BRAVO! Laila Wasi, the Brave Daughter

The day of 23 June 2011 will be marked as a day of victory for every Pakistani.We are not that dead yet.All we need is little determination, this is a day to celebrate, 22 precious lives were finally saved consisting 11 Egyptians, 6 Indians, 4 Pakistani and 1 siri-linkin.These  22 families are the most happy people on the planet earth today.Among those who deserve the credit for the release of 22 crew members of MV suez, stands a 10 year old brave little girl.The Daughter of the captain of the ship, Captain Wasi. This brave child is the symbol of courage for everyone today.While refused to be assisted by The government of Pakistan, this young girl started a campaign of her own, collecting public-funds ! This video will show you all..

Look at her, a very very young girl and yet fighting for her father with all her courage.If it were not for  her, it was nearly impossible to collect the remaining 5 million dollars of total 21 million of ransom .She was the inspiration for the people to help her out..and thus the money was collected.The moment she announced that she is going to sell one of her kidney to get money, people came out for help.Thus they proved the power of public! No government assistance was there, as you all can well imagine the role of governments over such issues in this part of the Globe.

Today's victory is victory of Humanity...Its victory of those who believe that there is nothing more precious then human life! No religion, No nationality, No politics...its humanity that matters. Put aside all the dirty politics of the region, forget how Governments neglected this issue, Just remember how people made it through on their own.This is the victory of every person out there who helped this girl collecting the funds, people who donated on traffic signals, children who gave away their pocket money, people who shared their one-day salary! But above all this young girl, who made every Daughter of the entire world  proud of her.She fought for her father and she won the battle...Bravo Laila wasi....jeeti reho, khush raho.....


  1. very nice...kudos to Laila..
    God bless !

  2. Wow. Awesome. Good job Laila. Thanks for posting it. We don't get to hear too much about Pakistan here, so please post more positive news like this.

    Mostly in media in the USA, the news items are pretty restrictive to local and news about India/Pakistan is screened when it relates to the USA.

    We read Indian news but you can be a good source for us to provide picture of true Pakistan. :)))

  3. Beyond a doubt, little Laila proved to be the most effective driving force behind the release of 22 hostages detained 10 months ago by the cruel pirates.
    This is an example of true love for the near and dear ones.
    Her sincerity was a motivating factor for cash collection of a huge amount of foreign exchange.
    Love to the young Celebrity [the super star], who brought the people of different nationalities under one and the only "flag of humanity."

  4. @A ..yes sure..this is what we want to do via along with other pakistani bloggers, we want to show you guys the True pakistan..and its people who have got nothing to do with people are like your people...they have the same issues, they have the same problems,,they dont have time to hate any one or fabricate conspiracies...they are too busy fighting to have their bread and butter...we have nothing to do with their policies,,people who call themselves our rulers! yes I will show you the real pakistan:-)

  5. @Tariq...she always will be a symbol of courage now...if a 10 year old girl can make impossible possible then there is no way we cant do what we ought to do...change the system!

  6. You got it Mishi-good luck
    I feel proud---------

  7. She did it =). This one event gives a lot of messages : shows power of an individual, shows girls can be upright and bring about a change.Never under estimate them or discourage and under rate them. Never mourn that you gave birth to a girl. And many such things hidden in this one incident.

    keep writing and motivating. Tc

  8. My big salute to this little brave girl; had she not come forward, it would not have been possible to wake up others. The act of this girl was finest example to draw people’s focus towards humanitarian cause, although I am totally against paying ransom.

    Government’s callous approach provoked this poor girl to take big leap……bravo……… the result is before us.

    When Laila Wasi can announce such an exemplary step of offering to sell her kidney, why can’t millions of people come out on the street and announce donating kidney/eyes/blood on a single day thereby setting a new trend of protest and pressurize Government.


  9. proves what our passion can bring us...

    Good Work Laila !

  10. Good work mishi... we can learn a few things from Laila :)

  11. @humera..thankz for visiting and commenting..em honored..:-)
    @Stranger....see I have a very small reader base but I will never stop writing about lets see if it makes a difference:-)
    @thinking...hey special thankz for visiting and commenting:-)

  12. @Israr thankz buddy, jus keep reading me,it kindda gives me inspiration to write more

  13. that was so good to know abt this little brave girl....back here in India also near n dear ones of all those six crew members who were on board are really very much happy n grateful to this brave girl and all those who were involved in this whole episode of releasing these hostages.....

    thanks for sharing it here.....

  14. @Irfanuddin..I had too...we owed it to her! all of appreciate what she did....she deserves Tumgha -e- Jurrut if you ask me....
    yes I saw that on tv, I loved the poem that Samba , wife of Revender shared with everyone on tv,,,she is a very fine speaker and a brilliant poetess...its so good to see all this..finally a good news after so many days....

  15. AOA mishi! what a great site you have. Isn't it amazing that when we are about to loose hope over culprits, there are people like ansar barni who come to our rescue. I totally believe its because of people like him, ALLAH is still not as angry as we deserve. You have done very good work.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and appreciating the effort. Following you back. I will def read rest of ur posts one at a time.

  16. @aiman...w/s....thankyou so much for visiting...em looking forward to learn a lot from you aiman...jus trasfr all your cooking skills to me plz...hahaha keep reading and keep commenting plz:-)

  17. very good job mishi,The kid is truly our hero.thankyou for posting this

  18. this is me saroosh.. :) laila's brother..
    honestly speaking.. laila u had done a great job.. MAY ALLAH BLESS U .. ILOVEU MY SISTER :)..


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