these days..It helps kill time of heat and Black-out.Things become more spicy when I start imaging my 'would-be life ' in Switzerland! what a relief would that be na!
That lovely weather and beautiful scenery..I would be much happy there with this "28 and still single" tag!
Maybe I would have much better options too;p

Kidding...Its not I do not love Pakistan or I'm one of those who keep on complaining about all the bad things and ignoring all the good things at the same time...I am a Die-hard Patriot ..You cant speak against my country in-front of me..I could kill you for that!! Beware!

Its this disappointment thats everywhere and its prevailing non-stop, it gives me this aching desire to somehow start an Operation 'CLEAN-UP' and kick them in the A**..(Pardon my French please). I really wish I could do something to clean this mess up.I despise the helplessness surrounding us.I wish we could do something to change this distress in abounding happiness.If only we would have selected the Right people! I have this on my heart since long now and I regret it.I want to share it with the World this moment.I know I have no right to criticize the government as I am the one who gave her precious vote to the same A**holes.I am so sorry for that.I am so sorry to all of you who did not vote these people.In this moment of extreme heat while chafing at the bit, I promise that I would never repeat this mistake again and no-matter If people around me follow me or not but I will not waste my vote on some dumba** and will vote to the person that I will feel fit for it so that I may not have to think about being born in somewhere else then Pakistan:-)


  1. Power shortages are part of life of several Asian countries. In order to provide electricity to all, huge investment is required. Not only that, the gestation period for setting up power industry is longer when compared with other industries. Production of electricity has to pass through following few stages:-

    Construction of plant, production, distribution, billing, collection of payment, paying taxes and salaries and finally garnering profits.

    Difficulties :- Proper Law and order situation, cordial relation with trade unions, continued supply of raw materials and sensitive Government etc. etc. should be in place.

    Now coming to point :-

    There should be wider acceptability by public to "pay the bills in time”, then only any businessmen will think of investing in this area.

    Short term solution :-

    Electricity based on solar system can work and this is to be encouraged till regular supply is arranged.




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  3. phew!
    your boundless knowledge truly inspires me !
    keep commenting on ma posts...keep inspiring me:-)

  4. I request you to kindly spread my above comment among your friends/relatives and others to just ponder over it.

    Since you are highly qualified person, have group discussion and meet Government officials regularly. Convince them to grant subsidies for solar panels. Also, contact businessmen of other areas to think of investing in Power Sector with escrow arrangement (means third party like Bank or other financial institution guaranteeing Power Company to make payment in case of default by State Electricity Board).

    If Power is there, industries will come up automatically and there will be thousands of jobs for all………..and there will be large number of vacancies at Terrorist Camps (as no youth would be willing to go there).

    Let religious leaders who promise better life, convince Businessmen in Friday’s gathering.

    Let people read above points and understand what is good for them; Guns or Jobs (that brings happiness in family). Don’t blame USA or any other country, if we are not wise enough, outsiders will come to rule over us.

    In my blogging journey of two years, I have noticed my Pakistani brotherns writing fantastic English literally toppling whites from the helm of supremacy…….and why not, after all we (Indians and Pakistanis) are one blood, our food, culture, festivals, attitudes are same.

    Don’t expect miracle.....and results to come out soon, it may take 10, 20 or even 80 years from now but boarding the train is important as for certain, it will reach destination one day.

    Best wishes.

  5. yes you are right, we do need more awareness as far as the 'useful utilization' of electricity is concerned...and this is the biggest issue of our country at the moment. it has hit almost everyone...people are desperate to have a solution of this problem..we keep on talking about it as much as we can..thankz Lord that we have a Vibrant media now...they represent public's pleas in a very effective way..many projects are being launched..tho its not enough but we are hopeful somehow...

    my people are the most brave people in the world..they are coping with War on Terror, Power crises, Inflation and restlessness at the very same time...thankz to FACEBOOK...our youth is very aware now...they are connecting strongly then ever..we have high hopes now:-)


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