GOSH ..em a non-stop BUk BUk Today

Well until now I have been writing on Social Issues but then I was suddenly reminded by a friend who visited my blog lately that its named as "My Secret Little Diary"! and you are still being an Introvert there you Dodo!..hmm yes em a dodo and em an Introvert;p But then I thought it was actually  true! Since I started recording my claptrap , I have'nt talked about my own personal profound type of musings so I thought to give it a try..so Beware people its pure gibberish that you are about to read..run for your time and energy !! (Don't you dare run off my blog!! Of-course em kidding!)

I have'nt much to talk about on my personal scale wasay..except my life SUCKS these days..yes you heard me right! it truly SUCKS !!

My muma aint home...and I have to act "Standing muma" for my mother's 4 other kids other then me..the job is YOUKhs! I have to get up early in the morning ...7:00 o clock in the morning! Imagine! oh yes did I mention there is one special child too..my muma' s special spoiled grown-up boy! yeh its my Ubba ji..(father)..so I have to get up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for him and when in case I dont get up out of too much sleep..the first thing he does after getting in his Office is 'call my mother and complain'...huh!
SO MEAN OF HIM !! so, to avoid any of those LIVE Advice Programme Transmission that My mother runs on Phone, I make sure her Husband gets a fine breakfast in the morning..

Then its my two well-employed (a way too rich then me) sisters who are next on Dining Table....I try my level best to tease them first before I feed them.heheheh yeh yeh I know..SO MEAN! khair its just I punish them in my own way for not appreciating what muma does for them...and mind you..they bother muma so much with 'I dont want to eat this" and " I dont want to eat that' ...so I teach them a good lesson every day on the Breakfast table and trust me they tend to remember it too;p

Then its my bro...ahhh! He is Mean-est of us ALL ....he is a limit so there aint nothing that I can do to annoy him except shouting on him boundlessly...which of-course doenst help...

Wasay I bet you guys must be wondering "phew! what is  with her!! why is she so ...youkhs today!"..well let me help you with that...as my friend quoted earlier that em an introvert and stuff (that Dodo stuff na ) so there is this thing with me..when em annoyed over something em like this..all mean and gibberish and BUk BUk non-stop...

Now what is it thats bothering me will be described in a separate post ( comparatively more organized and sensible of-course)....

Its not that em touchy about commitments and all but I am a person of my word and it makes me expect all around me to be as responsible about their commitments as I have been to their's ..but whenever somebody doesnt give a damn about it..I get all mad ! I feel like turning into a bloody Vampiress and have all their blood with those choclate chip cookies that I crave about after every 15 mints...Dont get me a mean vampiress here but this is how its supposed to be! People should be punished for lying with you..for letting you down..How dare they ! Men are horrible when it comes to the real life story instead of their stupid little fantasies ...They love Beauty with no brains and fear "Beauty With Brains" like anything...and if they find one ..they wish to get those brains out of that pretty little head as soon as possible..and you know what is even more worse? When They fall for "All Brains" and no looks!...its then that they freak out...as to fall in love is something entirely uncontrollable..it just happens so when this " ALL BRAINS"  get on their nerves ...they fail to find a safe hideout..and in lieu of facing this ..They just disappear..they dont even have the slightest courtesy to confess that they are unable to fulfill what they had promised..."Moral Courage" is something precious like "Common Sense" these days...you surely dont find them with men!!

Then there are these Mango Parties these days...em second to Mirza Ghalib in admiring and loving Mangos...but what to do its giving me pimples...something that I din't have in my teens even...

So its all blended together...My muma..her husband...their kids...one man with no moral courage and mangos that are giving me bad pimples..and yes these cheap stupid Talk-Shows ..Fardoos Aashiq Awan and  Faisal Raza Abidi ...and their talking-cum-barking! its all annoying me...


  1. HA HA HA HA you look cute in this mood . write more while u stay in this mode:P

  2. hehe agredd wd adil here, its ok mishi you will whizz thru dis ,trust me. u r one strong girl.n amazing too n jus ask dat looser to piss off

  3. lol yes men cant stand beauty with brains, lolz @ breakfast thing you do with your sisters.you are missing your mother ,thats it.nothing 2 worry abt.its all natural with being annoyed .loved this read from you mishi.do write more abt yourself

  4. nice page outlook and great post.I agree with talk show thing.hate firdos and abidi like ny thing.why dun you write a special post abt these talk shows?

  5. hahaaaa....So, you are having gr8 time with ur "Muma's Husband n their kids".....btw take care of urself, i just don't like pimples on pretty faces...:P

    wish you get to act as "Standing muma" for some more time so that we can have some more interesting reads here.......hhmmmm....em being little selfish naa....:D

  6. hahahhaa
    Nice read =D pimple situation is something serious =p =D

    And hey cool blog you have. You have a new reader =D

    Take care!

  7. imagining us a vampiress!
    vaise, tumhare buk buk ne sabka timepass kar diya! more of it pls :)

  8. nice change...hope you write more on these things :)

  9. @Asma.thankz dear

    @Adil..yeh sure! dnt worry I will be in the same mood until ma mother returns...;p

  10. @Fatima..lolz...yeh I already have told dis to him..BUzz OFF ! I said;p

    ma sisters are ready to value our mother even more and more with every passing day..this is what I wanted them to do so its ok to be a lil mean..rite?;p

  11. @Misbah..thankz sweeto..

    @Nazia..Request is noted down!!;p

  12. @Irfanuddin..hahaha its ok to b mean with a mean person!! I din mind..my mother will stay there for like another 2/3 days I guess so I will keep on Complaining ...worry not;p

  13. @Ph...you have a nice blog too..n see i was following you even before you saw ma page..thankz for visiting and commenting...keep reading me and keep encouraging me:)

  14. @Sujatha..haha em glad to hear that...

    @Israr..are you sure you liked this new style of mine? you sound so serious all the time;p

  15. @misbah not every man is afraid of beauty with brains.TRy me:p

  16. "...They love Beauty with no brains and fear "Beauty With Brains" like anything...and if they find one ..they wish to get those brains out of that pretty little head as soon as possible.."

    very true indeed,... hypocrites...

    now they will start (ur sis n bro)respecting your mother more.. and its very much necessary as it will them also when they take the place ...

    very nice, tot provoking post by the buk buk girl...

    aise mood me raha kijiye aap .. acchi lagti hai .. :)

  17. Mishi I have created a blog for you.please visit my page and copy the link and pass it on to the people you like.

  18. awww thank you so much adil.Its cute and em honored you thought of me for this:-)

    btw welcome to blogging..I will be your first follower as par promise!

  19. @Bhargav...hahaha@ 'achi lagti hai"...

    thankz bhargav sweet bhargav:-)

  20. WOW! FOOOOOD! Tell me some punjabi recipes please! anyways this was different. refreshing indeed!

    And yeah the new look- it's good!



  21. LOL, okay, you're doing good with that self expression part. Just don't kill chicken :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  22. Hello there! MISHI-the home bird.
    Your pitiable plight is thought provoking for those who plan to stay home 24/7.
    At least, you are a good home maker and are feeding everyone. you should feel bossy.
    Actually, you have chosen to stay home to be around your siblings and “the left behind daddy jee.”
    May be, you need some anger management to deal with such an ordeal.
    I do have sympathy for you for what you go through – especially, getting up so early in the morning is a bit too much.
    Even then-- your mommy takes your class telephonically like Altaf Bhai of MQM.
    Just kidding---

    Nevertheless, it’s so worrisome to see an ongoing (a)lack of moral courage (b) beauty with no brains (c) AWAN's BUK BUK and talk shows.

    However, the best is "beauty with brain" - of course.
    A thing of beauty is joy for ever. It's so true.
    Oops! You think men don’t have common sense. BUT - BUT--the truth is: common sense is not so common.

    "Self narration" by you -is of good quality------Mishi.
    I admit-- my hurried response has insufficiently covered your brainstorming- as I am facing a deadline by my boss about my next project.

  23. So, hilarious, couldn't be better. I enjoyed this more than words can ever say. Want to hug you & smooch you for this. Keep it up yar, you have made start of my day so cheered up and you just made me want to take writing classes from you ;) WE ARE EVEN!

  24. @Vijay...lol ok jus let me know what is your most fav punjabi dish.

    @RAchit..ENJOY!!!! u kidding rite?:(

    @Aesthete...haha chicken!? my mothers's children u mean?;p

  25. @Tariq..hahaha I enjoyed your comment so much..you sounded to be a v serious man so wasnt expecting something like that coming from you! LOl@ Altaf bhaie thing yes may bhi apni muma sy yehi kehti hon k kiya ALtaf bhaie buni rehti hein ap;p

    well its not em always a home bird..was busy exames n now enjoying the free time at home..common sense is nt common I know bt moral courage is the same precious commodity!

    and dont worry your comment was good enough for paying my brainstorming!

  26. @Danish..hey thankz for visiting:)

    @Aimen ..hahahaha ok WE ARE EVEN now! em glad to hear that..thankz buddy your comment always make me happy:)

  27. That was good read. i like your template too!

  28. @Dr. Antony ...thankz doc:-)

  29. Lol...super sweet!
    love the ..expression!


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