Why people end up into BAD GUYS

This post is in answer of a comment on my previous post by STRANGER....
You have analyzed it so briefly and you have asked a very profound question out of it...Let me answer it for you.....
 you know I wanted to be a Psychologist when I was a young student..and couldnt come up with my wish....ended up being a Law Graduate...So you can guess how this plea of injustice in my country  pinches me ! but I have always been a student of Human Psychology..and Human Attitude in different situations are a special subject of my interest...your question that why people end up being " bad guys"! is a v v old question of Psychology...
I dont wanna start that lengthy discussion here that how GENES are responsible for the Criminal aptitude in people..or it is atmoshphere that the kis is brought up...etc etc

but I have my own theory about it......
and I believe that the Social Injustice is the biggest factor behind turning into a criminal from an innocent citizen...

see...I am an educated ,highly qualified young man, a responsible cictizen...hoping to get a v good job...trying for it...have high hopes...go for jobs..."no vacancy without STRONG REFERENCE" is the reply that I get everywhere that I go.....my parents go under pressure for my being unemployed....Life becomes a tough game for me..I see plain  Incompetent A**holes  on high positions...earning handsome amount...living a good life....I regret having the talent only and not the Strong reference or a strong background....life sucks....pple turn their back on me....I am out of money most of the time...Ppple offer me odd jobs...I even try to accept one..but of no avail....end of the day...I shout " ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!" and I buy a gun somehow.... hide in a dark street ....and target the very first passing by person with it...snatch his valet his mobile phone and push him aside..THERE I GO!!! I have finally discovered my profession!!!! and its only then that I realize that how mad I am on this injustice prevailing around me...how frustrated and angry I get when I think of all my hopes being dashed to ground.....and then I never look back on this dark path .....like level of seniority ...I also end up being a "psychopath".....who can kill over pitty things....
I dont insist that its the ultimate story of every other unemployed person around us...not everyone turns into a 'Killing Machine' after being humiliated by the Society....But this somehow is the story of most of the people who end up behind the bars...ask them and they will tell you how brutal the society has been treating them.....they wont hear your logics ,,they wont agree with your "how religion dislikes and prohibits the path that they have chosen"....
Religious Toleration and teachings!!! Dont you dare lecture them about it.....
A hungry man cannot see logic coming its way....He has his own solid reasons and He wont need yours!!!
Tell me my friend, Is this reason not enough for holding a nice little brutal gun in your hand? this social Injustice? When you are being rejected just becouse you were not taught in some Elite English Medium school and rather in some "Sarkari taat wala sachool"! ....
The story doesnt end here.....But your answer does...I am no Marxist but Now I am planning to be....join me if you are interested!


  1. You are a Law Graduate and injustice in your country pinches you !

    Ok, I need time to think over this post before making any comments.

  2. lolz..let me explain that to you..yes I am a Law Graduate..but I dont practice..I am preparing for judiciary:)

  3. I agree with you mishi.
    I had a friend who was unemployed for a very long time and then I heard He became a bad guy.I always think about him whenever I see some unemployed young man walking by the road side.God help us to fight this tough time off.

  4. @ jalal
    thankz n sorry to hear about your friend..I hope he finds the right path soon.ameen

  5. Above piece gave me a very good idea. I think, answer to above lies somewhere hereunder, and if it falls short of requirement, I request you to read full satire under topic "UnEthical Vs Ethical which I have posted today :-

    By leaving loopholes in my arguments/papers I delayed the process and bail plea was rejected. I did not want quick relief to a criminal. By this act of mine, I prevented atleast one criminal roam freely on the street. I have done my job perfectly.

  6. yes I read that stranger..good job;-)


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