Happy Birthday Pakistan

Yeah...its Happy Birthday of You..Pakistan..and before I came to write this piece..I promised myself that I will not say any thing Suryul today..its your Birthday so we are gonna celebrate it with due spirit......spirit like this.....

SO yeah no Negative talks today...it will be all positive today..we can remain all positive for a single day..its no big deal.right? so things are not in a perfect shape today..not as they were supposed to be..but then there is day after every night ..so we should have little faith and bundles of hopes with us and a driving spirit which could drag us out of this misery and disappointment..But there is one thing that I want to do today and that is a promise with my Flag..em one of the youth and I have decided to take part in making up the Future of my country..and I , therefor, reject the present incompetent Leadership and I promise to use my Vote in the most effective way in the Next General Elections..em not going to waste my vote on these Bunch of Freaks..and I will not help them to get on our nerves again..I dont care if my one Vote counts or not but this is the least I can do for the system..We ought to reject them,,who are doing nothing but making us suffer more and more..we need to stop this Humiliation...we need to say NO to them..this is the right time for this..If only every youth of this Country makes the same Vow..I dont see why cant we bring the right Leadership to guide us! hai na?...in the end..my all time lovely bubly Fav Song..Father of all National Songs made up so far...my fav and your fav..DIL DIL PAKISTAN...:-)

LUB JU pakistan and MAY YOU LIVE LONG AND LONG AND LONG AND LONG..and MAY you stay SAFE AND SECURED HAMESHA...so that's all for now...miltey hein break kay baad...take cares..

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  1. maybe the things are always like this...maybe there never was a utopia...maybe the world was supposed to be like this forever... so why we always whine and complain? a little change in attitude..a little optimism... a little bit of living for others... a little bit of putting patriotism and humanity before ourselves... a little bit of positive thinking...a little bit of sharing our happiness ... a little bit of taking care of our surroundings... a little bit of tolerance... a little bit of decrease in our greeds... alittle bit of sacrifice... and there surely can be a great great deal of change in the world :)

  2. happy birthday Pakistan
    i wish for this lovely country all the bless :)
    due to it has very nice people >> i really feel this ALL the time

  3. I salute you Mishi for being positive.
    I am happy you would cast your vote wisely this time. Get like minded people aroud you to make a difference. Kick out "HIS HIGHNESS Ali Baba alongwith his more than forty DAKOOS.

    *****LONG LIVE PAKISTAN******

  4. I'm controlling my negative energies here to put up a positie reply. Happy Independence Day Pakistan.

  5. Happy independence day...HAPPY OR NOT, INDEPENDENT OR NOT.

  6. Happy Independence day!

    Down with the pessimists =p
    Optimist-ism zindabad.

  7. Happy Independence day to all.

    Wish to be in Peshawar today.

  8. Aww!
    Happy Bday to Pakistan!! :)
    BTW all that stuff about remaining optimistic even though loads and loads of shit happening in the country,same here!!
    But yeah,here's to optimism and a BRIIIIGHT future! :)

  9. Happy independence day Mishi. Fingers crossed for happier times ahead Inshallah.

  10. Happy Independence Day, and cheers to a good neighbor, you. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  11. Happy Independence Day to you all...:)

  12. beautiful photos mishi!
    and happy independence day to you too..

  13. loved the kid most.jashan e azadi mubarak:-)

  14. loved the baby! so cuuute! happy birthday to Pakistan!

  15. Mishi,

    If everyone thinks like you, there is nothing to stop for better future from coming. I hope and pray for a stable and peaceful Pakistan.

    Take care

    PS : Did I tell you I was born in Lahore?


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