A Foreign Minister with fashion Sense

So our Modal-like Foreign-Minister made her first Debut! 34 years old, mother of 2 is already been On almost every Indian and Pakistani TV channel today...she is being tagged as "an instant impact" on world's most tensed Bilateral relations..With her face adorning on the front pages of the most Indian Newspapers today, I hope I don't need to introduce her to my Indian Friends...

I found the Headlines quite Interesting with "Pak puts on its best face" from The Times Of India and ..She truly is a beauty..No doubts..Almost everything about her is being noticed in India..Her tasteful accessories earned her full score on Fashion Front..wearing the color of the season when she landed on Delhi Airport...It was her first look that was much awaited..and she dint disappoint !

*Roberto caviller Sunglasses (worth thousands Pakistani rupees)

*Over sized Hermes Birkin bag (worth 15 to 24 Millions pakistani Rupees)

*Classic Pearl Jewellery (worth Millions Pakistani Rupees)

All were noticed and praised..So it cost our Newly Appointed F.M around about one billion to buy her "This Bombastic First Impression"...Poor Soul..she must have sold out all her property to buy her tasteful accessories...After All the whole Assets owned by her , as mentioned in Election Commission Record,are  worth only 1 Billion and few Million rupees! Imagine ! How much she has put into this First Impression thing!
Or the Government of Pakistan was paying for all her wardrobe expenses...I wonder if they tried to find out some less expensive items as par the present condition of Economy! Who knows!

Poor country's Poor Minister!!
Oh no..it went wrong..Poor Country's RICH Minister!

A way too rich for us na...khair Best Of Luck Khar! I really hope you do good..we are pinning our  hopes for better Pak-India Relations In the Future.Tho We know You don't have the whole Decision-Power in yous hands but you can still make a difference...Things seem to be working in your favor..You have a positive feedback until now..Prove yourself the right Choice for the Most Sensitive Post in this region....Don't worry ..if you work things out just right,,,,we will not be fussing about your Millions worth "Tasteful accessories"..we want results...
My Father was astonished and worried and annoyed to see the details of your wardrobe..he has every right to be! after all he is the one who pays Taxes! and if your trip fails..he will be one of the millions of people who would have to pay for your next visit to India!
Sounds Pressurizing na? yeh I know..You should have thought it before making that "one billion rupees First Impression"...That is why they say "simple is the best"! Or you were too busy in getting prepared for your First Debut that you almost forgot that the country you are going to represent is undergoing serious internal and External crises...Our people are fighting to have their bread and butter..Being a target of terrorism on daily basis,,they still go out to get their family their basic needs..Do you have any idea how they must have felt while they watched the details of your trip's expenses on TV?!! Let me tell you.They felt miserable!...


I'm not Negative here..its not about not appreciating something that is being appreciated by Others outside the country..She is a genuine beauty..It was nice to see all the positive comments about her in Foreign Media..But don't you think its a little over-rated? She needs to prove her Intelligence  yet...All the praise was about her face and not for her brains...Was she the only choice that we had? There were so many Experienced people....Opting the best face is a wise move? And then Please Don't be Impressed My Indian fellows..she is not the only Good face that We got in Politics ..We have plenty of them so its not really a point here..not for us at least..

What I wanted to convey here was Bilateral Relationships like PAK-INdia..We don't need good faces only..Its the Honest Intention that Works!! So what is with this Focus on her? As if she is the one who is going to solve Kashmir Dispute or The Water Issue..This is much bigger a game then our poor Imaginations and assumptions...Its the hands that control the puppets that matter and not the mere puppets..no matter how beautiful the puppets are!


  1. I think she is beautiful too...And politics is same in every country dear...

  2. Sounds like she's ripping the public off by taking their tax money and buying designer clothes. :/
    What's her name, by the way?

  3. Facial attraction is sometimes fatal attraction.
    But—let’s hope for the best outcome of her expensive visit[unaffordable PAF Jet flight].
    Beyond doubt, she appears to be a star.
    Ms. Khar as our new Foreign Minister has become talk of the town via local and global media on account of her beautiful presentation.
    Of course, she enjoys her famous personality and she seems to be capable enough to repair Indo Pak trust deficit and resolve some core issues soon.
    Hopefully, the billionaire Khar would prove to be nothing but a sincere national asset of Pakistan - a country of "the have nots."
    She better......Otherwise, the tax payers are pissed off - for sure.

  4. I am looking at this differently.
    Atleast thr is something good to look at between the whole cattle of politicians
    hah! I wish we had someone like her.

  5. Whats the reason "Pak has appointed the very beautiful Hina Rabbani Khar as minister for foreign 'affairs'" ?. SM Krishna should be smiling ear to ear!!!

  6. Oh My god. Don't get me started. For the first time, I thought I wanted to be in politics. She definitely is the best looking politician in the recent times. Look at some..they don't even know how to comb hair.

  7. I applaud this post.Great read Mishi.

  8. well...anything positive about pakistan should be appreciated... shes young and beautiful and has a fashion sense which most of our politicians dont... lets hope that now she do what she is appointed to do... :)

  9. Yesterday I read a blog about her, there was a remark for her that, "a woman who should be a hotel manager, she is now our foreign minster"...
    Will she handle & tackle foreign policies, hence she is done MSC in hotel management... :/

  10. loved the way u put the lines together.
    and all those facts were just perfect.
    i so love your blog and specially these pictures on right hand corner. :D

  11. @beyond timid..Hina Rabbani khar is her name.

    to the rest of you,,I have already added a note ...that was not how I meant to end my post..lappy's battery was dying..i had to shut it down..thought I would edit it later..so here is the additional note. do read it once before commenting further.

  12. She's stunning! Something bright amidst the dullness of politics. I wish we had someone like her in India.

  13. I may sound harsh but the reality slaps the Indo-Pak relationships. We can't have cordial relationships until and unless the Kashmir issue is solved and none will fall back on its demand of autonomy over the state. So all such talks matter less. And yeah, she looks beautiful, our minister would have winked her. :P

    Weakest LINK

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    I agree with you totally. One thing, though. Do you really believe that what the ministers put on the election commission's records are their actual records?

  15. Mishi,

    Being a person of Indian origin, I don't have much hope from the politicians of either side regardless of their fashion sense. Keep in mind, she has to operate under influence of PM and public opinion too.

    This is not an easy problem to solve and KEEP IN MIND POLITICIANS CREATE PROBLEMS...their thrive on problems (not on solution). So don't raise your hopes. Nothing will come out from these meetings except some great pictures.

  16. ouch- the eternal(iThink) heart ache

  17. Haha. Awesome post. When i first saw her on Geo which was yesterday, i thought she's some indian visitor. My jaws dropped when my father told me shes our Foreign minister. Rofl.

  18. That's how politics is-within ministries and even outside-my god, this woman though is creating quite a lot of ripples!

    and that bag!omg!

  19. Beauty is just an extra selling feature, whereas negotiating a deal intelligently means much.
    Oops! It’s not just the beauty or brain, but it’s about playing politics which needs a lot of experience and she is too young to handle that.(just opinion)
    However, this is too soon to issue a verdict on the competence of Ms. Khar.
    If she brings positive/solid news to Pakistan, she is certainly a brainy youth we need the most - regardless of what political party she is from.

  20. ..she is pretty and politics is a dirty game...no matter how clean you wannabe ...indian politicians are corrupted too...But details about her dressing and accessories shows her taste of THINGS in life materialistic or otherwise..
    Sarah pain was a beautiful women (republican party candidate) who stood against Obama But was very dumb ,a pretty face but very low IQ level..
    In my opinion what ever this lady might be ,will show in time to come ..pretty faces are short lived its only that level of honesty plus the IQ that matters here!

  21. AT least she made us proud for a change.

  22. she is beauuuutiful!
    interesting point u made there: d amount she spent on making her "first impression" & her total assets accor to the election commission
    poor country rich minister - plight of india too :((

  23. YEah I came home day before from my shift and was listening ot indian news channel and there she was .. whatever she did or not od .. She was far better looking then her indian counterpart .. Who .. well let me not say anything ..

    And also i liked the way she responded to some of the question while again the indian counterpart looked like a idiot ..

    she indeed is a beautiful dont know about the brains but i guess time will tell although i must say she did well, She said what she wanted to and brought out the topic she wanted to .. whereas again our dear indian counterpart could not so I will say along with beauty she did have SOME brains too ..


  24. @soumya..I truly wish we could transport all our good-looking (and incompetent) Politicians to your state and could have some brainy pple in return;p

    @Rachit..haha at wink thing....yeh I agree..harsh but true!

  25. @owais..haha nah i dont hope it as i live in reality bt u see this was the point...look at these lairz here/! do they really deserve to be our leaders?

    @A...sad but true!:(

  26. @FAtima..thankz for visiting my space dear:-)

    @Nostalgic..haha yeh i would have thought the same if I din know who she was!

    @Suruchi....ahhhhhhhhhhh that bag held ma breath too!;p

  27. @Tariq miyan...i agree with every word that u said...and em keeping my fingers crossed..!

    @herman...yeh lets hope it turns into something good for both sides!:)

    @Abhilash...yeh she is smart!

    @Hamza..haha well said..but we are looking for some long term results here!

  28. @Sujatha..em glad u got ma point here:)

    @bikramjit....well she does speak good...and I hope she does prove brainy too or we will be hurt badly;)

  29. I agree here, now you see these freaks tell lies when it comes to mentioning their asserts and look at the accessories she is wearing.I mean brainy or no brainy.not a point here.but was this wise to be a subject of attention for all the wrong reasons? so what if she is beautiful? we have so many like her in politics.I wish we could talk about her brains more.nice job mishi

  30. the way the whole Indian media was gashing upon her was funny if you ask me.I am surprised do you guys really dont have pretty faces in politics? I will agree with mishi here.please exchange some brainy ones with pretty ones from us:p

  31. why they were all so ga ga about her? whats the big deal? she is pretty so what? she is not the only pretty lady in politics here.there are kashmal tariq, marvi memon ,shazia mari and many others.they need to do a survey over our other pretty faces.I hope she gets better results or she is in trouble for exhibiting her worth 24 lakh handbag

  32. In spotlight for all the wrong reasons I would say.we should all wait how she ends this visit.but spending the government money like that was hard to see when people are dying of hunger,they should have atleast shown some solidarity with people by at least acting simple and humble.it would have been a nice gesture.great read as usual mishi

  33. spending public money is a sin and spending your own when you pretend that you dont have any is even a greater sin.I dont get it how these people take us as a fool.i wish we get rid of these stupid bunch of freaks asap

  34. @Nazia...

    @ Misbah


    @Adil shah


    thankyou so much guys..and I agree with every single word that you said..see what they are saying about her now? I knew its not gonna work..all she cost us is more humiliation on international level..thankz to our wise president for choosing her!!

  35. Looting public money is a criminal activity punishable under law--Irony is - since most of the law makers are almost criminal themselves so who would they punish? Thought provoking!
    Clear enough! That’s why fuedal lords being in position of POWER need innocent public as "proxy prisoners" for khana puri.
    Historically, the fuedal elite was born out of the “illegitimate wed lock” of puppet LOCALS with GORAS a century and a half ago. Hence, those local chamchas turned into "feudality" and were awarded tens of thousands of acres of cultivable land.
    Beauty pageant Khar comes from that disputed feudal background. Should we still hope for the best? Think


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