When you dont feel like blogging!

I know its been a while that I wrote my last blog..Its not that  I  have turned into 'the world's most busy soul!' overnight . but yes things are difficult to manage when you have nothing to do!!! This is the point when it feels as if you are the most work-burdaned person in the entire world.I am feeling the same these days...

.Ask me and I will tell you how busy my 24-hour routine is! I will chew my nails if you ask me to explain this busy routine.I wake up late in the morning , do some work in kitchen, have my lunch, say my prayers,and then sleep again! wake up in the evening, do some work in the kitchen,grab my easy-chair in the tv lounge and there I go! "Couch Potato!",check my facebook account,say my prayers,and SLEEP again!

DUH!! I know, I know. you probably are feeling like shooting me in the head! but this is what I do these days and ask me if I have any spare time to write something...and my answer will be a big No! and you know what I hate myself like this..

I totally,wholly,completely, hate my sucker ways these days and really,truly,desperately wish to get myself fixed like in a second! please give me a tight slap in the face, make me wake-up and make me get back to my active side before its too late and before I find myself engraved in this 'self-assumed' busy-ness for all my life to come;-(


  1. early to bed and early to rise makes a man(person) healthy, wealthy and wise.

  2. hahaha yeh but it doesnt work for me! nend he nai ati 2 bajy sy pehlay:-(

  3. Nothing is impossible:
    “Where there's a will there's a way”
    you have to change your schedule aligning with prayer timings (no delay).
    MaShaAllah, you are determined to keep writing on almost daily basis. Similarly, you may re-adjust using the power of determination.
    Simply speaking, a self descipline is the best medicine for us all.

  4. :-)
    thankz..yes I will try my level best...sleeping late is giving me puffy eyes! who wants it anyways!;p


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