Women and Society

Somebody,a very dear reader, gave his opinion about the 'possible' role of women in making this society a better place to live and asked for my stand about it.....
Well, I believe that Women are the backbone of society.....If only used properly and in a dueful manner...
Living in Sub-Continent is altogether a different experience, can only be understood by people living in this part of the Globe...We have a different Life-Style here...Different Norms...A complicated society enriched with Taboos....
Unlike other places, we have this 'Respect' thing for women ( Thankfully) ...which is sometimes, over-rated and sometimes under-estimated by the Critics of Eastern Societies .....
Our women ,tho not equally treated in the terms of Mental Strength, are talented and brainy...competent enough to compete with men...( the fact gives shivers in the spine of Male  Chauvinists Lobby) ...
The women, who are born with a better temperament then Men....are truly the essence of the Universe...Look around you and you will feel blessed to have them in the World...
Women are mothers, sisters, wifes, beloved, daughters and what not? They give you the reason to live...they Influence Men in the most aspiring ways...They can make people better humans ....But how can they if they are left Ignorant ? not properly educated? not properly nourished? If you dont give the female Segment their due share in society ...then how can you expect them to be that " motivation" for creating the aspirations around you?
We are told .." If you teach a man, you teach a person alone, But If you Teach a woman, You teach a whole Family!"
This simple line has the answer of our question....We could make the women of this part a useful tool to construct the society in a better way but only if they are well taken care of!


  1. very well said...."you teach a women and you teach a whole family"
    Women has always been a backbone in the society...as far as due respect is concerned ...it all starts from home...and culture...if you respect your wife ..and daughters..your son would respect his wife or women outside.. it happens with education too...which brings awareness and opens up the minds where there are no mental blocks...
    next comes ...laws ..equal rights for men and women..system needs to be strong for domestic violence and crime against women..which brings fear and improves laws for women.
    ...A women needs to respect her females counter parts too.....these all go hand in hand to bring inn due respect.

  2. Since you write very nicely, I advise you to associate yourself with local Newspaper (if so far not done). I am sure things will start work.

    It is better to raise voice against problems but possible solutions should also be given in order to ease the job of Administration.

    Best wishes,

  3. thankyou guys:-)
    @herman ....yes you are right we do need to do something about the plea of women in our society....and domestic violence will be my next topic,,you pointed in the right direction..thankz..:)
    @Stranger...hey!!! its not dat nice..pple are much better writerz then me..loook at you and pple around us....em just a free-style writer!:) and thankz for commenting on my posts..your comments mean a lot to me:)

  4. Very well written. My wife is a woman right activist.......good to be connected with you

  5. thankyou A:-)
    em honored,you visited:-)

  6. hey great post.I loved all your posts.carry on

  7. I really wish this situation to be changed.you are a brilliant writer mishi.keep the good work up.I appreciate your bold thinking.bless you

  8. tariqmian.blogspot.comJune 16, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    I do like your eye-opener article.
    The woman has been ignored, abused and tortured emotionally as well as physically in the past. This is about time to recognize the importance of woman being an integral part of society we live in.
    Since today's educated woman has proved to be equally good, therefore, there is no excuse to continue abusing female side of the humankind in some parts and levels of our society.

    Tariq Mian

  9. thankz tariq sab:-)
    I just hope we could change the these taboos..keep reading..


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