Why did I need to write a Blog!

Thankz to the The Great Information Revolution that now I have a Blog of my own!!!!
what a relief na! ...ok back to the topic...but why did I need a blog at the 
first place....!

There could be so many ready-made ...intellectually backed answers for that..Like..

1- I always knew I was born to write!

2- I wanted to inform the world about the presence of a great hidden free style-writer..

3-My friends begged me to write it...they said it will be TOTAL LOSS if I din't..

4- I was inspired when I read some really great blogs...

5-and list goes on and on and on.........

BUT!!!! em not a LIAR~! em a LAWYER though;p
I started this blog......................

I had nothing else to do!!!!!! *sad smiles*

 yes thats it...! em an Un-employed absolutely 24/7 Free person...so this is what I decided to do in-between my efforst of getting married....see! em not  a liar...YOU wont find many honest people around here..so c'mon follow my blog..what are you thinking?;p

and I dont care If you dont..becouse I HAVE A BLOG AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!!!

yesssssss....I will use it they way I would like to..and there is nothing you guys can do to stop me..HE HE HE..... 

but let me confess something..this blog thing is really one of the greatest inventions of this information technology...you got your own page and you can write WHATEVER gibbrish you want to share with the world and hey there is no restriction!
FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in its fullest meanings!....you can talk your heart out and the BEST PART is that you know that sooner or later somebody is actully going to read this crap of yours...Sounds fun na?;p
so this is why I started this blog..becouse I was bored to death and I wanted to bore people other then me...lols...

and this Idea is really paying off and em enjoying it..
So this is it...this is why I needed a blog..becouse I was an Introvert person and never really shared my thoughts and opinions and ideas and theories with people in that way..though em very talkative but yet em better when it comes to written expression so I decided to give it a shot..and em very happy with it so far....hope You enjoyed my gibberish too;p and I DONT CARE IF YOU DINT!  hehe



  2. :-)
    em glad you were the first one to peep into my window;p

  3. True that
    Amazing thing a blog is
    I first started writing blogs in the year 99. Duno how or why i discovered it. I have tried to keep it going since.
    1 suggestion..how about writing about all the blogs that inspired you? Should make for a good read. Kudos! & excellent work. Your timepass blossomed nicely :)


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