Mother's Day

I ,somtimes, wonder why we cant be that expressive with our this Mother's day! unlike the other parts of the world we are shy when it comes to voicing your feeling and it becomes all the more tough if the person on the other side of this " I love you " thing is one of your parents...we know in our heart that we love them so much but somhow we cant tell them right on their face..and the worst part ! once we are grown ups..ways are even more that we are grown-up and can do our stuff ourselves plus we need our SPACE too you know so its a must to maintain a distance from the ones who us best in this whole world...

Like you guys, I love my mother too..I love her so much..much much more then I ever expressed to her..To me, she is the world's best mother...and no one can cook like her...never! she has taught me the lessons that no one else could....there is no one like her..she is special and unique in her own way...I wish I could tell her all this on this mothers day...could tell her that she is the best mother and that I love her..and I know her pains and griefs and i understand them just right..its just I cant tell her all this and cant console her with words..May you live long muma..ameen..

love you:-*


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