Tribute to My Childhood Love number one

Cutie Pie

sweet Childhood

Two Future Stars with Their Father

With her Singing Partner, her Bro

Two Beautiful People

The Bride Nazia

With Love of her Life, her only Son

With her Family,couldnt last for
Divorced right before ten days of her death.

 Yeah It was none other then Nazia Hassan! Remember her? Remember her Astonishing smile? The perfect combination of Beauty and Guts..what a charming face and what a lovely voice..she was , no doubt, the only perfect Diva of Pakistani Pop Music ...It was her 11'th Death Anniversary today...Its been 11 whole years since she Died of Lung Cancer at the age of long a period..and you hear one of her songs and you miss her like anything..Its hard to believe how a Beautiful person like her had so little time to live..She was my first Crush was Her Brother Zohaib actually..but she was something that cannot be ignored..we grew up watching them on our Black and white TV..

This Lady had something so captivating about herself..something that forced our eyes fixed on her, every time we watched her..she was a Beauty..I loved her..I loved her voice and I loved her smile more..I still remember how impatiently  I used to wait for her Music programme..Awww I loved her songs and I still remember how we collected our pocket -money to buy her album was part of my little Treasure-Box then.

She was a talented young girl, who broke all the odd taboos and started singing with her brother and yet invited all the criticism too..But that dint stop the youth to listen to her and then worship her..All those Die-Hard Extremists couldn't do a single thing to stop her giving "The Bad Influence" to the Youth.She was loved and Loved dearly by the youngsters.We even had a poster of her in our small room.

No doubt, our music scene  today owes itself to Nazia Hassan's Redefinition of Pop, and not to mention, the later pop music bands such as Vital Signs and Jupiter's found their base and got their platform "Music89"....Nothing impressed me this much after her voice.This Piece is written out of my Pure Love and Affection for the lady who was truly "The Sweetheart Of Pakistan".

Here are some of my Most Fav Songs by her, As I cant hear them Due to Ramadan..but I would love you guys to Listen, and yes Do pray for her..May her soul rest in peace.Ameen.

(Image sources: Google Images)


  1. aap jaisa koi meri zindagi me... got a filmfare award for this song at age 15!!!!!

    and one of my fav... Boom Boom...which rocked the MTV Asia charts... i think its missing in your list :)

    P.S. i think Mishi - the prolific blogger is back :)

  2. Hello Mishi.
    I've heard some of these songs before. In fact I think I have the second song on DVD somewhere.
    Nazia was indeed beautiful. I especially like the bride picture. She was taken from this world far too young.

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember during our school days we used to listen her songs from the album "Disco Diwaane".....
    but didn't know all these details about her and about her death, May her soul rest in peace...!!!

  4. It was very sad to have lost such a talented super star.
    She still lives in our hearts. May Allah SWT forgive her sins and bless her higher placement in the HEREAFTER amen.

  5. that was sad to know - her death, d divorce just days before she passed away,lung cancer...

    she sure had a great voice. we in india loved her too! of course we didnt know much abt her personal life. it was just her sings. thanks for writing this post.

  6. I really Liked her "tahli day thallay beh kay" .... the lyrics were beautifully written and yes just like any other young person back then I loved their songs. Good way of commemorating her. Good old times.

  7. SHE WAS MY FIRST CRUSH! I just love this post!

    I wish she had lived longer to bless us with more tunes. May her soul rest in peace.

    This is one of my all time favorites!

    PS:- This is my most favorite post on your blog up-till now =p

  8. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out!

  9. this would be my all time favorite post on this blog,
    u rock
    i just love her voice and songs
    koi aap jesa meri zindagi mein aye
    teri meri dosti
    are my all time favorites.
    <3 this post

  10. I didn't know her but she was very beautiful :)

  11. Hi Mishi
    tho i've listened to just a few of her songs, i am very aware of wat a phenomenon she was, thanks to my mom, who's still such a desperate fan:)a nice tribute for her indeed.

  12. Her will shows even in her smile. She had that attitude, the right one (as it seems from the pics, I haven't really heard her songs though). :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. I loved her too ..she was such a beauty.and I love all these songs too.gosh she died quite young.miss her tho..

  14. loved her sooooooooooooooooooooo much.thankz for reminding me all her lovely songs

  15. dint heard her much but she surely was a beauty and I liked her voice.Beautiful woman that she was

  16. she was a great artist.. of her times..a wonderful person..I had heard her many times in her interviews...and a lovely charming person...
    very short journey she had ..God Bless her soul!

  17. Mishi,

    It seems that God also needs such persons. Sad for her going off at prime of life. May her soul have eternal peace.

    Take care

    NO?ok..but I seriously..

  19. lovely voice she had. May her soul have eternal peace


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