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    Sham Dhalay Numnak Sarak Pay
   Baruf Si Rungut Wali Lurki...
   Kiss Ka Rusta Dhek Rahe Hay..
   Kiya Pochon May Khol Kay Khirki.
   Bolay Ge WO Nain Chura Kay..
   Dunya Kitna Shuk Karti Hay..
   Kaan Ka Baala Dhond Rahe Thi!

No No No..I'm not "Mishi the poetess now!" Its just its raining here on daily basis now and this beautiful weather brought my taste for Urdu Poetry out again after so many years.So here is this cute little poem that I read when I was in Grade 9.See I still remember it! I love the feel of this poem.Its deep and beautiful! Want me to translate it for you? oki problemento...

"Its about a girl who is waiting for some one on the road while its getting dark...the poet says What should I ask her when I know she will say How skeptic of you to ask! I was just looking for my lost Earring!"

Then there was another poem of my Fav poet, Whenever it rains, I read this loud....Its beautiful too..Let me quote it here for you ..its something like..

"Aj Bohat Din Baad Suni hay Barish Ki Awaz
Aj Bohat Din Baad Kisi Munzir Nay Rusta Roka hay..
RimJhim ka Mulboos Pahen Kar Yaad Kisi ki Aaie hai..
Aj Bohat Din Baad Achanak Ankh Younhi Bhur Aaie hai..!!!"

For those who did not understand it well in urdu, here is the English Translation..

"Its about sound of rain that the poet has heard after so many day, and the sound somehow brought his beloved's memory back to him..and gives him tears in his eyes.."

Yeh Yeh I know..I SUCK at translation! but not my fault! This is something about poetry that you cant change, "The Feel" of poetry in one language cannot be translated exactly in the other Language..yes you can reach up to 60% or maximum 75%..but not 100%..its very difficult to shift the genuine feel and sense of the verses into some other Alien language..The feelings and the Language of the poet has a deep connection..both cant be separated.

The art of Translation is limited to many few people here but its amazing to see how everybody tries their luck in this field.I was at a Book Store lately and I was surprised to see the translated Versions of many Foreign Books on the Stall and not all of them were up to the mark.I wonder why people choose to translate some already famous work of somebody to start their Career as a Writer!

Tho the idea is inspiring....quite inspiring actually! I gave it a try too..And I have decided to start with Translating All time Famous Punjabi Songs of Madam Noor Jahan! sounds thrilling na?;p 

So I chose this song of Madam which is my all time Favorite..and you must have heard it too..Let me paste  the video for you..

Remember it now?? so Now lets get started with the translation process...I will translate the first few lines only for now and rest will be decided on nature of the feedback that I receive.(After all who wants to continue if half the crowd would want to strangle me for this!)

So it goes something like this..

"Whenever you call my name slowly
  I die right at the Spot! (or I pretend to be dead )..
 Men are liars and so is their love..this is what my friends keep on telling me and whenever they say this..I die again on the spot.."

Ok enough for now! PEhli bat (firstly) I will wait for the feedback to complete it.and dosri bat (Secondly) Hour of Load-sheding has arrived..My lappy is dying for low battery...But I do have the intention of continue with this Translation thing and trust me I have so many interesting songs to translate for you..

Bus ap sub kay haan kehnay ki dair hai;p So tell me to carry on or ask me to stop! Choice is Yours..Yeh Future of all these lovely songs is in your hands now! KHe Khe KHe ...( I hope you know what this laugh is about!) bUT I'm Sure I conveyed my point now..

See ! Poetry is hard to translate! it kills the true color and feel sometimes..Now I know what this song in about..Its Tagged as one of the most Romantic songs of Madam..Its a pure lovely song.But the moment you start describing it to your Foreigner Friend..All the beauty disappears and it becomes Hilariously Funny..Point is You should not try translation If you dont know how to do it properly! Leave the Good work Alone !! This was the message of this post..
Kindly Spread it as much as you can..or else people like me will keep on butchering Fine Pieces of Art out of their passion of becoming a Translator!

So Miltay hein break kay baad..Take cares and btw my mother is back:) and this makes me "a Free Bird" again! Yayyyy! See ya in the morning!



  1. lol...the poetry is too good!
    the song is nice I didnt read translation as I can understand the punjabi..
    Madam Noor jahan song is good a great artist!

  2. glad that your mom is back...and yes monson season is on and the weather is very pleasant or else at this time of the year the heat becomes unbearable.... the song is a classic by madam but i never understood the lyrics :( now i have a little bit idea...but only a native punjabi speaker can judge about your translation :) for people like me...its fine

  3. 'Kaan ka bala dhund rahi thi' - i instantly fell in love with this line.Sweet .I am glad you shared this .Noorjahan is my all time favorite .Love 'Mujhse Pehli Si Mohabbat Mere Mehboob' in her golden voice.Looking forward to hear more from you .Have a beautiful Sunday.

  4. Lolz at punjabi translation of madams song,I agree with you mishi there are authors in market who know nothing abt translation and they are still doing it.I liked both poems they are sweet just like you:)

  5. Oh mishi i luvd the kan ka baala sweet so lovely thankz for sharing dis here.n i luvd the translation it becomes so funny dis way .do translate some other songs n do share some other poems too.luvd ur taste.keep writing girl

  6. lol.nice work mishi so you have started ur career as a translator?

    Liked the poems more then the translation and agree with fatima share more of your taste. glad your mother is back .nice read

  7. hey gr8 job,.... yaa, you are correct, the feel gets missed but trying will improve... and will get atleast 80-85%... the first "kana ka bala".. was very nice...

  8. ha ha @ translation.

    lovely poems mishi. share more of that too. liked the post as usual!

  9. "jeedon tu holi jaee laina mera naa^n , main thaa^n mar jaani aan. " [Late melody queen]
    Mishi, your “random thoughts” are showing your hyper thoughts.
    May be--u r so excited to be a free bird again-- who has started singing to welcome mama's return to the nest.

  10. so our fav writer is a poetess too nw, why dont you share more of your fav poetry? it will make a wonderful post. I could not understand punjabi song but I liked the music and overall feel.keep writing mishi and thankz for following:-)

  11. I think English is a cold language, if you know what I mean. Anything translated automatically becomes formal and less passionate. But then there are English poets who have driven me to tears by the passion, the emotion in their poetry. So as you can clearly see I`m in no position to cast a vote. :) Great post. Enjoy the rains.

  12. Can you translate my childhood favorite shair, "Dabey mein daba dabey mein cake"... :P

  13. should have read it ..translation was all I was talking about! but khair its ok..em glad you liked the poetry:)

  14. you want me to explain the song to you? I promise I wont translate it in punjabi to do that;p

  15. @Kavita..its ma fav too..mujh sy pehli si muhabut mery mehbood na mang! yes I will do more posts on my fav poetry and fav songs:)

    @Dilawar...thankz for tagging me sweet:)

  16. @bhargav sweet bhargav..thankyou dear;)

    @misfit..thankz buddy..I will.

  17. @tariq..lolz..lolz...yeh it was so! em happy to see her back..ofcourse it means all the waking up in the morning and feeding the muma's hubby and kids is over;p

  18. @Adil..oh com'n you deserved to be followed...I promised you that!

    I will do more posts on that bt where are your posts ? why are you stuck? keep writing na

  19. @pandora...hmm no english aint a cold language..I have found some really nice things in english too..I was jus talking about what happens when we translate the genuine feel of one language into other's...thankz for liking it;-)

  20. @Asma...haha ok..lets do it!

    There is a box inside the box and in that there is a cake...and i jus want to tell you that you are one in millions !

    hows that?;p

  21. I agree with you, translating a poetry kills its basic softness and dilutes its purity.

    And yaar I said congo.. congrats.. kuch kam tha?

    Weakest LINK

  22. Wow that was beautiful!

    Poetry is a different element altogether and is the best state of mind. Enjoy free bird! :)

  23. The poems are beautiful. And the translation makes me wonder if someone has made a hindi song on similar lines, because they sound familiar.

    Plus, translation isn't easy, it's much more responsible and daunting task than writing on your own, because here, we have a benchmark, the original script to compare with and might always fall short. But, you cannot hit bulls eye on the very first instant. Keep trying, you'll find the hidden core in the words.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  24. I think the poems were nice. I'm glad you provided the translation because my Urdu sucks.
    Translating one language to another kind of loses the meaning intended. Because with every word there is an emotion. The word might get translated, but the emotion most likely won't.

  25. @Mishi: hahaha box inside box, per woh maza nahi :D

  26. @rachit..yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you so much for writing a FULL WHOLE sentence on my page!!

    em so honored rachit;p

    ji han bohat kum tha! just win an award soon and I will tell you how to congratulate! I promise!;p

  27. @Soumya..thankz sweet doll:)

    @Aesthete ...did i ever tell you I find you quite cute ! your smile is adorable!;)

  28. @Vyankatesh..yeh I jus checked your page n I liked it a lot.thankz for visiting:)

    @beyong timid...thankz for visit again;-)

  29. @Asma..haha yar yehe tou keh rahi thi na may..kay jo maza original may hai wo TRANSLATION may kahan! ub jo maza "DUBAY MAIN DUBBA,,DUBAY MAY CAKE..MERI SAHELI LAKHON MAY AIK:..main hai..wo english version may kahan!

  30. well its quite hard for a boy and that to a spoil brat like me to win acclamation and award. So it seems that won't be possible in this life :D

  31. I love the poem. I mean it really kind of speaks to me. Like how the poet was seeing the sight of rain after a long time. I mean something as simple as that can be so thoughtful, touching, and beautiful. oh, and btw, i LUV your blog!!!!!!!!!! It's sooooooooo awesome :) keep blogging :)

  32. hhmmmmm.....i m too late here, so much have been already said about the poetry n their translation....kambakht yeh ROTI kamaaney ke chakkar mein(earning bread n butter) kabhi-kabhi apne blog per bhi jhaankne ki fursat nahi milti.....anyways...

    yes, i too liked the 1st one so true n lovely it is....and regarding translation buisness i have the same experience ppl just don't care about the feeling of original stuff....wish some of them read this post n finally some sense prevails into them...INSHA ALLAH !!!

    best wishes,

  33. @rachit..well then I am going to arrange an award for you soon! :)

    @chunky..yeh the poem is like you..all lively and fun:) thankz for the nice comments and keep visiting:)

  34. @Irfan...haha awww dont worry no matter how late you were to comment and no matter how all has been said already , your presence was missed! rozi roti ka tou chukkur hai sara islie koi bat nai..late aanya ki maafi di jati hai ap ko:p

  35. (V) its raining! o baby its raining =D

    and congrats btw.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. @humaira..haha yeh its raining..roz he hoti hai iss time..i keep on telling my friend who is on Trip to Northern Areas that we are having the same lovely weather here so ZAIDA SHOKHI NA BUNU;p

    n thankz dear:)

  38. loooooooooooved the first poem-soooo deep:-)
    n translations are a tough call as they require as deep an import-magar try karte raho-slowly u'd reach the mark:-)


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