There comes the day of 2'nd May that brings an endless excitement in the National and International Media with the headlines "Worlds's most Wanted man killed in Pakistan".The day was a normal day for me,like other days except the sensation that I felt when my mother announced osama's death to me as the FIRST THING IN THE MORNING after I woke up."really!!!! "was the first word that I thought. I felt an enormous feeling of disbelief when I found out the details of the event later this morning, killed in Abetabad was even more surprising,how could they???? how come he was present in pakistan and  that too in the most higly protected area !what about ITS ALL RUBBISH comment of Mr.s mushruff whenever asked IF Osama was in Pakistan?  

Unbelievable! but this was what the media was screaming about.A common citizen like me feels it difficult to decide what to and what not to believe when it comes to Media,with their ruthlessly Dynamic Personalities the Anchor-persons sweep our whatsoever beliefs on the important issues and leave us in utter confusion,I was amused to death when my 18 years old Brother asked me if Osama was a good or bad man for muslims? he was unable to decide wheather to CELEBRATE or MOURN his death!!! Poor lillte soul! Ofcourse I did not have an answer to his question,what to tell him? that he was our HERO? not at all. Terrorist then? nah either..i dont believe both of these perspectives..to me he was a source of pain and misery for my people but he was not a terrorist either.I dont need to repeat history here,we all know who created and used him,but does it matter anymore?

what to say when we found out the hideous timings of this operation 'OPERATION OSAMA'!. THE  time when pakistani soil and space were being intruded by Amercian special forses was the same time our so-called saviors cum BUNCH OF IDIOTS were busy creating yet another ALLIANCe DRAMA ..shame on them and shame on us for choosing these soul-less vampires over and over again.I will leave the Strategic points to the them who hatch them, being a commoner what concerns me is the Aftermath of this huge success.The violant backlash is expected which leaves our lives in danger again but then when were they save at the first place? i don’t know how to answer my simple house-wife mother of her concerns regargding the law and order situation in the aftermath of this event.she is worried for her son and her husband and her daughters who go out on daily basis,cant restrict them within the four-walls ,she has no other option but pray for their safty until all of them return to her in  the evening.Mr. Obama formally thanked Pakistan for their cooperation in this operation which later on turned out to be SAVE THE FACE attempt on his part as our Foreign Office CLEARLY mentioned in the press note released shortly after this news that this operation was a part of the U.S DECLARED STRATEGY  that they will hunt down Osama no matter wherever he is and they did it!  They kept their word and so did we! Full authorization of intruding in space and soil what else do they need when they Clumsly,Hystericaly and Endlessly demand "DO MORE,DO MORE!"

Oh yes ofcourse by DO MORE they mean to intrude in our cities and in our homes whenever they suspect there might be a terrorist hiding in there.

I don’t want to debate the policy matters on this forum as this blog is all about my personal feelings and thoughts but there is something I want to share with you guys . as a citizen of Pakistan my pride is been stolen away ,my country's status being a nuclear power pinches me even harder,I wish I were some uneducated poor soul out there because KNOWING kills when u r a Pakistani! It kills me to know that my country is not what I used to think about it in my childhood,there is a deep painful feeling of helplessness prevailing all around me.people are dying of Hunger and Inflation,Inflation and Unemployment,Unemployment and WAR ON TERROR!!! I wish my country were located on some other part of the world not here, in this so –called HIGHLY STRATEGIC ZONE 

   For you it is a huge success Mr. Obama , an assurance for your next election compagin,for your people it is an occasion to celebrate the death of their biggest Emeny ever, but here Mr.  president, in my part of the world we don’t know how to react! We are too confused to decide  scared as we can sense it is not the end but only the beginning of something more complicated and GROSS , I wish you had answers for us because I cant find them here.I wish you could assure us that now your army will leave soon  and there will be no Drone-attacks and no retaliation-attacks in my cities! I wish your media were more aware of the facts and figures of this so-called W.O.T(war on terror) , you were quoted sying JUSTICE IS BEEN DONE in your speech this morning, I wish we could say the same for the killings of more then 30 thousands Pakistanis in this cruel war.i really wish you had answers for us!.


  1. goood keep it i'll wait for ur next blog

  2. America does everything that suits them and they should be praised for that. I don't see any reason to blame them.


  3. I wish if they could learn any lesson !
    they are intrested in their Swiss accounts only:)

  4. Don't misjudge me as an Indian fanatic yet it's something which India is yelling at from time immortal. Dreaded terrorist organizations like Lasker-o-toeba and JaseheMohammad are finding refuge in Pakistan which are accused of killing thousands innocent people across the border in the name of religion and jehad. Osama no-doubt was a brainchild of America yet you can't ask for mercy after butchering thousands. For its vested interest Pakistan army incited terrorist activities against India and now the clock has turned upside down. Act before it gets too late.

  5. no you are right..this is what we are trying to do...fighting them off...it will take some time but will end well inshALLAh


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