Are you Tired of Knowing too? I have a solution!

Ahhh.....what to say?! first the Kharot Abad Incident then The karachi killing and now this Fake police encounter in Lahore....
I am one of the most Optimistic soul that one could claim to know..and a Die-Hard Patriot too....You cant speak ill of my country in front of me and then survive! no!!!
But these are the most strange days of my life...........Being a candidate of  Competitive Exames and  a Former Teacher of Current Affairs , I am like an addict to watching news and talk-shows..labelled as "Couch-potato" by my family...addicted to tv...but this is the point where my nerves are getting tired of too much knowing ...knowing of things that I dont want to even hear about......
I had no intetion of watching the video of getting that unarmed boy killed by Ranges, and how Ruthlessly!!! my brother was watching it and I just dropped by and started watching it...that was a mistake! I couldnt sleep well since then and no need to say I cried like hell...he was exactly the age of my teenager brother...
His pleas for mercy kept echoing in my ears...
Damn the system....
Damn these soul-less Bastards.....
Damn Us for choosing these A**holes yet again and again....
I want my peace back..I want my sleep back.I just want the memory of that ruthless killing to wash out from my brain..
so selfish of me na?  I know I know.....but What else should could I wish for?
and yes..
Damn the Media for showing that tape repeatedly on Tv......I wonder if anyone of them thought about the poor family of the hell with their ranking phobia!!
khair it so then happened that I felt tired of all this knowing and I shared this with my younger sister who gave me this look of understanding and snatched the remote-control of my hand, switched the channel from our news to an Indian Entertainment channel.....looked back at me...and plainly said "here you go! problem solved!!!".......................................and I lowered my gaze to hide those tears from her while trying so hard to focus on 'the tremendously dancing couple' on screen...


  1. One can understand the agony you are undergoing after watching video accidentally.

    It is also a fact (fortunately or unfortunately) that those who are responsible for all this, are vested with powers by the Government. I agree, such barbaric act is not a part of civilized society but there are situations when it becomes necessary for Administration to take harsh steps (willingly or unwillingly) in order to maintain law and order because the society is not disciplined, innocent people always pay price under such situation. But this theory cannot be applied in the incidence you have quoted. Yes, atrocities were committed and it should not only be condemned but Inquiry at appropriate level is to be conducted to ensure Justice. Nobody is above Law.

    We must keep in mind that no country is complete without sensitive Government, Administration and law abiding Citizen……don’t we expect this ?

    OK, let me put up following which I had once posted in my blog :-

    Daily, I see so many people going to school with their loved ones, expecting them to be gentle person when they grow up. Is it really happening ?

    I also see how obediently parents bowing down before Class Teacher / Principal during PTM and agreeing fully to every shortcomings pointed out in their wards…….just to make them a gentle citizen of country. Is it really happening ?

    Sometimes I laugh at it.

    These parents were also innocent, obedient and sensitive towards people, animals just few years back when they were little children; but today, they do exactly opposite what has been taught. We remember, they (as a children) had also celebrated festivals, went to Birthday Parties, enjoyed cakes, wafers, cold drinks and other eatables with other children and yea…..they also danced to some lovely tunes as well.

    During holidays, they also went to Parks and enjoyed riding Toy-Trains holding Popcorn packet in their hand leaving behind their parents who were watching them from behind the crowd and cheering. They also enjoyed Tiffin prepared by their Mom, chirping with their friends who were dressed up colourfully. While returning back home, a visit to Zoo refreshed them completely.

    After every ecstasy to the fuller extent in their childhood life, suddenly scene changes and real drama of life begins.

    These children grow up; few become Politicians, Bureaucrats, Government Officials (most of them corrupt, blood sucker and what not), only few remain “good citizen” watching bugs flourishing helplessly.

    What worries me is the fact that how come such a lovely and smiley faces could turn callous when they grow up ?



    I opine that :- “Every Lady has a larger responsibility and role to play in the society as a Mother, Sister, Wife etc. etc. as with their affectionate attitude, they can change the brutal society into a caring and sensitive one and then only we will not have a situation like what you have described.

    Hello Sister, do you agree with me ?

  2. *big smiles*
    thankyou so much for anaylzing my post that beautifully......
    hmmm now your question!!! I have written a seperate post to answer your read that;-) and once again thankz buddy...em honored:-)

  3. a hearttouching piece of writing

  4. bibi stop abusing the whole organisation for few ppl that was their individual act. there r rotten eggs evry where vl b punishd soon. DONT forget the sacrificz givn by these men in fata wazirstan swat and around...
    this is what our enemies want ... raise ppl against our armd forcs
    i am proud of my armd forces

  5. em aint abusing the whole organization, mind you....they are humans too...they can misuse the powers too..people like you need to open their eyes:)

    I love my forces case if you got any wrong idea;p

  6. what forces are you talking about miss nosheen? nobody has forgotten the sacrifices but you should realize that they work for us, they have no right to misuse those the way, the writes's point here was different.she was talking about one particular incident which is not the only incident.she did not talk about forces.dont close your eyes on reality.its happening everywhere it sindh, or punjab or balochistan. we have to dram a line.they are accountable to the people of pakistan.they were not given weapons to use them on armless people.dare to agree?

  7. and by the way,nice work mishi:-)

  8. yes I would agree with you misfit.they need to answer the public for misusing their powers


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