Dear Diary!

           There is something that I want to tell you,just to keep it for record, that em doing just fine without him...em not dying to have him back around me..See this is what I told you! ..Remember what I said?! that I will survive..See em not LOST without him...we don't die without people..its Oxygen that we need most to live not LOVE! 

Love is just Over-rated...a way too over-rated..When there are things that are more important then having the desire of seeing someone special on a romantic rainy day...

What are those things you asked? Oh well your Self-respect Of-course!! And kindly note it down..I didn't say EGO!! its an ugly word with an ugly meaning..self-respect is a different thing you know....its something much more Respectful then Ego...every one should have some dignity and this dignity, when right in order, is called Self-respect..

So yes ,its not EGO and its Self-respect that em talking about...When its for your self-respect you got to decide things that are difficult to decide otherwise..and nothing else matters,,,actually nothing else should matter!! its a MUST you keep the balance between "have or have not" out of one's own sweet consent...Its okay if you got to let go of somebody that you assume you Love most in this world..

People come and People go ..They never stay in your life after all so whats the point of messing things up after somebody that doesn't give a sh*t to what you feel...You should kick His A** before he corners you in a dark, horrible, smelly Abyss and makes you lose yourself in that darkness forever...No No ..not acceptable..not for me at least! 

So yeh em doing just fine..em happy with my life..em cool with the way my life is passing on...its all fun here you know...I have so many things to do that I don't find time to think over stupid stuff anymore...wasay bhi WHO Cares!! Not its all Chill Mahol here..yeh this is what I wanted to tell you,,Hope you have Noted it down all properly Nicely ....

Nothing else ...just this Stroking Pain that  I feel in my chest when I try to breathe...Its nothing ! nothing serious, Right?!! hmm I guess I should not talk much about it then !? so STOP WRITING Then you stupid lil Diary!!



  1. Love without respect is nothing... If someone loves you but doesn't respect you, then it's not Love but something else... :/

  2. Hey.. really nice.. i feel the same way but its really difficult to just make yourself accustomed to something you know your heart wont agree to... i mean i feel it that way.. though i appreciate your post the way you put it is really cute.. but really nobody gets lost if tht special someone is not there in ur life anymore? i doubt that..

  3. @Asma...Aww you are always the first one to comment extra bunch of flowers for you with a thankyou card!;p

  4. @Ankita..we do get Lost without certain people..its just we dont admit..this is what this post was all about,,thats why I named it CONFESSION!

    thankz for the cute compliment;)

  5. Ahhhh! Life. They take part of heart on thier way out but they are worth sighing only if luck has part to do and not that person's bewafai. Otherwise, whatever you wrote serves them right.

  6. Well this one - "Love is just Over-rated...a way too over-rated.."-to me is really apt. The so-called love many people proclaim to have is nothing but a momentary attraction (atleast in most cases) for u know what... And when there is this so-called love without respect for each other then it's nothing but plain bull-shit.

  7. sweet cheerful giggly friend has written this post :((( i find it hard to believe :( as Bashir says "Ujaale apani yaadon ke hamare saath rahne do
    Na jaane kis gali mein zindagi ki shaam ho jaaye".. in my world it means..lifes too short to look back with regrets...move on...abhi zindagi key fasney aur bhi hain..Sitaron sey agey jahan aur bhi hein. Abhi blogging key intehan aur bhi hein.. tu rukna mat seekh...kyonki wafa key paigam abhi aur bhi hain... stay :)

  8. Apologies for the soggy shayari...:((

  9. =)
    Now tear that page from the diary before the little pain in heart rises. This talk never happened, no one except you knows what you are and have been going through. Good, or bad, neither.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Love is extremely overrated I agree!

    But you seem to be doing really well somehow. I got motivated :)

    All the best Mishi and take care.

  11. no. love isnt over-rated. but yes MIshi it sure hurts like HELL - sometimes. n for a person who isnt respectful, kick his ass alright :)
    """not acceptable"" - u bet!
    here's a toast to ur CHILL MAHOL

  12. i love u Mishi..n i lovvve this post. speaks volumes of a heart that is alone but not lonely :-))

  13. A positive attitude is always heartening!!

  14. Ummm relationships. Complicated. Always. Period.

    Btw nice blog. Awesome find for me

  15. Mishi dear,

    You are extremely busy with your personal diary—don’t panic Pl.
    No doubt, it’s a good way of vomiting your depressive feelings out of your delicate system.
    Diary is of course a good friend of yours which lets you dump anything in it. No complaints.
    Hopefully, your recovery mode is almost over-----or at least---
    “Dil key behlanay ko yeh khial acha hai Ghalib.”

    Waisay bhi U know-------“Dil tou pagal hai.”
    Nevertheless, your right to retaliate is quite genuine.
    Though, "life without love is painting without colours," yet you have to be shrewd enough to find true colours of your LOVE whoever.

    On the other hand, ego is a social need and a social by-product.
    It's also true that the society means all what is around you - not you.
    All, minus you, is the society. And everybody reflects.
    You will be in friendship with others and they will reflect who you are.
    Psychologically speaking, ego’s food is attention from others. But, if the ego is shaken, you don't know where you are, who you are--then what?

    Hence the most precious:
    Better protect your “SELF RESPECT” even at the cost of your EGO.

  16. oh made me sad yar, whats with this sad face? cheer up. you are a wonderful girl and a kind human. you deserve some one much better then some Looser.cheer up now:-)

  17. Lovely read girl..u r too good wid words.i wish i could write like ya..feeling like giving u a kiss on cheek for writing dis.dis touched ma heart mishi. im going through the same dese days, u gave me new hope n courage to cope wid wot im facing .bless you.keep writing girl and keep rocking

  18. wow that was emotional misi and beutiully writen but i would agree with indias nmber one blog here. you look much more cute when you are smiling that is why keep smiling and write a cheerful post as soon as possible.look you have made this page a place of sad smieys .smile again and keep blogging

  19. one of my most fv read by you so far..loved every word of it.yes we need oxygen more then and keep writing

  20. and by the way I loved the new layout of your page.its lovely.truly looking like your diary now

  21. touching,as you know the truth hurts but a lie is worst.

  22. "looking for ma ownself in ma own dairies, may be i find to breathe free... "

  23. and when you find it... do let me know

  24. is too complicated a thing... :(

  25. no one stays forever and few people keep impressions in heart forever
    nice post

  26. Love is definitely way too much overrated. :)
    I read somewhere,
    "May be...we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift."

    And hey! The will only make you stronger. You know it will go away...Have a little faith And take care :) Hugs :)

  27. @aiman...I agree with the luck part of your comment:)

    @vijay..yeh true and serious love is hard to find these days..the fast life style has changed everything in our lives....

  28. @india's number one blog..haha nah the poetry was cool..i liked it..and thankz for the giggly comment...

    @Aesthate ...hmmmmmm yeh advice is taken with bunch of thankz! and THAT is FORGOTTEN now!:)

  29. @Soumya and SATHYA...thankz for the sweet comments ladies:-)

    @Catgirl...awwww thankz dear..em glad you could relate with this:)

  30. @Viyanktash..thankz for commenting..

    @nia charms..hey thankz for dropping by and leaving comment...em visit again:-)

  31. @Abhilash..thankz dear:-)

    @Tariq....thankz for the wonderful comment ! n its "dil kay behlany ko Ghalib ye khayal acha hai!;p"

  32. @adil..showie!:( i was jus in a weird mood dat day so came up with this post...will try not to repeat the mistake;p

  33. @fatima...awwwwwwwwwwwww thankz for the kiss ;p

    em so glad you got a positive msg out of it...thats it matter wot happens have to stay strong ..this is life after all:)

  34. @jalal...oh sorry for sad smiles..i will make up for this..i promise:)

    @misfit....thankz you so much :-)

  35. @DAnish..thankz for the tip! i was kindda ignoring it tho i have written it rite on my wall too!

    @bhargav..okay i will:-)

    @israr...yes it is:-(

  36. @kavita...yes it does bt still its worth all the is love..there is nothing like loving some one and then having being loved back!:)


  37. @jo...aww jo that was supportive ! thankz for the sweet hugs :-)

  38. Love can be a beautiful thing. But in order for that to happen, you need to understand, that without love, life isn't life. But you can easily lose your love. but one thing is for sure, Love isn't love without respect. It's just plain old lust.

  39. were you ever in love?? just curious

  40. @thankz chunky for leaving your valuable comment

    @Eva626...hmmmm I would have loved to answer your question if only you had left some traces of your identity back here!:)

  41. this post like nything........
    goood work...keep it up..sis..


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