Some Personal Encounters..part 2
The Bitch Witch Aunties at Pakistani Bloggers network on


  1. you are too good.
    THAT was the best piece of writing that I have read in have great sense of humor.wish you all the best for your future,do not worry you will fine somebody very nice,you deserve some one like you.keep writing

  2. ha ha ha
    it was hilariously funny.I agree with you, my sister went through the I can understand

  3. nice...its good..
    any aunty reading this would be pulling there hair ..
    good sense of humor.

  4. its sad to see how girls like you suffer becouse of these stupid customs.I have seen this happening so many times in my life ,you have all my best wishes

  5. @harman
    thankz guys..your comments are my inspiration...


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