Their Darlings and My Darling plus an Additionall Note

As I had feared before Ramadan started that it is going to be tough to maintain Blogging..its proving to be true so far..its really difficult to do anything else then Dozing off after  you get all STUFFED with those IFTARI items..GOSH em a fat hen today..I have eaten so non-stop..yeah yeah..em a GREEDY CHICK..I know..but who can resist those Pakoras and Veg rolls and Fruit-Chat and Above all That Water!!! em partly a hen and a Camel today with almost 7 gellens of water all stored up in my Stomach and trust me it hurts bad when I try to walk or move em lying on my back having this Lappy all settled in-front of me and trying to do a new post..Wish me Luck..So here I am..(khe khe khe..yeah yeah Vijay..the royalty goes to you;p)

BTW Ladies and Gentlemen, Did I not mention that apart from my cute little rambling for being single there was nothing serious about the post..I thought I had cleared it right at the end of the post but then I was amazed and amused and Confused to see SOME of the response that I received thereafter....
And In order to remove any of the Confusions and misunderstanding shere is
  MY ADDITIONAL NOTE  for my Previous Post...

"No..em not dying to get married and NO THANK  YOU  but em not looking forward for a FLING too! and I hope I made it clear this please let me have my freedom until I get under the Knife as mentioned my sweet Friend Harman and STOP SENDING me Friendship Offer!! okay??/ Thankz..that would be nice of you all:-)"

(Friends can contact me in PRIVATE for the Juicy details..khekhekhe)

SO This post is going to be a Follow-up post of my Previous one...As I mentioned My friends and their Three of my closed Friends got married last year and three of them are blessed with their First child mahsALLAH.and three of them have Daughters..! ain't it a lovely Coincidence? well all the three dolls are cute I mentioned their dolls and my Doll in the previous post so thought to give you a more clear idea of what I feel like when they talk about their Kids and when I mention my little first their darlings..Three Lovely ladies are presented by a Proud Khala...

And now my Darling..My little baby..

She was one month old when I adopted her..

growned up to be a beautiful cat............

and a naughty one too...

She looks like a Tigress sometimes....

and a Sleeping beauty too......

      and this is  how she loves to sleep with me....

So Guys tell me seriously...should I not feel blessed for at-least having some one like her to pamper and take care of until I have a baby of my own? ain't she cute? adorable? She makes me smile and she is one reason that my unemployed life doesn't SUCK that badly..I stay busy with her..Em not comparing her to the Lovely dolls of my Friends here ..Ofcorse they are Beautiful but my kitty is not bad for a pet /..right?..

The reason I wrote this is the fact that my cat is all grown up now and people were continuously telling me to let her go now...its very difficult for me.,I don't care how do you tag me for this..but she truly is my baby..I have brought her up like a human baby..I have been up for all night long when she was not OK..I have played with her all day long..I have spoon-fed her..she loves me like anything..My married Friends jockingly keep on nagging me that em actually getting TRAINED ! and under-going this training course..;p

People who say cats don't love you back the way Dogs do lie,,ask me and I will tell you its not like that..cats are lovely creature..they do love you back...khair I don't intend to start a debate over "who love  you most..cats or dogs"..

The thing is she is grown up now and I was under constant pressure by my mother to give her away now..I have been resisting this for quite a while but it was only yesterday that I realized I should let her go and let her have a more happy life..we live on fourth floor and she doesn't have much space to play...she keeps on looking down from window..its not she is not happy..She is the happiest cat on the planet but this is not what my mother thinks..she has two problems with my cat..

1-That She feels my cat ain't happy with us and so she is not happy to see this..

2-that she is grown up now and she deserves to have a family life now and that she cant allow another cat (male-cat) in the home.

I don't want to make my mother unhappy for a cat.,,but she is not a mere cat..I have attachment with her..deep attachment..that I wish somebody could understand a bit more then this..Khair..em all gloomy now..I know I cant keep her now..em allergic to cat-hair..I came to know this last week..there is no point my mother will let her stay with us now...

and you know what I will miss her like anything..I love her so much..and I will be worried for her ..Poor family that is  gonna adopt her now..em gonna bug them like anything..loll..That's it peoples..there was nothing much that I wanted to write today...I  had not written this if my cat were not leaving tomorrow...yeah yeah..I know you guys will find it funny..but I wish somebody could understand..its all about emotional attachment..and remember what I said?! em an Emotional Fool:-) so that's all by my side..miltay hein break kay

(Images Sources: My cell


  1. thanks to that 7 gallons of water that you settled and wrote something otherwise you would not have :)

    cute cat...and the baby...liked it...

    P.S. i was thinking of sending friend requests :P

  2. i wonder how it feels like single cat at age of (dont know 1 2 or 3 years?)... :)

  3. much food and water stored ...But trust me isn't it fun to have a feast kinda atmosphere after ...fasting?
    Enjoy ,its a blessed month...and thanks for mentioning me :) girl my experience speaks out...have fun as your r single and probably many are looking forward to mingle ;)
    Congrats for lovely kids in the family..God bless the little kids and congrats to the family too!
    Your cat is cute...its a cute lill the looks and poses...

  4. Bahut khaliya isnt mother wud b so proud f when se hears abt 7 gallons of really!
    The cat is real cute...but yeh u gotta leave when its time and i guess its come. You be just fine.

  5. Don't resist ,eat as much as you can and write more cute post like this one.Those babies are adorable and so is your cat.I would have felt same way as you fell about her ...hard to let it go .
    Btw :Good cell phone images. Mishi do write about the places you visit ,would love to see more of your place through your eyes.

  6. Mishi I completely understand the pain of a pet loss. I've had pets at home since the time I remember things. Your cat seems to have grown well. Time to leave is hard for anyone. Let go your worries he'll be fine out. Keep writing.. You rock:)

  7. awww...suuch lovely lill angels!! god bless them always!

    though i m not really a cat person (dog it is for me :) it sure is difficult to let go of someone you've lived with for so long & loved so much. fikra na karo Mishi she'll be fine in her new home

  8. Felt sad after reading this one...its very very tough if not impossible to let pets go...naturally or otherwise...the whole house becomes empty...and it is days, if not months, before you move on..:(

  9. Waow to your template. it's simply superb :]
    and cats <3
    Following now :D

    Check out mine :]

  10. Well, I guess it's excusable to neglect posting a bit in the circumstances - but not too much, your blog's too good to let it go too much!

  11. hain? yeh bhi ajeeb hai janam///i want to get married n no friendship offers come my way u don't/.n they come ur way :PPP
    lolz...but yeah its true i do want more of a (legal,islamic) relationship rather than dreaming of myself all dolled up in a shadi jora...its the essence of shadi..- the companionship- that i yearn for... not the festivities

  12. Dear Mishi,

    First of all thanks for nice post, dear i think you should to free her coz she also have her life and freedom.

    Be happy single and don't be alone.

  13. =)
    it must ave beeen great fun to be around her -

  14. The same complain I have with people, why they wonder & sympathies with singels, "kia shadi hi zindagi ki meeraaj hai?" :/
    Stay Blessed

  15. Aww I could never give away my pets! I love them too much. I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now :(

  16. you have a lovely cat mishi and the little angels are so sweet.I can understand your misery ..i am not a cat person but this cute is adorable.dont worry it is good for her .and I will send you a private mail to ask for the details.ok?

  17. lolz at 7 gellon water thing.I take water just like that.MashALLAH the ladies are so cute and so is your cat and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @ Friendship requests! why dint you add up the details here? not fair mishi.we want to do your next post about it:-P keep writing you

  18. Lovely girls and Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cat! I loved your cat mishi.can I have her please?
    dont feel bad i promise i will take good care of it.and the friendship thing was funny.I agree with nazia here,share the details here

  19. wow this is some cute cat and look at those poses! I bet you are gonna miss her so bad...she is a beauty ..and lol@ friendship request so finally you got the feedback..hehe good to know and feeling sorry for the poor guys whom requests are rejected.keep writing mishi darling you Rock:-)

  20. Hey this is such a cute cat, now I'm missing mine, she died when she was young. And baby is looking surprised in the first pic, so adorable :).

    double lolx @ friendship offers :D.

  21. ;-) the first para bought water in my mouth. I wanna eat all those items. plz plz send it to me.

  22. Haha xD
    7 Gallons of water! That's a lot =D =p

    * Falls in LOVE*

    I am ENTIRELY in love with your cat.
    Is she single?
    Can you please introduce her to me? =D =D

    Hope your cat doesn't want to be single.=p

  23. PS:- The babies are soo Cuddle-ishly-CUTE!!

  24. Don't be sad - you meet to part, and part to meet!!

    I bet you cat will find a nice mate!!

  25. 7 gallons :0..are u human, lol that's why pak is suffering the water loss. :D
    the three angels are so beautiful, mashallah
    and ur cat is better than mine :P
    lol i don't have a cat its a cheetah i bought from Ethiopia. :P
    great post.

  26. She's soooooo cute. Every animal loves us back with the same intensity. And even though she's all grown up, you can still convince your Mum to keep her, somehow. Why give her away :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  27. Very interesting!
    In Punjabi they say --naa khaidaan gay naa khaiden dian gay - inferring, if you are not looking for a family life, then let her start her family life at least.
    About allergy, you may buy some "anti allergen agent" to take care of the sad excuse of kicking her out after so long.
    Thirdly, (good sign)while the cat is asleep your hand lines show a future married life, a good brain and good heart. Don't worry-be happy.

  28. I think, cat deserves to get married and to have her own family.

    Don't get too attached. Be sensitive to thier needs but don't tie ur heart strings to her.
    i am probably not pleasing u right now by saying all this, but dear its true. I always got hurt when i tied my attachments to any living pet (not even mine) ever.

  29. Mishi would you go back to my last post " Pakistan's Miraculous Survival" and please read a comment by an American born IQRA AZHAR (York Uni} you will feel good.

  30. dun be toooooo fatttyyyy, yet do eat a lot... :) :P

    freedom is wisdom... rest you are more inteligent then me... :)


  31. all those foods are making me hungry...

    Wish you luck :)

    mahsALLAH, they are really cute...

    so is your cat...i love cats too :)

  32. Mishi check this cutie pie out yaar...

    A rare species of cats have a reason to cheer now...thanks to the birth of a cute kitty :) chk out the cute kitten with her mom...u will def love it..:)

  33. @bloggy.....she is soooooooooooooo cute..Cant I have her?:-(
    thankz for sharing this with me

  34. @Israr...lolz at Friendship request...why dint you send it then?;p hehe
    cats are adult usually in the age of one year! she is almost one year old now:-)

    @Harman...haha han true! em glad you liked it:-)

    @Red handed....yeh I guess this is best for her:-(

  35. @kavita.....awww thankyou so much for liking the images...and I was really looking forward to do a post on some place that I visit most..and not to are my inspiration!:-)

    @Ashwini...thankz for understanding sweetheart:-)

  36. @bloggy..thankoo for understanding :-)

    @ have a nice page too,,I have visited it already...

    @Dave...awwwwwwwwwww thats so sweeet of you to say so:-)

  37. @catgirl...hahaha well I do want to get married and I will consider any proposal if only brought to me in a proper way...will nt preffer the back door I dont beleve on Virtual realtionshps much.

    @Fatima...yup it was great fun around her..

    @Anwar..thankz for commenting:-)

    @Hazal..yh yara its very difficult to let go of some one you love, it your friend or your pet

    @Asma..*sighs* yeh this is the dilmma of our people,,..

  38. @Adil...sure Adil..will be waiting for your mail;p

    @fatima..haha well cant write abt it here..par will try if I could narrate it properly.

    @misbah..haha I hav answerd it already

    @Nazia...thankoo sweetheart you guys are my lovely loyal followers and I value you all so much..keep commenitng..ok

  39. @Eva..thankz dear

    @USman..hai na? she is adorable

    @abilash...haha why dont you come over and join us in our Iftari Feast someday?

  40. @Hamza..haha ..well I did tell her about you showed her your photo too,..she got really interested! what next now?;p

    @viknyash...thankz for your sweet wishes:-)

    @Ateeq..really? do you have a cheeta?

  41. @BLesphemous.

    hey!! You are back!? Welcome back:-) and yes I havent given up yet and em trying my level best to keep her with me:-)

    @Tariq..hahahahhaha at your punjabi proverb...well it aint like that..I would really like to see her all settled par its kinda tough to let her go never had a pet in your entire life na? are so right..I will keep this in my mind the next time I decide to keep a pet:-)

  42. @sm..thankoo:-)

    @Bhargav..haha well said:-)

    @Tariq..okay Boss.,I have checked it already and I will do it again for you:-)

  43. Awwww, I love your cat <3
    I used to have one too :) But when he grew up, my mom dad told us to let him go. And one day, he just disappeared. Miss him tons! :(
    The babies are adorrrable! =D
    Thanks for following my blog >:D<
    And btw those pics on the right, are amaaziing <3

  44. hahaha...i did not send because if i had i would have been the topic of those private messages between you friends :P :P :P

    Cat, single at 1 :P

  45. Aww i love Persian cats and so wanna have one. but no one allows me :( everyone's like cats stinks alot . and my mother have asthma problem too, so. =(
    My bro was like ill send 10 cats with you once you'll get married :P
    Stay blessed ♥

  46. mashAllah sis I love your blog alhumdullah I just found it <3 Ramadan Mubarak

    Little Pink Strawberries

  47. Hello.
    Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

    Your friends' babies are adorable.

    Your cat is very cute. I totally understand your love & attachment for the cat. My wife is a die-hard cat lover. Before she came to the US, she had her cat from 6 weeks old until the cat was 16! When the cat died, my wife very upset.

    When you have pets, they become a part of your life and they have a way of attaching themselves to your heart when no one else can (I used to have 2 dogs). You form an emotional bond & no matter what anyone says, they do understand you.

    I hope you get to keep your cat. if not, I hope it goes to a home where it will be loved and looked after.

    Awesome post!

    BTW, thanks for your comments on Golden Threads. You have my full permission to quote any lines you wish, but please credit me for them.

    Have a great weekend!

  48. That is an extremely cute looking cat. It surely seems you both were quite attached to each other. I am sure her presence will be missed. I guess all things come to an end at some point in time .... :)

  49. hi
    it's my first time here in your lovely blog i love it and i enjoyed with this post and another post about being single in age 27
    you are so funny :D
    and about your stomach i feel sorry for it XD
    and these 3 kids are so adorable mash'Allah

    thank you for made me SMILE :)

  50. @blahbahloc...THANK YOU SO MUCH!:-)

    @Israr..hahahah well this is very smart of you then..*wink wink*

    @aman..oh poor you..dont worry I wish you do have a cat at some point in your life...inshALLAH

    @noor..thankz sister:-)

  51. @andy....awwwwwwww thankoo so much for your detailed comment ..well I would defently mention your name with the lines..dont worry about that:)

    @Eddie...hello there:-)

    @white freedom..thankz for visiting my page sweetheart:-)

  52. cute photos :)
    share the feeling
    and visit <3
    the cookies

  53. Letting go of her will be like leaving a sibling or family :) its not very easy. Hey i envy you for all the food you get to eat :(

  54. you made laugh! for the gallons of water and the foodie!!
    haha i really know that you are happy being single! that's great!
    though, I hope soon or someday you'll get married to your ideal man~
    as you deserve to have a beautiful and wonderful family life.
    btw, the baby is sooo cuutteeee! mashallah!

  55. The food mentions! :(
    Why is your cat's nose black? Cat-fight?

  56. Mishi,

    You coined a new term - Hen and Camel ie Henamel. LOL. May God bless the cute little ladies with all the happiness in life. I read it somewhere that dogs are attached to family while cats to dwelling. If family moves away the cat finds way back to old house. Do consider about your allergy and decide about her adoption by some one who loves cats and has a male cat too.

    Take care


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