A cry for Help

I dint know it would be that difficult to get back in the form after a short break of 5 days... seriously! its like studying after a decade...Do your guys feel the same way? When you are not blogging for some days and when you get back to it one day and you find yourself all Jammed and Handicapped ...

you do want to write again but it takes a hell lot of attempt to come up with something worth writing about! We are not regular writers with the royalty issue and publishers ..we write our heart out on our pages..that is why blogging was created at the first place! For people like us!! 

Then why is this reluctance! I don't get it..I want to write in the same flow that I was before I had to go on that break but it doesn't seem to be easy...its taking a lot of struggle and this irritated me so much that I decided to share my "dhukh" with my dear fellow Bloggers..

Is a Break in this Business is THIS bad?! I mean you take a break and then you are Incompetent ! you are miserable ! you cant write in the same old flow...your hands will refuse to type what you have in  your mind..everything is same old except your writing skills...all your senses are working just write..you are thinking, feeling, complaining in  your heart and aloud , gossiping, commenting over things, bragging ..you have a hell lot of issues to write about..you want to talk to the world again but DAMN it,,it just wont come out you know!...

You feel like straggling yourself for this...but as it wont help so you don't exactly do it...

The one hundred million Dollar question is...." WHAT DO YOU DO IN THIS SITUATION?"... 

The Help topics under BLOG SPOT doesn't cover this one...and why not? Don't they know its a valid issue...so damn valid that it can irritate you to the extent of killing yourself with the table knife! (after all em ain't that mad to try that with a regular knife..thanks Lord FOR THIS)

So peoples..you tell me..what do you guys do under the similar situation? what is your secret weapon against "Not unable to write anything after a break on my blog" disorder?....

Help me out on this one...or else the World will loose a great free-style Writer (yeh yeh i know..don't smile here..ok?)

Waiting for your valuable suggestion..do help me before its too late..em having this table knife right beside my pillow..if this writing thing keeps on pinching me like this..I will use it!! and I MEAN IT! 

(Ok don't worry and don't panic I have an apple too...khe khe khe)


  1. First thing first.....it happebs with all the bloggers! And on that note...plz cut the apple and have it....

    Post that go for an observatory hang-out and I am sure you will get something to write on...so I wait here for the next post :)

  2. If your hands refused to type, so how you posted above feelings in such a great fluency... :O :P

    And about "dukh" after hardship there is ease... :)
    Enjoy each & every moment of life.... :)

  3. Sometimes brain go a bit rusty when you are away from writing , but it resumes work and comes back into action in no time. So Mishi its a phase to pass by and u'll be back with the next post by tomorrow with the same zest as before.

  4. Read and comment my blog posts...you will be fine...I promise. :))))

  5. does that makes any difference? Write when you feel like, when the chords rebounds and melody flows.

    Weakest LINK

  6. I think you just wrote a blog post. :P

    Just take it easy. It should come from the depths or else it wont work out. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Writers block... or you can say "Bloggers block".....So Don't worry, it happens with every one....
    But,I am sure you will come up with something great soon.....


  8. I just wait Mishi...thats what i do till the words come back :)

  9. that's a cute post in itself-you are already BACK!:-)
    and slowly you'd be back in the way you like it...keep writing, soon you'd stumble upon what you'll love.

    n yes, thank god for that apple!:-)

  10. @jigyasa...my next post will be dedicated to you!;p

    @asma..here comes my regular commentr!...well my hands refused to write what i wanted to write;p and you know what i realzed the same (that i have written a post already) right after i hit the publish button!;p n i guess i know the trick now!

  11. @Ashwini..thankz for encouraging ..its so sweet of you really:-)

    @A....hahahaha..yeh i was checking your posts already,.btw I did read your OSLO read bt there already were so many comments...n i was shocked to hear the messcre news right after i read your read..sorry to hear abt the loss...i wish it ends soon...

  12. @rachit...haha yeh it doesnt..just have a look on my this read..it was nothing but a spontanious buk buk..actually this is what i do..i write what i feel like writing...we are nt the former writer anwys and this is the beauty of blogging..n btw thankz for writing another whole sentence on my page..hahahahaha

    @Aehthete....lolz...yes I jus noticed that;p

  13. @Irfanuddin and bloggy number one...thankz for the encourgment guys:-)

    @Alchmst..hahahahahahhahahha....I loved the title that you gave me..;p

  14. @suruchi...thankoo so much for the sweet comments;-)

  15. am passing thru same .... feel as if am tied by ropes so badly that even the imaginations and illusions have gone dried... :( :( :(...

    blogging kps u vry busy... with flows of ideas and thots...

    da buk buk girl will bloom again within hours,, i know and am damm sure... :) :) :)

  16. well... i usually post once a week or ten days so 5 days break is normal :) yes it does happen to all of us when we take a break from something then getting back to that level takes a while..hope you would be fine within 5 days :P

  17. @Mishi: hota hai hota hai. u'll spring bak - dont u worry. tab tak aapke fellow bloggers se apne "dhukh" yun hi baatteh raho.

    2 tips for thinking of new topics: listen into conversations of ur family members/colleagues/students. there'll b something there.
    OR just browse thru some of these girly mags. u'll b surprised to know how opinionated u r!! :))

  18. Go at a slower pace because slow and steady wins the race.
    True! You lost your hard laboured momentum, yet I have the feeling that you already are back with full vitality even with refreshed aggressiveness of inspiring quality expected of a free style writer such as Mishi.
    Take care.

  19. lolz cute read .you are back already so no suggestion by my side:)

  20. I would agree with Tariq sab here:)

  21. Ugh everyone's going through this right now! D': It's killing me to acknowledge I have nothing to write about right now.

  22. :) well I have no idea what to say , I generally write what i am feel .. and the picture themes also help a lot ..

    plus no harm in not having anything to write , maybe time to read something :)


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