It is raining outside....had it been any other moment..I would be delighted like anything but this rain and this time its making me regret why I prayed for it..

they say its not healthy for the Wheat crops..May be We are going to have another "wheat crises" this year( God forbid) ....I totally forgot the repeatedly announced warnings on News that rains are not good for wheat...my bad! Now my mother will keep on blaming me for this disaster for the rest of the year! why did i tell her that I prayed for rain!:-(

chalo good for the Government . now atleast they have someone else to blame for their morbid polices:-)


  1. "wheat crises" this year

    I am surprised. In India, millions of tonnes of wheat is wasted due to lack of storage facility. Why don't you grow something else and import wheat from India.

    Write something about it in your next post.

  2. lolz..grow what stranger? you know people in this part of the globe eat wheat...we dont eat rice like bungladehis...but yes I would defntly write somehthing on it...you know we have complains..whenever we had to import wheat from india they sent us sub-standard wheat:-( and I heard you guys have maintained good storage facilites in your india-punjab! I have read a lot about it..isnt it? why dont you write something about it first ...those agriculture reforms of indian punjab that I personally am a fan of! are they working or not? do tell me off the records;p


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