I want Friendship with you

(This is a follow up post on my previous one, as I forgot to mention this very important point that I wanted to share)

I hope everyone of you using Social Networking sites must have received these Random Add requests from random people around...People that you don't know personally and wonder what might have made them send you this Friend Request..Upon digging, you find out that the person is a friend of a mutual friend of your's..sometimes the chain gets longer and longer...' a friend of a friend's friends's friends' fiance!!'...and so on.... I'm receiving these requests a lot these days..When I ask them back If I know them, the answer is interesting with "no but lets know each other"...or "Well not really, But I would really like to know you"...or " No but does it matter now? "or "Not at all but I bet you would love to know me, I'm too charming to resist!"..and these are just few sample answers that I have quoted here..the real list is really long..

But it did reminded me the time when The Cell-phone  Revolution came in Pakistan with almost everybody purchasing a phone and then using it too...The usages were simple..people wanted to use their credit on unknown people..it was then that all the Female cell owners had the toughest time of their lives with "plz Friendship with me" messages...
We had a friend in Hostel who had this crazy fan who was a Pathan ( khan sab)..She had no idea how did he manage to have her number but he used to send her these short messages of Friendship requests and non-stop Misses-calls and Calls...and Guess what he said on Phone!!

"Baji Khuda ka wasta hum sy dosti kar lo khocha!" (Please be friends with me sister;p)

Now Imagine the misery of my friend! This was the time when our people were introduced to "The Cell -Phone anxiety"..which projected the youth as main target ...I , Once happened to talk to this young boy who uses to bother my Room-mate, he sounded to be a nice boy so I decided to give it a try and asked him why was he after my friend for no reason...what he said surprised me completely,,,He said Look , I have so many friends around me who have Telephonic Friendship with Girls and talk to them all the time..while I don't have any and when they gather in my room, they make fun of me by saying that no body offers me any ghass..hehe mean "koi mujay ghass nai dalta" means (no girl pays any attention to me) ..Anyway, this is how the new technology was taken at our side.Of-course things were settled down gradually.But now its the newest version of Highest invention of Information technology called Social networking that is on hit now.

My point here is , should we add these Strangers just like that?! I mean who are these people at the first place who send you these requests with little intimate follow up messages! (as my best friend says.."Oh kon loug ho tussi  !") ..Is it truly the part of networking to know absolute strangers? I mean it could be risky ..You never know the intention of next person...you can never know what is he/she up to! I have come to know the stories where people not only misused the information that they gathered from their target's account but harmed them too..Remember how this thing works...No matter You have added that person or not,,if he is in your Friend's List, he can have access to all those photos and status messages that your friend has commented on by just clicking on the Notification he receives and there is this DOWNLOAD button too which works just fine!!

I have seen Teenager Girls using FB carelessly as they put their real and quite objectionable photos there...I bet their parent are unaware of their activities...they end up in trouble by having an unwanted stalker or some ex-Lover turned Blackmailer ..The question is whose duty is it to inform about the Dark side of the picture..I'm not concluding with "Its all dark out there"..all I'm saying is to highlight the Negative aspect of these new inventions too..Don't you think there should be Public Service messages about "safe usage" of social networking on National T.V?  I have this very strict opinion of parent's responsibility about their kid's activities..as its them who put their kid in his private room with a Personal Computer, a Mobile phone and an Internet Connection at the first place.Kids are Kids after all, no matter how clever they sound to be or pretend to be, They need to be protected ! Its a combine duty of parents and society under the current shape of Social Infrastructure , They are our Future , we can't let them be on their own in the risky world of Social Networking.Can we?

Perhaps this video could explain my point in a more precise way!


  1. gr8 post wid very serious concern mixed wid humor.. yes we all need to awake this scoeity, life gets messd up at times coz of such issues..

    thanks for sharing

  2. Mishi,

    Read 4 pending posts now. Like Father one, don't you think boys get attracted to beautiful girls? Natural, isn't it? ICC, why only cricket? All sports should be politics free and managed by elder renowned sportmen of that field. Networking, it has become a rage. There are positive points as one can reach out to large number of persons for friendship or sharing things but negative points wipe out the positive. Dangers are too many and video shown by you is so realistic.

    Take care

    PS : Added a couplet in my post Follow Up.

  3. A very interesting read. Is there a stalker in all of us who spends hours and hours checking people`s profiles and friends for no good reason? I know I do :) I mean would we still do that if there was no anonymity factor we were visible to all?

  4. Good work Mishi! You are really good at alarming your audience.

    True, it’s a dangerous world out there. How can u trust someone who is a complete stranger to you?
    Even your “safety precautions” sometimes fail/malfunction, or they are conveniently made confusing by the professional rascals. Criminal world is after the most vulnerable ones, so the parents, teachers and the well wishers must not ignore the deadly consequences of social networking where even their grown up children can be targeted. In other words, a smart criminal can easily manipulate us with his or her magical approach-God forbid.
    Jumping on the band wagon is so risky that even mature adults are likely to be caught up in a trap.
    So, avoid giving your personal information.
    Simple! Say no to the strangers. (Most recommended)

  5. Mishi,

    Sorry, I forgot to ask. Hope the problem faced by your sister is resolved. May God be with her.

    Take care

  6. Lolz at Khan's request of friendship.being a male segment of society, i would agree with the security threat that you talked about.its true that this social networking thing is not safe for immature youth.i know same stories of manipulation innocent girls by their net friends.there should be a check on teenagers specially girls they are too innocent and emotional to be fooled easily.great job mishi:)

  7. I agree with Adil here.word by word. boys are mean you never know whats going on in their mind but in this case every one needs to be careful since we share our family photos there too so its best to avoid strangers.

    mishi I think Im falling for you. *wink wink*

  8. @Tariq Miyan I agree with u sir.u have seen it thoroughly.a very nice read mishi. you are getting good and good.I wonder why somebody hasnt awarded u with an award or something:)

  9. this download issue is really serious.people should pay more attention towards it.nice work mishi.I am very careful for my sisters and i keep on telling them to avoid strangers on facebook. i hope more people think about it

  10. I've only got to say one thing on this, if everything in life were to come with a label of the good and the bad points in it and a big user discretion required signboard, life wouldn't be as bright as it is now.

    What are brains for if not using them. Yepp innocence is one thing, but awareness is also important.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. I agree with each and every word...Fb or social networking is with brains and only people you know,.But objectionable pictures is nothing a show off or peer pressure ...
    the parents shld take care of this and for adults ..its using ur brains before heart!
    you never know who's behind the computer!
    never publish your number or address,never tell your daily schedules in updates..
    the results can be unexpected!(Bad)
    ..I had one experience (which I wud not say publically ,it scared me)

  12. Viewer discretion is needed, use the tag :)

  13. @ Jalal
    thanx for commenting-
    are U still in NWFP?
    I thought--18th amendment has put you in KP.
    Anyway, name changing didn't change the fate of people of Peshawar.

  14. "Baji Khuda ka wasta hum sy dosti kar lo!"hahaa.......:D (LOVED THIS ONE)

    btw what is ur facebook id??? and before u ask anything, let me tell u "we don't know each other, but there is nothing wrong in knowing now too"....LOLS....:))

    well..its all about how we use all these so called social networks...on the 1st hand why to put all those personal fotos n personal activities on these sites, if at all these are for our known frnds and dear ones, fair enough, there are other means by which it can be shared with them....why to make them public???

  15. i gather (u too r a Literature 'student' like me) u've read Waiting for Godot the play. Imagine giving the characters in dat play these modern day gifts - cellphone & access to FB. they wud've passsed their time pretty well ;)) aint it?

  16. It's really sad that most people do not understand what social networking sites are for? They just take it as a rat race where someone with a large number of friends just is considered someone way too cool, someone outgoing. And in this process endup showing way too much than what they ought to.
    Anyways good post Mishi :)


  17. Loved your post and couldn't agree more. i recently confirmed one such request of apparantly a girl turned out was a boy, had to kick him out.

    Its a like window opened for passers by to peep inside of your house. And i loved the video... superb article specially aided with perfect video.

  18. @Bhargav sweet bhargav..thankyou so much for commenting and encouraging :-)

  19. @JAck ..extra bunch of thankz for reading my previous comments...

    Yes you are right about the boys attracting towards pretty girls but em aint pretty na;p
    ICC was special to be discussed as I wrote there as well that cricket is special for us...we want international cricket back in pakistan asap..and its not possible without the upright leadership on part of PCB..

    Well thats why I wrote this post..networking is neither all good nor all bad..you need to maintain a balance inbetween these two aspects.

    I will surely read your couplets..after all em the bIgeest fan of your poetic guts;p

    Once again thankz for commenting in detail for me.

  20. @pandora box..I was so glad to see your first comment on my post..thankz dear:-)

    you are very right about this stalker thing..I bet we will never sneek into other's accounts if our visits become visible somehow..there truly is a stalker within us! but it was not our innocent stalkers that I was talking abt..its them! the bad guys and their Bad stalker self;p

  21. @jack thankyou so much for asking my sister...she is better now..I will read something about it..I kindda need ma buddies advice over something.

  22. @Tariq Miyan..what to say! You have summed it up yet again! and brilliantly as usual! thankz:)

  23. @Adil shah..thankz for commenting my most loyal reader:p

  24. @misfit...at "em falling for u..*wink wink* " yes you are right boys are mean!! you never know whats going on in their minds!!! hahahahahaha

    btw thankz for dropping by ;)

  25. @jalal ..o cm'n ..my blog is nothing as compared to some really good blogs out there..its only been two months..I dont even know how they award you with an award! :)

    bt thankz for considrng me for this honor! it means a lot to me, keep reading and keep commenting :)

  26. @ Dilawar ..
    @ aesthete

    yes you guys are right..Aesthete this was my point , we should spread more awareness abt the dark side of it..how would pple know if we will not talk abt it? pple learn from others experiences too..so if anybody has a bad experience , he/she ought to share it so that others get an alarm outta it..

  27. @harman..I have a bad experience too..and my experience taught me this lesson ..maintain a safe distance from Strangers...you never know what they are up to!

  28. @Tariq..haha not many pple are able to get used to with the new name..May be Jalal is one ov them too;p

  29. @Irfanuddin...

    hahahahahahaha...you truly made me laugh ,( was in a bad mood) ...

    hmmm well this is what I believe , you should never share your personal photos there..not when you have virtual pple added in your list..ofcourse its just a precution ...you got to stay alert ...rest is fine..

  30. @Sujatha...hahaha absolutely true! well said dear:)

  31. @Vijay..thankz for commenting:)

    @Aimen...I loved this video when I watched it ..I already had plans to write something abt it so jus quickly grabbed the link ;p

  32. Hi Mishi ! Was going to log off ,read your comment .Thanks sis:)To be honest i have not read the post as i am too sleepy right now .Subah zaldi uthna hai .Will be away tomorrow for a week( on holidays) ..Uske baad we will catch up .Looking forward to be back here soon.Have a beautiful Sunday :)

  33. awwwwwwwwwww so sweet ov you kavita!..its ok..sleep tight and see ya later inshALLAH;-)

  34. One should be careful on what they put up on social sites. It can undo some. That video well drives the point.

  35. We lose our privacy when we enter into any social media and share something about own self... :/
    Not only real friend but virtual friends when turned into enemy they become a big threat to cope with...
    Anyways informative article :)

  36. my god...as much as the seriousness of the post makes you think, the Khan saab comment made me lol!
    omg...everyone's out to take a dip in the flowing river! sad-but then, one must be cautious..if you are smart enough to use the networking sites, you must be sensible enough also to do it right!

  37. @Suruchi...yes one got to be smart to use these sites, thankz for commenting:)

  38. Yus, I have experienced similar stuff and its super annoying!!

    Nice blog.

  39. right to the point..as every day we are connected to the virtual world more than we are connected to real life.
    yes..just like in real life..security is ones own concern and responsibility..
    nice post..

  40. @blue periwinkle

    thankz for dropping by and leaving your nice comments:)

  41. hehe! Lol @Khan saab.
    I totally agree with you.
    I think we should be cautious all the while making new friends. If we're careful enough we do meet some nice people and yet keep away from trouble. I've made some really nice friends online. Nice write up :)

  42. @Jo ...the virtual world is not all bad..your point again that we gotta be cautious ...thankz for reading it;)


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