When I first saw this kid..I was not aware of  all the buzz about him and I thought "oh..he is cute!"....and then my youngest bro informed me .."fcourse he is cute he is JB after all!!" and I said " so wots the big deal??"
and I got more amazed with my bro's "ARE YOU INSANE" look!

Thus I came to know about the great JB...its funny..isnt it? I mean look at him and then all the fame and popularity the kid has got..he surely is the Luckiest KID on this planet....

Now I know all about him and his Crazy fan-base but em not afraid of them..and I will talk about my true opinion over his music..yes he is a good singer...way toooooooooo good for his age but dont you think he is OVER-RATED? A WAY TOOO  over-rated!!!!

There are music-divas like Beatles..Whitney Housten,Medonna,Metallica..Michael Jackson..
and the list goes on...and the kind of music that they produced needs no speaks for itself...and I dont see this kid anywhere near to those high-tech marks of music Legends and yet he has the record of having The YOU TUBE'S Most Watched Video ever,a way more then 500 millions! What to say? The Kid surely Rocks! Tired of hearing about him everywhere you find yourself confined with idea of knowing him and this is what you come up with after all that Googling.."Love him or Hate him But you cant Ignore him!"
He is every where,you just cant escape him.,Be it YouTube or your Favourite Music Channel or The simple Entertainment ones, they all bring him up in almost everything.His life ,like His music journey, is full of adventures and surprises.He has truly amused both his Critics and Fans.everyone can sense it, this kid has a 
long way to go.

The news of his losing Grammy awards brought even more surprises with "how hysterically" the kids all around the world re-acted over the news...and that was the point when I seriously gave him some serious consideration...this was huge, one must confess...the name and fame and all the insanity revolving around him is amazing and unbelievable .. and just look at the way he moves around..

According to an esimate he is one of the most known celebrity with highest SECURITY THREATS...his fans are known for their Intolerance towards any kind of Criticism,no matter how minor!, on J.B....The world knows the Selena GOMES Death Threats Story over dating and kissing J.B...ask me and I would label it as " an extreme form of celebrity attachment".... there got to be a limit or the kid will get stressed out...

I am no music critic and I am no J.B fan.. ...but yes the kid makes me envoy him for all the attention he gets and em sure em not the only one;p and those of you who dont want to confess this know this in their heart..who would not want to  be J.B???  everyone of us would even be ready to kill him if only we could love his teen-age! (gosh! i do have a criminal mind!);p

Well jokes apart, I truly am not his fan but that worries me when I saw him under all that limelight and  the show-biz buzz..c'mon he is just a kid..leave him alone for a while..he got a life to live..and plus he doesnt deserve to have all those SECURITY THREATS just becouse he is loved by millions and millions of the teen-agers all across the globe including my very own brother....

But then I guess this is the price that he will have to pay for the rest of his life...
so Justin Bieber you will have to live with this now....this is the only thing that is gonna make people happy that they are not J.B,....your SECURITY THREATS;p


    yes you are right,who is he anyways?


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