Cheers! Not a single child dies of Hunger in Pakistan

You don't beleive me for that? well thanksfully this statement doesnt belong to me, the President of the Republic of Pakistan announced it quite proudly and confidently  in a speech last night....I am sure you will beleive it now;p

I had no idea, our country was progressing this repidly! I mean imagine! sweeping hunger from this land over-night is a miracle! isnt it? credit goes to the PPP government ....claps for them! and claps for His-Highness Mr. Asif Ali Zardari for breaking such a great news ..that truly was a mouth dropped wide open the moment I heard this precious piece of information broadcasted by His-Highness...I kindda waited for this moment like all my hear the great news..but I din see it coming this fast!..I hated myself for being that self-indulged that kept me from noticing this super mega change in my come I not notice the absence of begging children on the Signal! my Bad! oh yes Ofcourse they must be busy having their meals the President House may be!

Hey whats with this SARCASTIC smile on your face?!..dont you dare doubt on His-Highness! He is supposed to be the most informed man of pakistan...he is the president of the state, mind you! How dare you challenge the authenticity of  his statement? Stay prepared for facing the Treason Charges before you come up with any objections!
See! the warning works like anything! it always does..see how quickly the sarcastic smile has left your face ! Hey you are not from the Opposition! are you? Only a man belonging from P.M.L N can dare to question His-Highness statement!anyways...behave now!

By the Way, did I mention how I  came up with four similar stories in my favourtie news-paper today?oh there was nothing serious just the news of a man poisoning his 5 young children out of the desperation that he couldnt see them suffering hunger anymore.Ofcourse he must be laying...somebody from Opposition must have paid him to make up the story! There were three same stories with the same excuse! and yes one story was showing a picture of a man selling his 3 daughter on the side of the road, claiming he cant afford them any longer and cant see them dying of hunger...what! dying of hunger? pure gibberish! How could they? How could any child die of hunger in this Land of Pure going against His-Highness statement? I guess all the featured people in these news stories were not aware of the "treason charges"....what to say? Ignorance is a curse! isnt it?


  1. i liked the way you have narrated the whole episode here.....

    and abt the statement of His-highness.....well these Politicians can see only what they want to, it doesn't matter whether they r from ruling side or other wise....

  2. I apologize on his behalf for this untimely speech which should have been delivered some thousand years from now.

    Hello Maam Benazir, are you watching all this from top, if yes, then call Prez immediately to clarify above.

  3. @Irfanuddin...ahh kiya karen sahib...bus itnay baybus ho gaie hein k ub bus khud pay hussi ati hai.

  4. @Stranger
    haha ...I wish Allah ji hears your plea...n make them both meet soon! so that they could clarify things..em sure baynazir has lot to ask !;p

  5. I appreciate your timely sarcastic reaction to the announcement of his highness about hungry kids.
    This "Dual Office Holder" is not a complete idiot, because some parts are still missing.
    He actually implies with his lip service and warning the nation:------
    How about this one?
    We are all going to hell, and I, MY HIGHNESS, am driving the bus."

  6. @tariq mian....hahahahahaha I laughed so hard that I almost fell from ma chair..
    huq ha~!....wasay he aint going to resign from part charimanship..not at ny cost..till the case is decided...he remains both the president and chairperson of PPP.I hope judiciary decides it asap.

  7. very sorry state of affairs..people dying of hunger in the country and prime minister making false statements ....with corruption at its peak..
    ..I like the sarcastic dialogue...But seriously my heart goes out for these poor people I wish I could help...

  8. @herman I wonder why they dont get it...our problem today is not Pak-India never was! its poverty! on the both sides...people are dying and all they care is New Nuclear weapon...what is spent of those nuclears, one cant even imagine! if only half of it could be spent on poverty, trust me, people on both sides will be living a much much better lives...we need roti not rockets!


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