Pakistan needs an Anna Hazare too

Now this is some thing amazing coming from our neighbor this time,You tune in to news and you don't believe on your eyes..I mean Fighting against Corruption and then on this level! Bravo!! yes they are not as corrupt as us *According to World Ranking *but then corruption has always been their major issue..just like it was amazing to see the New Revolution that the Fellow Indians are Witnessing.

But What inspired me most was the reaction from the Indian Youth so Finally Anna Hazare's life long struggle against Corruption and other Social Menaces is paying off..and what a tribute! 

There is this joke in Indo-Pak that if you receive all the Due Respect right in  your Life, consider your self Lucky,..very very lucky yes Anna Hazare is the lucky man..he is not only receiving all the due respect and appreciation but he is also able to look the fruitful result of his years long campaign against ill-knitted system..

The Pakistani media is covering the issue all enthusiastically as usual but I wonder if they are able to see what Hit me the most in those reports from India..Have you seen the people who have come in the support of Anna? Have you seen the shine on those Young Faces? Looks like The motivating "Tata Tea Jaago" has finally been able to succeeded in waking up their whole youth..I have plenty of Indian Friends added in My face book account and on Twitter..and I was kinda jealous to see all the activity over Protest..the way the youth is motivating and inspiring eachohter to join the other on roads..the way that all seemed to work in their favor....and telling you the truth I have high hopes on this Telenor's "Khamoshi Ka Boycott" thing now...if that could work can work here too..

You must be wondering why I'm focusing on a mere TV Ad on both sides..but hey just ponder over it a bit and you will get it...the whole thing is amazing but this is not revolution that is mesmerising but this is the Courage that took the youth to move on roads and walk and talk in Anna's favor..They have finally spoken against it..yes I agree that they have been more vocal about it then here in Pakistan but they started from a point and they have reached at a point where they know where they are going..I wonder if we will ever be able to see a movement like this in Pakistan! and then who will be our Anna Hazare?! Do we have people like him in Pakistan? or Will we have to borrow Him from India once he is done there?

What are you staring at me for? are you trying to tell me I'm all hypothetical here?! well I dont think so..I believe everything starts from "Point Zero" and then that goes up..and to iniate a thing like Fighting against social Evils ..You got to make people be vocal about it..yes we all keep on speaking against almost everything about this country ..from corruption to Load-shadding ..Talks never seem to stop here..and what is the problem then? I mean we want to eliminate corruption too..we are sick and tired of it already..we find it every where..The Corruption culture is truly eating us up..aint it? Its causing us more and more defamation apart from our Part in Not so Famous anymore "War on Terror"!

The menace of corruption is the identical problem of Indo-pak right from the beginning and look what it had done to us in the past 64 years....and we do want to eliminate it..don't we? and we do keep on complaining about it too...we speak about it a lot actually ..but that restrains to the domestic and office-chats only...we have never talked about it on a proper plate form ..other then on private TV channels of-course ,owned some most corrupt powerful people of the country..but then where is this PROPER PLATFORM in Pakistan? *yeah yeah ask Imran Khan and he will name Face book.biggest benefactor of Fb so far*

Is it the Leadership crises again that's  pushing us even more? Why cant we just stand up against it like The Indian did..but then suddenly I remind myself something that I was over-looking..yes the thing which hit me this very moment *yeah I write in one single editing bear the crap plz;p* 

so I reminded myself that Corruption is not the only problem of could be India's Problem number one..but Not Pakistan's..we have soem other issues to deal people are suffering from Terrorism, load-shedding unemployment,economy downfall, management issues * read Separate provinces movement here* and then if load shedding dint make them stand up which is practically ruining their business and lives ..what to say of corruption? so yeah May be we will have to wait for another decade before we could think of anything else then our present situation Corruption Excluded..So I just concluded "aur bhi ghum hein zamanay may corrption kay siwa".. P.S who will lead the movement ? Rehman Malik or Babir Awan? * its like choosing how to commit suicide ..RAT POISON or ROOM fan;P*

So its not the time yet..We are fighting more important fights right now..the war on terror is right on our nerves,,eating our heads and pushing us more in this Dark Drench where we have nothing else but our TV sets *Off and On..depends of the availability of electricity in your area* which bring us the news of "India Against Corruption" and we remind our selves that someday we will witness the same revolution too..if not now..a day will come in our history which will mark the end of this most hated social Evil ..till then lets be hopeful and lets keep our fingers crossed while we wait for our Anna Hazare *read moment of glory here* and Fight the terrorism off under the shadow of Load shedding while we continue living in this Dark Hole.

(This piece was written for Pakistani Bloggers as a Guest Post and got published this Morning)


  1. And i just wish that this time these youths or should i say the "AAM AADMI" of India do not feel dejected by seeing Anna Hazare being used, rather misused by any of the political parties here.....
    Nice post...Best of luck to you also to get rid of those problems asap....

    Best wishes,

  2. I just shared this post on my FB and Twitter account .Need i say more .Great post Mishi.

  3. THanks to Kavita Ji. great post and very good blog tooo !!!

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  5. Nice post Mishi.. Hope to see some fruitful result with this new revolution.

  6. Dont worry Mishi you will have your version of Anna soon...Hope every nation that needs an Anna gets him :)

  7. who will lead the movement ? Rehman Malik or Babir Awan? * its like choosing how to commit suicide ..RAT POISON or ROOM fan;P*
    great post...
    and we do need a guy like ANA HAZARE...
    Yeah pakistan needs me :P
    ateeq to the rescue:D

  8. Breaking news...for you...

    Taking a cue from Anna Hazare, a 68-year-old Pakistani businessman is set to go on hunger strike in Islamabad from September 12 to declare war on endemic corruption in his country. Expressing his admiration for Hazare, Jehangeeer Akhtar complained that corruption was a far more serious disease in Pakistan.
    Activist Akhtar wants the Pakistan Parliament to pass an anti-corruption law -- like what India is now planning.

  9. Somebody will take the responsibility to lead youngsters against corruption and other evils in your country too, Mishi! Until a few years back, we didn't know who Anna was!

    I am reading in the above comment that already somebody has started the fight! All the best, Mishi!

  10. I have spoken to Mr Anna. He promises to visit Pakistan and do just what you asked for.
    Awesome read!

  11. @India's no 1 blog: wow that's amazing
    @Mishi: ur wish just came true! powerful words. pen is definitely stronger than the sword eh?

    Tata tea campaign yes motivating one

  12. Great post Mishi :)
    You will also soon get somebody as inspiring as him :)

  13. well... corruption is the single most important reason for the decline of both the countries is corruption... well lets hope we can change the system over here... but for that to happen, we have to think beyond ourselves... the "i damn care" attitude is the main problem... the teachers only come out on strike when the issue concerns them, the lawyers and judges long march only when they are under threat, politicians are as usual self pitying... the students will come out on street only if there is something related to them... daily we see the news and there is some strike by some union ...but nobody is willing to strike for pakistan...for the pakistani people...

  14. P.S. can you plz do away with the image verification thing in the post comment? since i read blog on mobile and it creates a lot of problem and sometimes the comment is not posted :(

  15. Thanks to Kavita for sharing the sentiments from the other side! Found a young Pakistani heart beating in anxiety over the state of affairs in their country.All our sympathies to you, with hopes that Anna Succeeds, and you too find a leader of yours !

  16. inshaalllah the day will come soon. liked ur post from the core of my heart. u too can be the anna of ur country. small drops can fill the whole bucket. so whats the need to wait to have another anna?

  17. If corruption ends peace will come too and relationship between Pak and India will improve. Appreciate your gesture

  18. great post...such a huge protest without a single case of violence so far is amazing...

  19. Historically, in Ramzan, even the full scale wars used to be postponed, yet Karachi is getting pushed into "HELL"-- hence, a scare tactics gains momentum. Thought provoking!
    Target killings, rocket attacks and shelling have claimed around forty lives just overnight. It`s so sad.
    Scenario of killing and destruction is painful.
    Shame on the incompetent rulers for their failure.
    A newer breed of politicians is desperately needed as the current government is one hundred percent responsible here.
    A new breed of "people friendly politicians" is needed to take charge to govern the country appropriately and take a corrective action against the current chaos of civil war, terrorism and mega corruption.

  20. its just a mob hysteria which will soon be washed off by mind, anti corruption rallies won't be of any good until people are educated enough to know what's good and wrong. So Anna should sit on hunger strike not for a bill but for an effective education system and stop being a shrewd politician.

    Weakest link

  21. Great post. :)
    I wish you also get some Anna very soon. May we learn something from each other.

    Liked your post. I am sharing this post on Twitter & Google reader.

  22. Good job! ..very well written..
    Pakistani problems are different ..I agree..I have taken subscription of Pak channel here ..
    Anna Hazare is doin a good job...BUT..itsnot jus dat..Honesty comes within..and to bring a nation on top..corrupt free and trying their best to keep it clean freak!

  23. Lovely psot Mishi as always, I just hope and wish with so many eyes set on Anna ji , he and the other politcial figures do anything to hurt the trust of people , we have seen a lot many times when things have gone wrong ..

    Pakistan has other problems but yeah both countries need good politicisans who for once stop thinking of themselves .. I dont say they shud stop making money .. MAKE as much as they want BUT please do a bit for the country tooo .. if you are making 100rupess keep 90 spend 10 on the country ... both the countries will do wonders ..


  24. Mishi,

    There is a famous saying which I may not be able to repeat word by word but it says that there is a limit to pressure which can be withstood by anyone and beyond that either that person breaks or retaliates. What we are witnessing here is SAILAAB against this cancer which is ruining our country. Back bone of any nation is the YOUTH and if they really wish to bring about change for better they CAN. SAILAAB just needs direction which may be provided by a little known person too. Hope and pray that things change for better in both our countries.

    Take care

    PS : Caught up with all pending posts and left comments from one about 7 gallons of water one.

  25. Great Going Mishi.............Anna fever is rising! And it is turning to be a great success...and I am sure with bloggers like you and the citizens like Jahangir Akhtar.....Pakistan will witness a SAILAB soon!

    Keep the Good Work on...! You Rock girl :)

  26. u have been awarded at my blog, :D, get it:

  27. Wow.
    I read your post at Pakistani Bloggers.

    Wonderful post! Pakistan needs an Anna Hazare too.
    No, in the current circumstances we need a dozen Anna Hazaras!! =p


  28. Thankyou all for such a great feed-back and trust me your comments encourage me to write more..em sorry I cant reply to each comment individually blogger is a problem child these days but I hope it gets better soon and I will get back to you guys soon..inshAllah.. Thankz:-)

  29. well every country which is developing and facing issues such as corruption etc which seems to be the rootcause which hampers the nations progress needs a person like Anna.Anna provides inspiration to the youth of his nation to wake up and fight against these corrupt entities which loots the nations amount and deposits them in Swizz bank...they swizz bank accounts seems to be increasing ..if this is the case then i am telling you that any country cant grow...i am happy that Anna has shown us the way and we all have to follow his footsteps

  30. Hey Mishi, nice piece of work.. lets hope we win the battle as well as the war :)

  31. Mishi, I really loved this post of yours. It is people like you who actually take problems by their horns and hence can bring about change. I read about a man about to go on fast in Pakistan against corruption. I hope that mobilizes people over there. As for us, I hope this beginning can do something in helping us eradicate corruption from all spheres of our life.

  32. agree with your spirit...and admire you for the time you took out to write this...!
    but your second last paragraph got me thinking...dont u feel that loadsheddin, terrorism...etc etc are a PART of corruption???
    i am your new follower btw...i hope you check out my blog and follow it too:)

  33. Great post .
    keep your hopes up high and one day insha'Allah :)

  34. Great Post.
    I hope and pray we get someone like Anna Hazare too. We really need it.

    InshAllah. someday..soon.

  35. Your article is amazing I got an effective knowledge from you article. For the latest Education News please

  36. Let's hope the optimism is justified.

  37. regardless of the fact that i dont have any avid version to share or a plan to fight againt these mal- things happening in our country ; still i feel extremely possessive.
    I hope our day would come , we would shun and get away with all these things. So if someone is doing something positive lets give them our hand in support . Life is not about living in peace all the time nor earning good by every means ; sometimes it asks for alot of sacrifice. Lets play our role . we already know porblems in our country ; need to sort out list of to-do's now. I still would like to believe there is no power on earth that can undo pakistan INSHALLAH!
    We had alot of incredible people past history. I know our hope is declining but lets hoep for the best.

  38. I wonder if your dash board's memory is intact?

  39. Is your dash board showing all your followers?
    Just wondering!

  40. Hi Mishi,

    Wonderful posting.


    YOU HAVE LAILA WASI (sweet little Anna Hazare),

    Best wishes.

  41. Hi Mishi...

    No new post.....well I wanted to share with you my post on Brand Anna. Yeah! Indeed.....India's most loved brand...chk out

    Take Care.

  42. You're awarded :)



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