Whenever I offer my prayers in front of some one...I  have to confront a question later on.."Why dont you make Doa?"....I never have a proper answer for this...Its not that I dont need to make Doa...Not at All....Its just I dont know how to !....

I believe the only Supreme Relationship on this Planet is between Human and His Creator...Allah, Bhugwan, God, all are the names of ONE Power..power that holds us right..power that feeds us, cherish us ,listens to us, ignore all our mistake, overlooks all our flaws, forgives us yet again and again and again....there is nothing more pure then this one bond between you and your Allah-Bhugwan-God....the relationship is simply unshakeable..entirely different from what we have here on Earth..We can never have anything that strong with matter how hard we try,,but we fail! and fail others,,get hurt and hurt others..there is nothing called "Non-demanding Love" among humans.....They can love each others with their limited perspectives only..You give, You take! You take ..You have to give!! nothing else works! Not even if you try to.....

We,on the other hand, keep testing our bond with HIM...May be this is because we know the truth of this contingency ..we know in our hearts that no matter how far we get away from HIM , HE is always at our call in your heart and HE is there! How convenient! not a single humanly made bond works this way..does it?

We keep taking advantage of it..24/7...there is a trouble and here we go...we beg HIM for help...promise to never forget HIM again..Only if HE helps this time...We turn our back on HIM right after HE grants us our need...Humans are selfish, mean , filthy souls when it comes to returning HIS favors...We forget HIM in in our joys..pretending as if we never needed anything from HIM..we just dont know HIM....

Now coming back to the point, why I dont make Doa that often..well I do...its just I dont need any special ceremony..I do it all the time...I ask HIM for everything...I learnt this when I was a kid..there was a Baba ji that used to sit in-front of our school,..he had those sweet desi biscuits..I used to buy one day I dint get my pocket money...I was waiting for my father outside the school while all my focus was on that Baba ji's Biscuits , I wished I could get one...when he saw me standing there,, he asked me why I was not buying from him today, I told him I dint have any money.."Why dont you ask Allah to give you some?".... he said. I dint know what to say, being an 11 years old kid, that was a new concept for me, nobody ever told me that you can ask HIM for money too....I kept staring at him out of bewilderment...he tracked the confusion on my face and smiled  and said .."make doa, ask HIM to give you money, tell HIM you want to eat this". ...Before I could reply him, my father was there to pick me ...regretting for not able to use this tip , I left for home.But I did try this, as a matter of fact, I had it stuck in my mind, to tell you honestly I had doubts if it will work, I wanted to test it. I was reluctant to believe that You can actually ask for money to HIM, besides if it was true, I had to ask a lot of money to ask HIM for;p

Then that day came, I was out of money again when I used the tip for the first time, not knowing the Rituals of praying , I invented my own, when it was half time, I went in the silent corner of the school lawn, faced the wall in-front of me, closed my eyes and said...
"Allah miyan, plz 1 rupaya day dein, biscuit khana hay."
(Oh LORD plz give me one rupee,I want to eat that biscuit)

I repeated it 3 times, opened my eyes, got back to my friends and started playing but in my heart was ticking the waiting clock...Tick Tick Tick.....Its been 5 whole minutes , where is the Angel Uncle with my Rupya! ( yes this was my idea of HIS sending me the money)....then It was 10 minutes, then 10 more, break was did the classes as they passed one by one.....As the time of Full Leave was approaching , my heart was sinking slowly and steadily...and when it finally went off....I was almost heart-broken....walking slowly to the gate, I dint even look towards the Baba ji's stall.....

I was totally lost in my mind when suddenly somebody called my name...I looked up , it was my Uncle...who had come to pick my cousin, who was in senior section...and guess what!!! Before he left after asking me how I was doing, He gave me 2 rupees..! 2 rupees!!

I still remember the excitement of this moment, holding those 2 rupees in my hand,  and thinking '" so my Uncle was the "Angel Uncle"! I never see that coming..he doesnt even look like an Angel..I mean He had no wings....!"

But then all I knew was that I was running towards the stall and before I walked away with my biscuit , I dint forget to tell him that I did ask ALLAH for money and HE gave me 2 rupees.I still remember the sweet smile on his face, he dint say anything, just looked me for a while and said "aenda bhi mangna ,,kisi bunday sy kabi na mangna, bus USS sy mangna" (do ask HIM again, never ask a human for anything but HIM) and I ,failing to understand him fully nodded and left.
Not to mention , that was not the first time I asked ALLAH for anything...I kept asking him like 24/ a greedy little chick...and HE never disappointed me...

I still remember the magic lines that I invented along with my siblings, whenever we felt like eating mithaie...we used  to read the following lines aloud and in a rhythm...

"Ya Elahi..bhej mithaie..
 Russ gullun say bhurpur ho..
Aur Burfi bhi zaror ho...!"

(Oh LORD..PLz send us sweets containing russ gulla's and burfi)

It always worked....every single time!! this is how I kept on asking HIM things...from choclates to peace of mind...I never stopped using this HOT LINE that I accidentally had discovered...

This was the one reason that I couldn't get used to the formal rituals of praying...its not that I dont do that at all..but some how..I'm more comfortable with that HOT LINE....whenever I try to make doa formally...all I know is that I am out of words..I dont know how to Start it! On the other hand , its so easy to access HIM informally...Tho I know sometimes you have to go to HIM , asking HIM specially for something and that HE likes it...but then I feel helpless doing it formally!

Why dont you all share your way of praying with me? May be It could help me out!

Btw the most interesting part of the story is how I thought of my uncle as an Angel for many years to come after that Miracle, I still remember the sensation of knowing a secret which has only been told to you:-)


  1. very nice...I firmly believe in this...Almighty is the one you shld talk about your problems and solutions to them ...many a times I felt so relived as solutions were so simple.
    Angels are sent by him,it can be uncle stranger or even your own parents...messages are to be decoded But it only if you believe in his power.
    Loved the whole post...very well defined!BTW the mithai poem was Awesome :)

  2. thankz harman...hehe yeh that poem is one of my fav poem other then a song "dakoo haseena"which I will write about in some other post of mine//pleasant memories...sweet childhood...golden days:-)

  3. I can relate to it completely though I have some other co-relation. I never realized that once a neighbor just to make fun of surds asked me to cross my fingers whenever I see any of them and for one hour I won't face any bad luck. Lost in my fantasy I used to look for surds from the school windows through the narrow by-lanes to spot any surds before any exam. Any quite strangely it worked. Many years later I realized it wasn't the surds power but the inner confidence which helped me in tough times. :)

  4. @Rachit..yes you are right...its truly the inner confidnce that works for u...interesting story btw, em glad you could relate with it....;p

  5. "Allah miyan, plz 1 rupaya day dein, biscuit khana hay."
    (Oh LORD plz give me one rupee,I want to eat that biscuit)

    my eyes was all tears.. so innocense in those words... and after all he is almighty , how can he refuse...

    the insight is brilliant...

    the very first read of ma day today...
    MISHI you made ma day... am glad to read such touching post...

    every human soul has that almighty and so i always say, never hurt any soul coz then your almighty gets pain...

    nice read

  6. Asking for mercy is like turning your face from your problems. Much better if you can confront and win instead of shying away and praying.

  7. well...i believe that ALLAH gives to everybody the ones who pray and ask and the ones who even dont believe in HIS is HIS promise to fulfill our needs but i think that by praying we show our faith and belief in HIM and show our humbleness.....

    sometimes we pray for something and don't get it and get frustrated...but if we think deeper, we get much better things in return...

    the 1 rupaya thing about biscuit is nice :) we all do that many times in our life :)

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  9. well...i believe that ALLAH gives to everybody the ones who pray and ask and the ones who even dont believe in HIS is HIS promise to fulfill our needs but i think that by praying we show our faith and belief in HIM and show our humbleness.....

    sometimes we pray for something and don't get it and get frustrated...but if we think deeper, we get much better things in return...

    the 1 rupaya thing about biscuit is nice :) we all do that many times in our life :)

  10. Dua is answered if its asked sincerely and with power of emaan. Specially, Rab-e-zuljalal loves kids and never disapoints them but they have to understand the rules first. ask ask ask
    Allah SWT loves His creation, and He is always there for us, in fact " Wo shah rag sey bhee ziadah qareeb hai.
    We have to display some patience and keep waiting for Him to shower his mercy and Rehma upon us.
    Make dua for the brighter future of Pakistan.
    Actually, we should do IJTEMAI GHAIBANA DUA 24/7/365.

  11. @bhargav....thankz for honoring me with such nice comments...
    @fareed...thankz for visiting..its not always about solving your problems on your own...there comes a certain point when you do need something else, a point when you fail in every attmpt of solving your issues...then you go for praying..every body goes for it:-)

  12. @Israr..thankz always back me up..
    @tariz..yes we do need collective prayers...MAy Allah ji help us out.ameen

  13. Allah always listens to those who keep their deeds good...and it does not matter whether we make a formal Duaa or not, as long as we have faith that he is the only who can give n will give.

    PLz do remember me too in ur DUAAs....

    God bless,

  14. nice read buddy :) . But I don't understand what doa is ?

  15. @vijay.thankz...doa is when you ask for something to YOUR GOD....what do you do when you go to MUndir ? you do ibadut(pooja) and you make doa later pray for something na? its called doa in urdu.

  16. I believe in the words you say. God-Allah-Bhagwaan, all are the names of a single entity, Almighty.

    And don't worry, He knows what you need, He does not need you to call out every time, He'll do the rightful when the time is right.

    Dua maangni nahi aati? koi baat nahi, dua de to sakte ho na? Duaein baanto :)

    And say Thank You to Him :)

    Beautiful write up Mishi, and don't stop believing, your uncle just might be His angel.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  17. @Aesthete....han ye may kar sakti hon..doaein bantna is much easy..I can always pray for others.bus apnay lie nai karni ati:-)

  18. Life would have been very simple and peaceful if everyone meant the same God by these different names.I seriously doubt it.I dont trust them when they say that,if it were so,we wouldnt fight over these Gods.It appeals to everyone and is nice to say that we are calling the same God.But in practice,we are not.

    Prayer is an altogether different matter.It is not just asking for things and making requests.

  19. hmm Interesting! I really wish you had explained it a bit more doc sab..specially the prayer part:-)

  20. Amazing read mishi, you are inspiring me to have my own blog, I had the same connection with Allah when I was a kid, I miss that part of myself. keep it up girl, you are rocking

  21. lol, the mithaie poem is truly awesome. you are indeed a good writer, carry on with the good work lady:-)

  22. @Adil...I would love to have a look at your blog..whats the issue then? just start it na:)

    n thank you so much for such an encouraging comments;)

  23. liked it? ok you can have it;p seriously I grant you the publications rights of the does that sound to u?;p

  24. What font r u using on ur title.? :)

  25. @anonymous..dont know..its some font in blogger..u can check it in layout setting.

  26. Really liked your informal way thats actually how i communicate with Allah pak too
    Cant do it formally every namaz . Its just some special moments i believe wen dua comes from within the deepest place of your heart


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