Like Father Like Son

I was out for shopping  with my friend, We were roaming in Anarkali (a famous market of Lahore)...almost done, were walking towards our car in the parking outside it,,as it is a very rushy place so you have to walk for a while before you get any where...we were chatting, laughing, enjoying while I noticed the cute little baby that the lady walking right ahead of us was carrying on her shoulder...the baby was facing us..he was continuously watching us...Staring Infact..his gaze was like fixed on us and he was passing that adorable angelic smile too by and by...

I'm crazy about kids so this kid surely got my attention, while walking very close behind her mother , I touched his hand and he took hold of  my finger instantly and grinned...he looked so adorable that both of us stopped talking and all our attention was on this young baby boy now...

Now here was a problem too that my friend pointed out..His mother seemed to be a very rude lady...we were catching a  glimpse of her side-pose by and then and she has this very Rude expression on her face so we made sure not to make any sound to have her attention on us...

They were going in our direction so we walked like that for 10 full minutes with baby holding my finger but as we were approaching our desired turn-about..I started pulling my hand back but as I did so..he gripped that even harder and harder and harder..I presume you all know how does it feel when a toddler holds your hand...he uses all his strength....I did not want to be rude so I kept trying pulling my finger back and he kept gripping it tighter and tighter..

Nos this was getting problematic! We had to take that turn while now it seemed that her mother was walking straight the lady had a very rude body-language, there was no way we wanted to mess with her..who knows what she might do ! We did not want any scene ..My friend was panicking now..even she tried to help me out but no avail...every time we tried to make him loose his grip a bit..he made those alarming sounds that a kid usually makes before he bursts out in a very very Loud Crying! A pure noise pollution! Of-course we did not want could  be more dangerous..the mother might think that we were doing something bad to her child...
accused of being a "buchay uthnay wali"(child kidnapper) was the last thing on earth that we wanted to have that moment...

I held my breath as we reached like 2 yards from our turning there was no other way but to inform the lady of her child's friend closed her eyes..I said "Ya ALLah Khair!"loudly in my heart and tapped her shoulder...

She stopped..we froze..she looked back and MY GOD..she was truly rude! I forgot what I had planned to say..what I spitted out was something like that..

"sunein..apka baita mera hath nai chor raha!"
 (listen! your son is not letting go of my hand)

She looked me in the eyes...we were both ready for a nasty fight ! "bring it on lady!"was what both of us were thinking...

But what happened next was simply out of our expectations...she burst into small laughter...Only then that I realized that she was pretty! her smile was gorgeous...she giggled and  while helping me with my hand said.."Baap pay gya hai!!" (he is like his father) and before we could understand anything..she walked away...the baby had still his gaze fixed on me!! ;p

It was not that I wanted to start a philosophical discussion out of it , I just wanted to share it with you all..but then there is this question too that why they say "Like Mother Like Daughter"..and why not "Like Father Like Son".... why is that? Sons are more like their fathers ..isnt it?



  1. hahahaha...baap p gaya hai... sums it all up in one sentence :) nice work..keep going :)

  2. too good... but y always women curse man... anyway, nice reading... blushed

  3. cute-and wondering now what the 'baap' must be holding on to and with whom all;-)

  4. You got my eyes glued to the end of your story. Interesting. :-)

    The phrase 'like father, like son' is a common one here in my country. Natural I guess because more often than not it's been known that boys seek out male role models in just the same manner as girls who look to other women for their own role models in life too.

    Looking forward to more interesting pieces from you. Take care and God bless you and your loved ones.

  5. beautiful and lovely :)

    Weakest link

  6. @bhargav,suruchi, rachit..thankz guys:-)

  7. @Ellen ..actually we have this things mother like daughter is more popular then like father like son...but yes you are right..its all about the role modals that children seek in their childhood...thankz for such a nice comments:-)

  8. Kind of analogy here -----is pretty interesting.
    There is logic in this “precious piece of feelings” expressed convincingly of course.
    The physical features of a baby resemble to those of his parents, so does the habits naturally.
    It’s all about the genes. Chemistry and psychology.
    Female baby usually follows mother but is usually attached with dad, whereas male baby has his father as role model yet more attached with mother.
    As the child held and gripped your finger is due to the chemistry of both of you at the time along with the added environment, surroundings, crowd, traffic noise, heat etc.

  9. @tariq..aah Sigmund Freud's Attachment Theory!!! this is his only piece of work that inspired me..

  10. LOL, faces could be soo deceptive, but sometimes in a good way too :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. @ aesthete...yes em glad it turned out in a good way...em not that good in fighting ;p

  12. hahaaa....thats why perhaps our Buzurg said "dikhave pe na jaao...under ki khubssorti dekho"...see that lady was so good inside...:))

    and btw i was just thinking if she would have shouted like "buchay uthnay wali"...then...????
    so be careful next time....:D

  13. Lolzzzzzzzzzz right Irfanuddin..You knw this is what my mother said! after listening the whole thing..she said "khabardar uger aenda jo kisi kay buchay ka hath pakra tou, baowli ho jati hai buchay dhek kay, shukur karo police nai bula li us ny"! ;p

  14. so nice...I thought you would end up fighting with her,but lol..the climax waz so good..
    Mishi if it was would have been different...we are not supposed to touch any baby or follow ..there are strict laws...I end up jus smiling at kids..
    nice incident you narrated.

  15. was not ma fault .the baby was trying to reach for my hand ..I just helped him out;p even here its not that easy to touch anybody's child..they can accuse you of anything they want:-)

  16. ha ha ha, her husband must be a flirty one. I see kid really liked you. you truly has the guts :-)

  17. I agree with adil and irfanuddin, be careful in future mishi, you dont want to be tagged as buchay uthany wali, do you?

  18. btw you have great sene of narration ..keep it up

  19. it was hilarious. love the small things in life that happens on daily basis and give us a reason for sharing.

  20. @adil...ha ha yes I am great with kids:)
    @misfit...I will keep that in mind the next time I see some cute approaching baby;p

  21. Nice post. Perhaps, You had impressed the mother of the kid.


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