Ramadan Kareem

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So Ramadan is finally here..First of all, Ramadan kareem to all those who are having their first Fast today..May you have a wonderful Ramadan and May you have all your prayers answered and all wishes fulfilled..Ameen..Suma Ameen..

This Month is Special in so many ways..The days are different and so are the nights..The Blessings of this Month can easily be felt around you..everything about it is sacred..You suddenly transform into somebody more Practical (Religious sense) then Usual and I loved it when We avoid doing certain things out of respect of this Holy Month..

Khair like always..I have a WISH-LIST for this Ramadan too...and that includes with other "must do it" ..a biggest "Must" this year and that is " Avoid Losing weight"! Yeh em underweight for my height...I  maintained to gain some weight in the past 3 months and I don't want to lose even a bit of it, so apart from other things..this is big on my agenda..I googled to get some tips and this is what I found out..In-case if you want the same tip tho people are usually happy for losing weight in this month but May be there are some buddies who share the same issue so the tips that I have gone through so far suggest to take ....

1-* Three dates in Iftar.

2-*Fresh Juice one glass at-lesat.

3-*Proper meal, remember how we kill our appetite with Pakoras and Fruit-chat and much more(yummy..that is one reason I wait for Ramadan;p)..so here is the tip...and its for everybody..don't avoid your meals..its Summer these days..What we strive most at the Iftar times is Water..we keep on having water like a Camel..(em one of those),,that kills the appetite...do have water but not replace it with your food... 

4-*Protein shakes..or you can go for Mango shake too..they are still in season. 

5-*The most important thing..want to lose it or gain it..Don't forget to have a Walk ..its a Must..it will keep your Stomach all warm-up for your tough Routine.

So peoples these were my tips and now to Blogging..em not sure how I will mange it..its my First Ramadan Since I started Blogging...I don't have any plans to Hibernate ..But I will keep it slow for sure..

Btw I got one new Award and I need to pass it on too...but I will do it after a short break....and yeh you don't need to say it..I will remember all my Blogger Friends in my Prayers...and if you have some special prayer to ask for...do tell me..you never know whose prayer will work for you..so you should never hesitate saying for praying in your favor to people around you!!

That's all for now...gotta do a lot today...its going to be our first Sehri here hopefully...em excited and looking forward to have a Wonderful Ramadan this year.Take care..and miltay hein break kay baad!:-)


  1. ramazan mubarik 2 u 2 =)
    *underweight* how luckyyyyyy

  2. ramzan mubarak...ramzan without dates is unthinkable...and with the weather getting hot... i think only drinkables would be the things in aftar... :)

  3. Ramzan Mubarik dear Mishi. People in Lhr should get extra credit for fasting this year :). I heard it's sweltering down there. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Happy Ramzan. May God bless you with all health and prosperity

  5. RAMADHAN MUBARAK to everyone. Mishi, i was underweight most of my life, until i got married and kids.

    Everyone said, i wont get weight even after babies. But i did specially after having the 2nd one.

    so, don't fuss too much around with this. I knew, nothing worked for me back than. Besides being skinny is considered good. I agree with walk thing, which i didn't fearing i would loose weight. But truth is opposite,

    Good excercise or walk can increase ur appetite and can help you look healthier and fresher. Just don't over exert, just like proper posture , medium pace walk and stop before you are tired.

  6. WoW healthy diet tips, thanks for reminding... :)

  7. May be you can write a post on reason behind Ramadan. Not many people know it.

  8. I just left 1/4 page of comment but it was lost in the cloud saying oops link is broken.

    Now I am summing up my lost remarks.
    Mishi, admittedly you have proven to be an “all rounder” when it comes to creativity.

    Please! Do remember all the bloggers in your Dashboard - while enjoying the delicious items including pakoras/samosa/fruit chaat/dates etc.
    Don’t worry-- you won't lose weight provided you stay within the fence of moderation – (check & balance) is the condition.
    Believe me or not: Performing 5 daily Slaats Plus Trawih prayers keeps you mentally, physically and spiritually fit year round.
    Great opportunity:
    ***We must take advantage while the most mean Satans are chained.***

  9. @Fatima..haha yeh em the lucky one !

    @red-handed..to you too sweetheart:-)

    @ISrar,,,haha yeh thats wot my sis was saying!

  10. @Pandora...ramadan kareem to you too dear..yes the extra credit is all ours...you have no idea how hot it is here..even right now!

    @Spicy...Ramadan kareem:-)

    @Aiman...hmmm well its not that em dying to gain weight bt I like myself with these extra few pounds that I manged to gain in the past some time now...and I would love to keep them...rest I agree...gals usually gain weight after marriage .so okay I will not be worried much about it now...your story inspired me too;p.but you know this slimness runs in the family..we have this in our jeans...my phupo is married for quite some time now with two sons..and trust me she hasnt gained much,,she is still slim and smart! that is something good ! right?

  11. @asma.,,your welcome :-)
    @ A ..okay I will inshALLAH..

    @tariq...haha poor you! and you still wrote a long one here! so nice of you really....yes I will remember each one of you ...Ramadan kareem to you and your family too:-)

  12. @Diane..aww diane thankyou sweetheart:-)


    and you know already raat ke 12 bajne ko hain and i hav to get up again after about three hours for my 1st Sehri Insha Allah, now don't ask "itna jaldi kyun uthna Sehri ko?".... are bhai itnsi saari cheezein jo khaani hain, simple....:P
    so i am keeping my comment short here.....baqi break ke baad.....:)

    take care and Duaaon mein zaroor yaad rakhna.


  14. ramadan mubarak to u tooooo.
    OMG i should have read those tips after iftar, lol so delicious things were mentioned Above,
    and congratulations,, :D

  15. @Irfan...lolz..em sure your first sehri must ve great and so would be your first Iftar inshALLAh...em usually more excited about iftari then sehri....you know all those food items...yum yum..pakoray and dehi phulkiyan and what not! hmmm guess I should stop talking about them..em fasting!;p

  16. @Hamza..to you too :-)

    @Ateeq...Ramadan kareem to you and your family too:-)

  17. Nice that you gave suggestions too... Ramazan Mubarak ho aap ko aur aapke poore pariwaar ko

  18. @serendipity....thankz dear:-)

    @Abhilash..hey thankyou so much:-)

  19. ..Ramadan Mubarak...its a very sacred month and the whole country ,in fact Muslim world is fasting..God bring lots of happiness on this earth and all prayers answered!

  20. Ramadan Mubarak! :D
    You got an award. And it's not the same one you gave me. ;P

  21. Wish you a very happy and Blessed Ramazan ....thank you for visiting FREEBIRD.

    May u be happy always.

  22. @Harman...thankyou sweetheart:-*

    @Anil P..thankz for visiting my page:-)

    @Beyond timid..haha really? okay i will check it in a while

    @Alka..lolz...perhaps you din noticed..em following you too:-)

  23. Dear Mishi wishing you a very happy Ramadan. Let God bless all your prayers. Take care:)

  24. Ramadan Kareem .. Nice blog :)

    I m your new follower :)

  25. Ramzan Mubarako Mishi :)
    May Allah bless you in this Festival

  26. Nice BLog..Check Out Mine Too :)


    PLz Follow :)

  27. Mishi,

    Wish you a wonderful and blessed Ramadan. May all your prayers be answered.

    Take care

  28. Ramadan Kareem !!! love your blog, and i cant stop reading it haha. i like people like you!

  29. :) may ALLAH bless you in this holy month,,,.. RAMADAN MUBARAK

  30. @Jack
    bhargav....thankz guys:-)

  31. hey Mishi.first of all, you have done a great job.read all of your posts, that was fun thu.pray for me i need ur prayers. and keep on posting. can i have ur msn or skype id pls?

  32. Good Share! Some really valuable information here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Look forward to reading more of your articles. Voted up!


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