When I get Bored

Usually I am not the kind of person who gets bored that easily, yes I do have 'Mood Swings' but they are not incurable.I usually have my mood under my full control.But then there are times when you start aching to get bored..I hope you know what I'm talking about! 

We humans have this in our nature and we cannot really resist it, No matter how perfect your life is! No matter how smooth things are going in your favor, There comes a point when you feel like snapping doors, 
You get tired of your life!

Your routine seems to you dull, you start exploring new dimensions in around you.The quest of something more thrilling and interesting keeps you uneasy until you find one!
Like all of you, I have the same boredom issue dangling over my otherwise smooth life.What I do when I get bored? The answer is I just sit down in the corner and start talking to myself.I know when i get out of sorts mood and I know the remedy too.Its a matter of 'Lack Of Communication' between you and you! 

When we stop talking to ourselves and get really busy in those worthless little daily tasks, our very own self, the "I" within us feels isolated and neglected.Lack of direct contact results in a piled up issues.Becouse we are not in touch with the inner side so we really don't know what is it thats bothering us! We end up in losing 
interest  in the on-going ventures of our precious little life.....

Its only when we mess up so bad that we realize that we need to be with ourself for a while.just sitting alone in 
a quiet corner pays! Its always does to me.......

When I reach at that point, I know what I need to do to regain the lost zeal out of my life.I go sit with myself, see how I am doing, asks myself out what could be bothering me and always comes up with the right answer! The Me within I never disappoints me!
Have you ever tried that? Do it once and trust me you finally will find a permanent remedy for your boredom:-)


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