Award Ceremony(2)

So yeh Peoples here I am, again with a whole set of new awards...hehehe ..yeh its not "an Award" only..its "awards" this time..

...GOSH em so delighted that I almost forgot about everything else..(yeh I had plans to do a post about Pak-India dialogues but Who cares now?;p) that post can wait..right? 

So the generous person this time is Aiman of Gold-Dust...a blog about cooking..she is a fabulous cook and this blog can be of great help if you are interested to improve your cooking skills...

Thank you so much Aimen...and now the According to the rules of these awards..I will have to tell seven things about me( that I dint tell anyone before...ummm i added this add the thrill;p) so here are the seven things about me..em disclosing them for the first time so read it carefully..........

1- I have water-phobia! yeh I could never learn swimming out of my fear.take me to the sea-side and then pretend as if you are gonna push me into the water..I will have an Heart Attack there and then!! I cant see full sight of water..that kinda suffocates me..(Now I hope I would be able to keep this secret from my Husband to be or em dead!)

2- I still watch "Tom and Jerry" while having my breakfast..this is a sacred ritual for me...a thing that reminds me of my childhood when we used to watch cartoons before leaving for school on P.T.V...(Don't tell this to anyone..OK)

3- Waking up early in the morning is my biggest turn-off.My mother knows it like from the beginning and still she loves to wake me up early in the morning.I keep on complaining this to my father but he doesn't help much so I have to live with my biggest turn-off for a while yet..yeh till em married to some one who understands me;p

4-When I was a kid, Tiny humans were my biggest Fantasy..I used to sit by the side of plants and used to imagine what my life would be like if I were a tiny human and lost in these plants...that was fun really..I would recommend this for you too;p

5-I know cooking since I was in 10th grade.Being eldest in the family I used to bake rotis and cook Bhindyan..

6-No one in this entire world can cook more Delicious Bhindyan  then me..! yeh its an Open-challenge..! (Except you Aiman..this is not for you so please don't take it seriously;p)

7- I am a very romantic person.yes this is a real secret..its something that cannot be judged about me this easily..I am an emotional Fool..You can make a fool out of me as many times as you want..I have this Sincerity thingy which is too much and I cant see anybody crying!

So These were the seven secrets..and now the next part of the Conditions..Next are a set of Cute Little questions that can make anybody feel like a Celebrity..remember how we used to read about our favourite stars back in our childhood that what is their fave color and what is their fave desi food and etc etc..So peoples Mishi is going to disclose all her likes and dislikes..(Fans are advised to take notes on their Hearts;p)

1- Favourite Color:           Black and Pink.

2- Favourite Song:           So many but Enrique's Hero, Linkin Park's Numb and                     
James Blunt's Good-bye my lover are all time favs..and I loved that Darling      song from saat KHoon Mauf.

3-Favourite Dessert:        Russ Malaie.

4-What Pisses you off:     Lies/When people exploit your sincerity.         

5-When You are Upset you:        Spend time with myself alone.

6- Favourite Pet:                      Cats..had a lot of pets, but its cats that I like most,rather I love them, I love them, I love them..I LOVE THEM!;p

7-Black or White:              absorbs everything.

8-Your Biggest fear:                   That I will die while sleeping without saying  good-bye to my loves ones.

9-Best Feature:                          Lips.

10-Everyday Attitude:                   Do my due things properly and quickly and 
take a nap then;p

11-What is Perfection:                   HE, Who created everything around us, 
including us.

12-Guilty Pleasure:                        Spending money on cute little things that 
are useless for me.  

Phew!! That was some hard work peoples! Now I got it why they attach these conditions with make you Value them more...Fair Enough! and as they say "No pains no Gains!!"....

Now the interesting part for my Readers..(it doesn't mean em implying that you read ma read without any interest..I know you cant do that..its my post after all,,how can you do this to me!! hope you got it;p)
So lets take the ceremony to the readers...According to the Rules, I got to Pass this Award on to 15 Bloggers that I like most...Oh Oh!! Now this is difficult! I mean there are so many Blogs that I like...How can I leave some and choose some! What about those who will not be awarded?! They will Feel bad and who knows they Might give my SUPARI too!!! AHhh Awards are not all fun!!:-(
But here is the deal..em going to select some of my old fave blogs..that em following right from the beginning...and I can award the rest with my own created award really soon..I promise! Okay? so Done then?! the 15 Blogs that I have chosen for this honor are the following...

1-Hamaree Thoughts

2- Apni Boli.

3-Weakest Link.

4-Unveil the other side.

5-Simply Speaking by A simpler Blogger.

6-Poetry, the color of life.

7-My sojourn.

8-In Retrospect a Journey.

9-Humour Unplugged.


11-Tariq Miyan.

12-Aesthetic Blasphemy.

13-Misterio Vida.

14-Sujatha sathya.

15-The Enigma's Hideout.

Phewwwwwwwwwwww! That was a long list to Peoples who are awarded with the Award ..


And you know the Rules too....Tag the awards on your page with my link on a post on it..Write about yourself according to the conditions..and then pass this on to 15 Bloggers that You like most.This is the end of the Ceremony then! MIltay hein Break kay bad;-)



  1. hey they are 5...??? i have tasted the fruit of one before yet others are still a virgin territory for me. Thanks Mishi... :)

  2. I am so honored. :))) Thanks a lot !!!!

  3. Oh well Thank you soooooo much Mishi - these are my first set of awards! Well Congratulations to the other who win them too!

  4. Hey thanks Mishi for the wonderful honor...:) I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this to a few people...

    * All politicians of India esp Lallo Yadav, Mayawathi and Digvijay Singh
    * Former Pak foreign minister Shah Qureshi
    * The current Pak interior minister Rehman Malik and his inspiring hairstyle

    SO you like cats too :) will do something on them and tag u ;)

  5. Hahah about bhindian!, Mishi no one in world can be expert of each and every dish on planet.

    Against the law of nature, so i am certain ur bhindi is much tastier than i can make.

    I am so happy that you are sooooooo happy.

  6. BTW i would really like one day that people like my blog not just for cooking but for more things.
    If u remember my earliest posts, i didn't knew where my blog will head...its cooking today and some writing alongside (not just rcipes). But im gemini can't stick to one thing forever so there will be always changing facets , cooking remaining one of the parts.

  7. MISHI-- you are so innovative--it's so hard to believe. You are so hard working with leadership quality among the fellow bloggers.
    I know I didn't work hard. Yet, I am grateful for being honoured.
    POSITIONED @ 11/15 is not too bad for me as it's still number 11 in the top 15.
    However, in my judgment you are #1 on the list ---
    So congratulations!

  8. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)))))))))))))))))))))

    u get d drift right???

  9. Mishi! you missed my new post in your dash board.

  10. This is the very 1st post of this morning i am reading....and what a lovely start of the day.....thank you...thank you so much Mishi for the honor by including my blog in your list....:))

    and congratulations for the well deserved series of awards and now after knowing that you are a "Romantic person" n can be easily made 'emotionally fool' too, so people like me may try to exploit it, if ever get a chance...:P


  11. congratulations on AWARDS :P ... may you have many many more :)

  12. Congratulations Mishi :)
    And thanks for following=D

  13. Haha, the tiny humans thing made me laugh. Congrats on the award!

  14. heartiest congratulations on all the awards and congrats to the people whom you have forwarded ..


  15. WOW. :O That's a lot of awards. Congratulations! :D
    Haha you have some answers in common with me.
    Thank you soooooooooo much for awarding me! I would hug you right now if I could. ♥

  16. Mishi,

    Took me sometime but read all 10 pending posts. I could not visit for some time and look how much I missed. Had a good laugh at your taking care of everyone when your muma had gone away for sometime. It seems you are the eldest. I am sure your siblings must be still to come out of schools. Congratulations on first award and what you say about blogging is so right. Thanks for sharing such beautiful Urdu couplets and song too. One should always have self respect and a BIG NO NO to ego. Ego is the biggest killer of any relationship. It seems your laptop is absolutely fit now. So nice of you to show your gratitude to all on your coming back. It does happen that there are many ideas churning around in mind but when you try to put those down in writing or typing mind does not cooperate. Best is to relax and let your mind understand that it is no good to play villain. I really pity those who can not fathom inner beauty and reject someone for skin deep one. Was that actual or your hand at fiction? I really pray that this visit by Hina definitely brings some good results in relationships. We are still paying for what those foreign rulers did while getting booted out after almost 2 centuries of keeping us slaves. We have to get over it and be together again to tell the world that WE ARE THE BEST. May be she is God's messenger to do so. If so, we must not mind her spending for making good impression. It seems it is awards galore. You must learn swimming and get over that phobia. When do I taste those BHINDYAN? I too love RUSS MALAI.

    Take care

  17. @Rachit..haha you are do the post soon , em dying to comment there;p

    @A...pleasure is all mine:-)

    @Ashwini..oh deserve it!:-)

  18. @Indias number one blog...hahahahahahahaha they are all so well deserved for this na...lolz at rehman malik's hair-style...I will do a post abt it soon! and yes I love cats.. I adore them! will wait for your post:-)

  19. @Aiman...haha thankz for admiring my bhindia without tasting this is what we call faith! hehehe...

    hmmm I know and I remember...and do you recall when you did that post about your memories and I said you should do more post like know aiman you can write a have the potential ...just start telling us about you, your life, your memories and here you go! your blog willdo great! and it doent mean its nt doing great rocks! I love all your recipies...but you can do more you get up girl..we are waiting to have some memories oriented post from you:-)


  20. @tariq miyan..hahahaha trust me..I dint do any positioning of the blog in my list..I just maintained them randomly plz dont feel bad for being number 11/15...ok?;p

    and thankz for your such a nice and sweet comments...its an honor to have them from somebody like you..THANK YOU SO MUCH;-)

    and yes I did saw your new post..its just I got busy with my awards.hehe..dont worry I will comment soon!

  21. @Sujatha..Congrats to you too girl:)

    @Irfanuddin..OMG..hahahahha I dint think that I was kinda giving away my secrets! no problem ! you deserved it..I said I will choose from the blogs that em following from the beginning ..and your was one of them!em glad I made your day;-)

  22. @Israr...Congrats to you too.I corrected the mistake,..hope you got it;)

    @Hamza...thankz sweetheart...My pleasure...I found your page interesting so stalkd u:) got a name just like mine!! I loved it! do visit more ..ok?

  23. @Bikrimjit..Hey thankz;-)

    @Beyond timid..haha you are welcome deserved it ! *hugs*

  24. @jack...

    Oh Jack thank you so much for spending lot of your precious time here on my page..I have no words to describe how glad and honored I am!! you have analyzed each of the posts so beautifully..thankyou again..and em looking forward to read your new post impatiently!:-)

  25. O mishi you are an entertainment . Take a very good care and keep spreading information and laughter =))

    thanks very much for the award. ' O you made me smile '.

    see you again InshaAllah.

  26. Thanks for including me.
    Good to know you more.
    I dont like cats much.
    The best way to die is in sleep isn't it? It often doesn't happen the way we in Hindi movies after hours of dialogue!

  27. For putting in all that energy, time, creativity, and friendship into creating an 'award moment' for everybody.... you deserve one yourself. And that award is for being the nicest - friendliest - and cheeriest blogger this side of our blog family and community.

    Thank you, Mishi, for brightening up our days with your special post. It's such a wonderful delight!

    God bless you and your loved ones.

  28. Congrats Mishi..I am so happy for you, you deserve all the awards on this are such a make people smile.keep smiling and keep writing:-)

  29. please accept a warm congrats for your recent know what deserve every bit of it.keep you

  30. I hope I am not that late to congratulate you mishi.Its good to see you are doing great in blogging.look you are popular now.Congrats for news awards MY FAV bLOGGER here:-)

  31. you truly are pure entertainment sweet TOm and jerry huh? lolz I like tom and jerry like tom or jerry? given your love for cats, I persume its tom?

  32. Mishi you are blessed.blessed with this thing to make people smile.please never stop using this gift.ok? congrats

  33. water phobia is very dangerous to have, my sister has it, you have my full sympathy.I hope your hubby doesnt find about it.
    Tom and jerry was funny.but there is no wrong watching them, being romantic is a good thing.shows you have some heart as well as brains.Knowing you more was fun mishi.keep writing more about yourself.and congrats for the awards

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. So many once again? GOD! You seem to be dangerous ;)

  36. @Mishi: For having cute photos, first you have to become cute like me :P (I am sure you are more cute than me)
    Apart from joke, at my blog, you may find image sources under all photos... I take photos form
    1: 2: via googling and 3: tumblr help me a lot when it comes to searching photos... :)

  37. Congratulations to Mishi and all the receipients of Mishi's wonderful awards.....So I came to you blog during award celebrations how does it reminds me of 2007 when i was an active blogger like u ..yikes

  38. thanks for the award...YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY my name on the top...:)
    I am honoured...that's sweet of you!

  39. Many congratulations, Mishi!
    Gifts of appreciation, no matter the size, are great, aren't they?

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It gives me immense pleasure when a reader likes my work so much that he/she wants to follow. I always like to return the kindness and am your newest follower too. I've not yet had a chance to browse your blog, but if it's anything like this post, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.

    Thanks for your time & hope you'll return soon.

  40. you deserve to have 'em all! congrats again Mishi!! mmuah muaah!

  41. thanks mishi...yes i got the awards :) thank you ....

  42.'n you know how much I love your you deserved an award for that ..Hope to see more from you;-)

  43. @Dr. antony..hmmmm yeh you are right! I will give it a more thought and let you know then:-)

  44. @Ellen....oh ellen you are so are one blogger that inspires me the most..I love your reads..they motivate me and help me out to find the right answers! you truly deserved it:-)

  45. @naiza+misbah+adil shah...oh guys em flattered! *Blushed!*

    @Misfit...yeh tom and jerry;p and yes I love tom and I hate jerry..wish could kill that little thing! he annoys tom so mean of him..hai na?

  46. @Jilal...thankz buddy..I will try my level best not to stop using this gift;-)

    @Dilawar..hai na? I knew its dangerous ! em working on it...I will write more about myself if I get five similar requests like this!;p

  47. @Vijay/..haha why dangerous?

  48. @Asma khan...thankz for sharing your tip with me..and no I believe you are cuter then me!

    @solitary writer....hey thankz for dropping by my page visit again too ..ok?


  49. @harman...thatz wot I told you lady! you are right on top of my Priority list here;-)

    @Andy..Thank you so much for following me back sir...I loved your page and your work..I will stay in touch for sure;-)

    @tariq..ramadan kareem to you too;-)

  50. @Diane..hey thankz for dropping by my page.keep visiting..

    @Israr..yeh I saw that..congrats for the other award:-)

  51. congrats your awesome!!! and i love emotional fools..they make me laugh ( in a good way though hehe).

    my biggest fantasy was and still is tiny portable cars that you can shrink ..and saves you time since then you dont have to bother looking for a idea of the future lol

  52. :) am honored, heartfelt thanks to MISHI MAM


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