Award Ceremony

Did I mention I'm finally awarded with my first Blog award yesterday? yeh Peoplez I got one!! It feels so good honestly..its not that em showing off or something but you know it does matter specially if its only been 2 months since you started blogging..its a an Omen for me to continue with it..mutlub em aint doing THAT BAD!! mutlub people are actually reading the stuff that I vomit here and there on this page,,(Youkhs that was GROSS! showie ;p)

So according to the Rules..I have to pass this award to three new Bloggers before I tell three good and three bad things about blogging...hmmmm I wonder what is with these conditions!! I mean you have been given an award and after you get it actually ,you gotta come up with the conditions! What if I dont follow them! Are you going to Snatch it back Adil Shah?;p (you are not thinking to snatch it back..are you?:(

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm So three good and three bad things about blogging...Well Three good things could be ..

*1- Blogging is fun.Yes its even more fun then watching Tv and Flipping channels while sitting on your there are no other Opponents waiting for you to go for a glass of water while they take over both  your seat and Remote ! Its your own thing and your Mean Sibling cant snatch it from you.All they can do is "Sniff their Noses" when they see you sitting on Laptop and worrying your head off over Issues endangering WORLD PEACE! "Jealous freaks"! huh..It feels so damn good to make them feel "not so creative" like you..KHE KHE KHE...( yeh This is my Famous MEAN Laugh, you better get familiar with it, as  I have plans to use it a lot right from now on !;p)

*2- Blogging keeps you busy and you stop feeling worthless ,After all ,there are people who read your stuff and wait for you to write more so it surely means you start feeling yourself IMPORTANT! After all those years of complaining about "NOBODY LOVES ME..NOBODY CARES FOR ME..HAI ALLAH may mur kion nai jati!!" This feels good, trust me;p

*3-Blogging if done properly acts as catharsis, it helps you get rid of all the un-wanted suffocation inside your Head, Heart and Soul..( I was about to write Liver, Kidney too but hmmm thats it..all my knowledge of Human Physiology ends here...Did I ever tell you guys How I hated Maths and Science when I was in Matric?...I din't care when people called me "Plain Jahil" for that..Arts is a respectable Subject too..and then Not everybody is destined to be Einstein!!! right?) it helps you with all the unwanted Suffocation and Frustration that you keep locked deep down helps you to say the things that you have never said before,,it gives you the courage to turn into an Extrovert from a boring Introvert...Ask me and I would Tag Blogging as "The Best Form of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION" under the latest Modified/Codified/Personified  Definitions.

Now Three Bad things about Blogging..hmmm there aint much bad about blogging...but lets see If I find something......

*1-Blogging is Addiction...yes it gives you this Aching Desire of writing more and more and more..You cant live without your Blog for long..and You start having Suicidal Tendencies If you are unable to access it for more then like 2 days! (what?!! Too much ho gya kiya?;p ..Dont give me that Look, I got it already) But still its an Irresistible Addiction, even worst then Social Networking and addiction no matter how sacred to you is a bad thing!

*2- Blogging keeps you indulged in it and you can't think of anything else but it..specially if you have some exames to prepare!;p

*3-Hmmm I cant think of the third thing right now..But I will as soon as I find what is it that I wanna write here!

So The Ritual is the later part...To choose Three New Bloggers was a tough job because all the new Bloggers that I know are very good ( No No No,,this aint a diplomatic statement..I truly mean that) But as I had to choose only three so I made my choice..If it were not for the New Bloggers..I had so many names in mind,,but anyways the New Bloggers list for this Award goes like this..

*1- Here I am
  Vijay is an Indian Blogger and a brilliant one..His way of expressing things is fun check him..You will like him too.

*2- Pandora's Box
This is a blog about Perfumes and I loved of my fav Blogs..Informs me a lot that I din't know before.

*3- Alchemist An Indian Blogger with a lot of experience with a lot of countries , people and languages..tho its not a new Blog but as no one else claimed it so I decided to pass it on him..Visit his page and you will like it too.

The ones who have been named for this award know what to do..Have this Award posted on  your wall, write a post about it..and before you pass it on to Three NEW BLOGGERS you got to describe three good and three bad things about Blogging.have fun:-)

So peoples thats all by my side for the day..Miltay hein Break kay bad...yeh ubi meray ko roti banani hai for ma Saryul/Rude mother still aint back yet!:-(


  1. Congratulations dear Mishi for your award. You truly deserve it. And thank you for passing it down to me(blush) I`m humbled by your kind words. Have a lovely day. I shall do a post about this soon :)

  2. Congrats Mishi... i really like the way you express yourself.. and yes i truly abide by those 3 reasons of blogging.. :) all the best..and keep writing more.. :)

  3. @Pandora..oh com'n you totally deserved it girl;-)

    Congrats to you too;p

  4. @ankita thankoo dear...keep visiting more then:)

  5. Hi Mishi...guess they cant be more frank than you are :) this reads like a proper diary...written from the heart...abs crystal clear...keep writing :) and thanks for joining club humor :) tk cre...and happy blogging...

  6. :)... hurray, it calls for a party... icecreams cakes pizzas...etc etc...

    congrates,.. you deserved it..and you got it...

    :) :) :).. chalo, ab to aur buk buk (read)ni padegi...

  7. congrats!! happy 4 u! truly!
    d 3 gud things u wrote blogging: agree totally!
    & hey gud luck with ur KHE KHE KHE :))

  8. It's kind of hard to keep up with your speed, yet, I feel more than happy to go through your posts almost on daily basis.
    Brilliance is a thing of beauty to me.
    You are too creative to be ignored.
    You are a home maker, socially inclined, creative writer -----and what not---list is already going on and on.
    In my opinion, Mishi you have won the 'blog-Olympics' due to your “God-gifted” versatile nature.
    All bloggers are proud of you.

  9. Congrats Mishi on the award. You just deserved every bit of it. And yeah thanks a ton for passing it on to me :D I shall put up a post soon

  10. Congrats on the award! Beautiful blog you have out here. Blogging for me is everything and a vital part of life. So I do understand how you feel.

    Keep blogging.


  11. congratulations !happy blogging!

  12. congrats girl! you deserve every award...such wonderful way of expressing
    (I mean it,its a genuine comment ;)

  13. Congrats! xD

    I need followers too haha xP

  14. Congrats for the well deserved award....

    keep Blogging...:))

  15. @India's number one blog...Hey thankz for visiting!! this is nice of you to say so when you run a brilliant page yourself! do visit again:-)

    @Bhargav..haha yeh sure! jus let me know how are you gonna make it to my party?;p

    khe khe khe @ buk buk thing..wo tou baita ub sununi pary have no other choice;p

  16. @Sujatha...Khe khe khe...em glad You liked it:)

    @Tariq sab..awwww em flattered really! this was the sweetest comments that I have ever earned:)

  17. @Vijay..oh com'n you deserved it and you got it:)

    @soumya..thankz for dropping have a nice blog too.em following it already:0

  18. @dr sab....thankz

    @Rachit..yara congrats tou sehe say boltay na! you are always out of words:-(

  19. @Harman..aww thankoo my sweet blog friend:)

    @Lame butt..thankz for dropping by..

    @Irfanudding..bus ji sub ap ki doaein hein;p

  20. Congrats:-) you truly deserve this, I would recommend even a higher award for you. you are a brilliant writer mishi and my fav one too.keep blogging. tc

  21. "nobody loves me nobody cares for me.may mur kion nai jati". hahahahahahahaha RREALLY mishi? you used to think this?

    congratulations for the award. you earned it.keep writing girl;-)

  22. I am happy for you girl. congrats for the award and do carry on with your wonderful writing.awesome read as usual;0

  23. congratulations wish you get many many more awards :)

  24. Congrats Mishi:)

    You know what I like best? That your name is Mishi:) It's so very cute, like a tiny bunny rabbit with a pink nose:P Forgive the imagery.

    Keep writing and winning!

  25. @misfit..haha yeh its true..that was ma fav dialogue back in my university days..;p

    @Dilawar..thankz :)

    @Jalal...awww thankyou are my one regular reader..your comments are always awaited on this page:)

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  27. lol tat wos funny mishi . congrats dear. yh u hv earned it n u will earn many more. u gotta go a long way girl.keep it up


  29. @Nazia and misbah...thankz buddies...keep visiting and keep commetning;-)

  30. congrats!!!!
    and thanks for the b'day wishes!!!!!:)

  31. @Haritha....

    my pleasure !:-)

  32. Truly an informal journal style post :)

    Hmmm.. I was thinking of nominating myself as your 3rd new blogger to tag (although I had been writing from 4 years now) :P

  33. @Alchemist...haha doesnt matter now! lemme check your page first and award is yours;)

  34. Thanks for the award. My speech is ready now :)


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