pros and cons of being single at 27

Well  I had no plans to do any post these days but it seems difficult when you are addicted to blogging and  especially when you have like 6/7 Unpublished and Incomplete Drafts stored in your becomes a sin then not to blog them..right?
(so em publishing an already written post with a minor to publish it a week before but then something came up..I guess that Khar Episode so Postponed it.)

So here I am with another Buk Buk Post..yeh its all buk buk today...In case If you were looking for Truth and Sanity when you clicked on my recent post.DON'T READ IT will disappoint you badly and you might want to strangle me which is even more insane because em fasting right now and your killing me this way will send me straight to Heavens and that , I presume, you will not want for my punishment..right?;p

SO yeh peoples there is nothing sane on my page today..Maybe some other day but that day is not today..not right now..okay? (andthatdoesnotmeanyouskipthispostyoudothisandyouaredead!)..all settled  I guess...

 So today's Bukwas post is focusing the World issue number 27 (entirely over-rated of-course)...its one of my non-sense issues that cover my status as single at 27!!!

Yeh you got me right...being the most experienced person for speaking over this topic..I decided to take the lead..after all em 27 and still single! *series of sighs here*
I did mentioned that before..right?If not have heard it again anyways,,so yeh em 27 and single yet..and em going to cover the pros and cons of being single at 27 for those :

1-Those, who are not 27 yet but still single.

2-Those, who are planning to stay single when they will turn 27 .

3-Those, who are not single and not 27 but still want to know how does it feel to be single at 27.

4-Those, who are happily married with Adorable kids and wonderful partners and just reading this because they read whatever non-sense I write here.*Love you guys so much..hugs*

So I guess that pretty much covers The Targeted public for this read...Lets talk about it now..well
Where being single has its advantages, it has few darker sides too/ do you want me to talk about the bright side first or it should be the darker side first? want me to flip a coin? oh com'n there is no need.....let me think........OK so its the bright side first...hmmmmmmmm and this hmmmm does not mean I don't have much of a brighter sides to present here..There are many..,just wait them to get here in a proper shape are on Mishi's page after all..

Just relax and let it go with the flow..not that Go WITH THE FLOW flow ..its the other flow..the flow of Lines na...So there are many advantages of being single and..

1-Biggest of them all is THE LATE..THE BETTER!! as quoted by one of my most reasonable friend..see I dint dare to mention this quote is mine...Now I got it why some people, while discussing, bring ,out of no where, and I mean it! OUT OF NO WHERE bring those references from Shakespeare's and Confucius and whom not..this is something that people do when they want other to believe what they are saying..(ohmygodidontbelievididthesame)...

Kahir so yeh it gives you the extra time to think and ponder over the side-effects of getting can keep looking around you..keep observing the others experiences and no wonder if your research pays you even at  the last moment when you suddenly realise the misery of all those people and you can run away from the mundib even at the very last minute..(hmm yeh I guess to run away from mundib is way easy then run away from 15/20 people encirciling you while the Nikah Ceremony is on)..

 You can keep enjoying the life in the mean while..just the way as em doing..see its 1am already and em still having fun were not this way if I had a demanding mean hubby and bunch of Crying for attention cubs waiting for me in the bed-room..aint it?
*Apology offered in advance to all my married Friends here..pleasedontbeatmeup*

2-The second advantage of being single is that you can act young for as long as you other words you can play Munni like all the time..(Not that Munni budnam  howi wali munni..Munni as in the meaning munni...means chunni..kaki..munni!got it now?)
so no matter how the crowd around you try their level best to make you feel bad about yourself can always hit them back by playing and acting young all the time...and this is your Right!! All the fashion in the entire world is made for you..after all you are the one who is yet to be picked! and you are the one with Broader range of Opportunities not them!! (your married friends-cum-enemies who keep on telling you that this is the right time for you! the inner secret My Friends is that they cant digest the fact that you still look way too young and fresh then they look..specially when both of you are in the same age-club!)
So you can fly in the air...try all the odd fashions...everything is for you from those dark-shades to trendy are young and you can feel young..Life is good with all the freedom...

3-You are In charge of your own life, your own time and your own money..Life is good when you are single and you are earning..What would you want more? you don't need to tolerate the annoying habits of some one sharing your bed-room...the only disgusting habits that you have to put up with are your own!! No stinky Socks and no fuss about "your parents don't respect me the way they Should"..its all peace out there...

4-No emotional roller coaster rides for you!! yeh I have seen all my married friends complaining and fussing about how their hubbies don't love them the way they used to when they were not married and how they have become Indifferent toward them and how they hate being with them and how they want to break their heads (hehe yeh one of my friend had a firm believe on Violence;p)......well you being single at peace....No emotional Nora-Kushti for have all the time in the world to stabilize  your emotions and work on your annoying question for you to ponder over such as "does he not love me the same way ?! or " does he love me at all?!!" ...nah you have all the time in the world to fix your own fears and insecurities and complexes,,and then you find some extra time to listen to your married Friend's s dhukhi stories and can offer them your condolence and wise advice too...World finds you all the more useful this way;p

5-Then the biggest point of it all is you can have all the time in the world and focus on your career if you have any..and can have some if you dint have a career before....aint it great? you can work hard..reach your goals and can get settled down instead of waiting to get married while sitting at home ..doing absolutely nothing EXCEPT watching Star Plus Soaps ! I know they are of great importance too as they teach you and get you ready for the Domestic Politics but com'n there is a lot to explore in the world then "learning the tricks to catch your sasso maa red-handed while lying "...and this part of the world is all can have a career which is very important to have in the given conditions of World economy..

So guys these were the few plus points of being single...Now the dark points...

1-The top on the list is that you suddenly find out that you are "out of the right matches!" ..yeh its when you see a Cool Dude and you instantly want to know 'How old is he?!" ..yeh because....

 "All the good-looking men by then are Taken...About to be taken..Married to some one else or YOUNGER to you!!!!" *another series of sighs*.....

So whenever you look at a handsome guy ..You start making your guesses and Prayers for him to be at-least around your age-group..who wants a young guy for a partner?! em some body who would take 4 years older then 1 year younger!! Old is gold and mature too!;p The world seems to be a smaller place to you other then the Global Village thingy....You feel bad and sad for missing all the good guys who are now married to Either your Friend or neighbor or cousin or WORST your Dushman number one at University Level....(After all it would have been a mean pleasure to steal a guy from that b---- who left no stones unturned making you feel bad back then)

2-The whole world seems to conspire against you! wherever you go..whom ever you meet..or talk on phone..."when are you getting married then" is the first question that your hear...and they seem to be never stopping with their obsession with this question...and top on the list are "some Aunties" who have nothing better to do in their own little pathetic lives then investigating your little feel like shooting them right in their heads when they give you that "POOR SOUL" Look...and want to shout on their faces..*"em not dying to get married!!!" let me be! and take care of your Flirty Husbands and stupid kids you b----*.....

3-A time comes when you feel like settling down and you get tired of getting ready for no one in particular...You feel lonely to see your Friends busy with their Families...Nothing else matters then! and then you go to shop one day and get back home buying a Kitten....
yes! Kitten is the ultimate Alternative for your bad feelings and you start investing all your attention on bringing up the cute also gives you a chance to talk about some thing in return when Your friends want you to hear all the  cute little details of "When my little one took the first step!" and "When he first called me mumy"! you don't need to be quiet patiently wait them to stop with the details and then start your own version of " hey you know my kitten last night took its first jump from the table,,and she was totally adorable!!"...and "she can eat Spiders now..OMG she is growing up!"...
Now the bad point about it!? Bringing up Kitten in the same lines of bringing up human baby costs you a lot! and this is what puts it at this part of the post..The Financials !! peoples this was all by my side now..its not that the points are ended..its just I don't want to drag this read to the point that you get bored ..and as par Rules,.I never end my reads just like that...there always is a moral lesson hidden in the last lines and enrich them only who take the pains to read the whole Congrats! you are the Lucky ones;p 
Well there is nothing bad about being single at 27..Life is good gives you a chance to enjoy it fully before you get stuck in Responsibilites..(this is actually the advice that almost all my married Friends hand me in..every time I talk to them) and for my Advice...its here..

Yeh so whatever status are you having..just be happy with it..Life doesn't end surely has many many other pleasant things to offer you at the end of the day...All you have to do is be patient and be Open..and keep enjoying life at your Parent's place before some body comes in your life to ask you to wash his Dirty and Stinky Socks !! hehe take cares and  miltay hein break kay baad!;-)

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  1. hahahahahahha I laughed so hard that my mother came up to see if Im are hilarious do you come up with explaining the most obvious things this remarkably? You know Im 25 but I face almost same issues as you have described and these Aunties.ufff feel like killing them you *hugs* keep writing girl

  2. lolz.lolz.lolz
    The kitten thing was so funny and so was the young guys thing.I agree with the Aunties thingy they just cant keep their mouth shut.I have a elder sister who is 28 and I let her read your blog.she enjoyed it so much and she said to pass her Shabash to Well done mishi; my sister says:-) and what Should I say? I love your writings, they make me smile.and this one made us Rock

  3. Good post: your inside is now outside. And you have all pros and cons right upfront.

    Parent's home is a blessing but husband's home --- depends --how smartly you choose--
    Bottom line: "Jorey tou Aasmaano pey bentay hain"

    I wish you get a reasonable life partner.

  4. Lol haha :D lovely post seriously ..
    Well i'm 22 and m engaged ;)
    I wish you may have a perfect life partner Insha'Allah :) xx

  5. Mishi...27 or 77...single or married..rain or Lahore or New York...stay the way you are :) thats all...dont ever change :) ever...else you will lose a biiiiiiiiiiiii fan :)) you are my rockstar :))))

  6. OHH WOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. Being single can be 2 things. An option or a non-option. Don't be fast to critique someone should they are single the next time you come across. But in our society people are to eager to discuss about each & everything, they love to poke their nose into others matters, especially they are more curious about single beings, whom they don't consider a human.... :/

  8. Mishi,

    Very well written post with wit bringing out both sides so well. May you settle down at appropriate time as per you. And lesson at end is so true. When is your birthday?

    Take care

  9. Wow and that is total gyaaan post. God what wud I have done if I had not read see. Well you see one learns something new each day. I learnt tooo...
    Sadly I am past all this though I can happily go to 27 anytime .... But then now I can say been there done it.. Bought the tee ... Done it alll..
    I believe whats there in number or age I am still as young as I was when 27 and as happy...

    Nice points made me smile when you come to my age you will smile to when u read it back...... :-)

  10. Ok, I don't understand one thing - each time you start a post cribbing about not publishing a dozen posts, you seem to come up with some awesome ones. How is that madamji? Seems like it has become your style statement.

    PS Mind you, each time you use an "here I am" anywhere in your post, you will have to pay a royalty to me :P

  11. Absolutely loved the post!!

    In all honestly I did not think that you'd be 27. Probably expected someone in their teens :)

    I'll be turning 25 soon. And very much single and totally loving it. I was a bit upset at first but your post cheered the hell out of me.

    Thank you so much. Hugs!

  12. This was so interesting :p

    Yes, being single doesn't mean you're available!

  13. that was some read that i am gonna read again.i am 28 and i can understand every word of it as if it was in my mind already, I got engaged last month.I had underwent the same stages.people cant mind their own business, being single is no sin any enjoy your life and you work on your career.i tell you what just dont listen to are a wonderful wonderful girl mishi and you deserve some one wonderful and you will get one handsome man im telling you, and im not saying this coz i think you are desperate to get married but this is to remind you that you are one valuable soul and you will get what you are worth of.dont let these freaks make you feel bad about your self.mishi rocks:)

  14. hehe.. critical review :D

    Weakest LINK

  15. kudos to this post!
    what a brave way of handling the single ..status!
    ..I read pros n cons ...with a big smile on my face :)
    I am married But dint know about the married facts lolz..
    ..sabki baari aanki hai ..its matter of time halal hone se pehle...

  16. ateeq goes to his fb account, changes his status back to single.
    being single is good :P
    P.S, i was never in a relationship, it was just awaien.

  17. You have very genuinely covered the points in a hilarious fashion.

    totally agree with your final advice :)

  18. defining the target audience right @ d start ...gud 1. so we know we married ones come away getting loads of hugs n kisses :)

    quite a research there Mishi

  19. haha your so funny!!! i have to shar ethis post with a blogger...
    hes 27 and SINGLE lol.
    but he's a think the pros and cons are different in that case???

  20. ooppppsssss...its too late Mishi, you could have told these many advantages of being single at least a decade back...then perhaps i would have been enjoyed "being single" little more...:P

    and i wish we get a chance soon to read here about the advantages of being married.....all the best.

  21. I got married when I was 26 (turning 27 to be exact), and somehow i felt that I'm still not ready for a Married Life.. not until my baby was born...

    Though, sometimes i miss myself being single.. free from anything. LOL

    am I bad? haha it's not yet late..
    You should enjoy yourself being single---to the fullest!

    I love this post!! anyway, I always like your post.

  22. Haha! youre so funny yet reasonable. These are great points.
    My latest post:

  23. Wo wo wo ... That was a wonderfully written piece. My god so true seems your words.. Cudn't control myself and did hit the floor by the end of it..ha ha ha .. You writing is something I love to read..

  24. @Anwar..hey thankz for leaving your first comment here:-)

    @fatima...hahaha hugs u too...yeh i will keep writing if you promise you will keep reading my pieces!;)

  25. @nazia...hey say thankz to your sis and tell her em honored:-) and thankoo so much for liking it yet once again:-)

    @tariq...haha yeh joray tou asmano pay bunty hein...thankz for your naik wishes;p

  26. @aman...awwww thankyou so much sweetheart...*hugs*

    @Bloggy number one....lolz *blushed* this is so sweet of you to say so....I wont change,,I promise! and I cant ! wo kiya hai kay its too late now ..em 27 now..sub adatein pukki ho gaei hein ub;p

  27. @AL....haha believe me I had no intentions..din want to scare you off;p

    @asma...yup! wot to say..people cant help it:)

    @jack...oh jack thankyou so much for bd is 11 jan..dont forget to wish me now..haha

  28. @bikrimjit..OMG you are stalking my page!! ;p It was a pleasant surprise post...yeh I know I will laugh to read it back after a few years,..why else you think em writing them?hahaha

    @Vijay..HERE I COME TO ANSWER YOU..hahahhahaha....hmmm well its a coincidence...I figure I come up with good post only when em in my buk buk mood..this is the key if you want to know the secret;p and the roylty thing is done;p

  29. @soumya...hahaha so I sound a teenager? not knowing how should I take it,,I will give it BENEFIT OF DOUBT and will tag it as a Compliment;p

    @Ovais..thankz my young and talented friend;-)

  30. @Misbah...oh thankz girl...your comment was so encouraging and full of love...please keep visiting my page and keep commenting you are progressing rachit! you have written 4 whole words this time;p

  31. @Harman

    hahahaha...em glad you liked it:-)
    and dont worry may ny bhi halal tou hona he hai end pay..I will let you know the news sub sy pehlay i promise;p

  32. @ateeq....hahahahaha good for you na...ubi you ka single rehna he acha hai;p

    @alchemist....thankz buddy:)

    @Sujatha.....haha no research..just the personal observation and experience;p

  33. @eve626...

    hey welcome to my space:-)
    thankz for liking my reads..and hmmm about the 27 years single guy thing!...well why dont you let him decide? make him read this and see how much similarities does he find:-)

  34. @Irfanuddin...haha sorry for publishing this post 10 years late;p I will defntly do a post on BEFORE AND AFTER getting married;p

    @Diane..oh diane this is so sweet of you to comment on my read when I know you have so much blogs to follow...thankz dear...i have taken your advice right on my heart and em gonna enjoy my life to the fullest..*hugs*

  35. @pandora...hey sorry I couldnt leave any comment on your reads lately..will do it now..

    @Ashwini..hehehe so that makes two people in total who fell on floor after reading my read...what a mean thing to do for a post na;p thankz sweetheart;-)

  36. This was so interesting :p

    Yes, being single doesn't mean you're available!

    Btw, I want to be single when I am 73 =D

  37. aww my pleasure to read your beautiful posts. Glad to hear that from you..
    you deserve to be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest!
    Thanks Mishi.. I will always read your blog.

  38. I am reading your secret little diary for the first time and seriously, It was an awesome fun worth it read . I like the humor you added at places. Surely gonna come back for more. :)

    Love, Risha :)

  39. I guess we have long came ahead of being single at 27.....many people are getting married late coz of careers and coz of heck wrong parameters.

    I married bit earlier than this age and i already had one kiddo by that time.....I was blessed as i was able to marry LOVE OF MY LIFE. Otherwise there was no HASTE.

    ENJOY LIFE TO UR FULLEST, coz there is no freedom like one b4 shadi.

  40. I think today in our society 27 is pretty normal. You'd be surprised at what men are available. Many people spend more time on themselves and education.
    Keep faith in Allah and inshallah you'll get the right one. I think waiting/patience is best.

  41. nice post
    happiness comes within

  42. omg! Superb buk buk..and very much advisable to keep it going on ;) :)
    You have a really cute name..mishii :)

  43. WoW! This was some post!
    All I'll say at this time is I wish you much happiness and love (when it comes).

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

  44. @Mishi,

    Where is my comment and reply? I left a comment saying there are not any cons...only pros. When time is right everyone finds a partner.........

  45. :)..blushed first and then laugh out loud... seriously humorous MISHI... gr8 post...

    sambhalke chalna, haalat kuch aache nahin is umra me... :)

  46. lol Ooo a fellow capricorn who is 27 and single ... nice pros and cons. I have to agree with some of it. some are obviously from a female perspective. I guess i should do a similar post with a 27 single male's perspective. haha

    I read through your blog. you have a very casual and relaxing style of writing. I am adding it to my blogroll. happy posting.

  47. there go again..with all your spirit.i love your buk buk posts most mishi .they make me smile and cheer me up.never stop writing .ok?

  48. and I see no harm in being single at this age.and why should there be any harm? you are enjoying your life and you are a pleasant person.thats all that matters.and let me tell you something the man who will get you will be the lucky guy.* wink wink*

  49. Loved the post. Whether you are single or married one should always try to get the most of that situation. Kitty part was hilarious :)

  50. lol...nice gave it a lot of thought :)

  51. My God.. itna badaa post.. but it was too too interesting... waaah... enjoyed it fully.

  52. well written,twenty seven is the golden year of life,enjoy and be blessed,amen.

  53. @Hamza..haha oh plz 70's are the time when you need some one around so do have seconds thoughts over your decision..ok..and thankz;-)

    @Diane...awww so sweet of you..*hugs*

  54. @Rsiha...Thankyou so much for visiting my space and leaving your visit again:-)

    @Aiman..mashALLAH lucky you!!! well aiman em aint desperate to get married...tell you the truth..em enjoying this phase;p

    @Udgi...awwww thank you so much my sweet Friend:-)

  55. @sm..thankz:)

    @Alicna...welcome to my space:-)

    @Andy...Thankyou so much for clicking back and reading my new post..a compliment from you is honor truly:-)

  56. @A...

    OMG did I miss your comment ? cant be!! I dint find your comment!
    well yes you are right...and I have understood this with the help of my wise and experienced friends here;p

  57. @bhargav..lolz...thankz for coming back here..where were you Lost?

    @eddie...ahan! so you are the one! somebody mentioned you here on my page....well em glad you read you will have to do a separate post if you found any similarities ! welcome to my space:-)

  58. @adil..hahahaha You always made me smile...thankz my loyal reader:)



    @abhilash..haha yeh it was long..thankz for reading it:-)

    @Danish....oh! a compliment coming from you is always pleasant:-)

  59. nice writing...i always wondered how it is to be 27 and single gal :P... perhaps i should write my own post 28 and single males :P if that is not plagiarism :)

    this reminds me of a joke which goes something like this:


    1) Good boys are not Good looking

    2) Good looking boys are not good boys

    3) Good looking and good boys are not single

    4) Good looking , good and single boys have Hitler mothers ...

    P.S. no visits to my blog lately? :(

  60. Now that was pretty interesting. I am almost 24 and the only reason I'm single is because I'm concentrating more on my career, and I'm loving it you can be a workaholic when you're single, no bounds, no restrictions and obviously lesser responsibilities. But I'm sure my ETA would be max one or two year tops. You're lucky to be single.

  61. @Israr

    hahahaha yeh I do remember this of my fav...I did visit your page ..couldnt leave any comment..and I did it now:-)

    @Usman...welcome to my space;-)and all agreed here:-)

  62. hey mishi...did you get my email?

  63. I enjoyed reading that. I didn't take it 100% seriously - hope that was right!!

  64. @Eva626..nah I dint receive anything from you!! email me at

    @Dave king...haha nah that was not serious at all!;p

  65. hahaha-
    u got it rite- everythin apart what matters is contentment && happinessss =)

  66. WOwww!! AMazing how u described..I was thinkng alot about this point now adays..and when i saw the Ur helped me i got many friends who hv crossed 25 and they single..But they dont feel like U they r in "Darkness".. and i cant see them like this :(
    So em alwys searchng ways to chear them up..n shw them othr parts of life..(its hard coz i hvnt got much to say about it) But i keep tryng..May may God Help me And Bless them all wid Happiness..
    Maine socha tha i wont follow any Blog.. lol :p
    But Apki ek Post he perh k i became ur FAn!!
    U ROck!! And Keep RockinG!! :)

    I wish you may have a perfect life partner
    In sha Allah :)

  67. Reading this two years later and that moral at the end is absolutely true, I know plenty of people who were not happy single and sure won't be happy together long term. I know cousins who divorced due to marrying too young, I am happy and single even if I get down at times about it I always perk up again. And you are right about the aging thing...I think some relationships suck the life out of you literally.


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