Dost Dost na Raha!! Friends No more!

"What is going on!" is the first reaction you hear when people around you tune-in to News...The things are presented in such a bad shape on Media  that my mother asked me if there was a possibility that we were going down for a War! War with whom?! its surely Not India this time..its our ex-Best Friend Uncle Sam in Action! 

Can You believe this! I dint believe on my own eyes when I read ..
"Khar is called back from USA on urgent notice"! wow! this was huge..really...never saw something like this in was a wish come true for many people that I know...A real solid show of "National Sovereignty!"...and even My 18 years old Brother knew where it was coming from! He read the Ticker and threw a wide grin my way and said.."dheka ! Army kay danday ka kamal!" means "See..Army's Power"...

Phew!! so It was not a secret ..the then ongoing meeting of Core-Commandants in GHQ and the prime-minister's order to Miss Khar after a while...or else we can never expect something like this from Our Present Lousy President..don't mind the Language please..and trust me..out of all those words that are popular in public for him..this was the only decent one!

SO what went wrong between these two best Buddies of all times? Okay Don't frown ..I mean Best Buddies of TOUGH TIMES of U.S.A.. So what messed it up so badly?

Is it Uncle Sam being the Bully to Pakistan again or Is it Uncle Obama trying to save his face for the upcoming Elections? Or is it the Special effect of those Pressure cooker bombs that has left the whole U.S army and N.A.T.O forces all FREAKED OUT! or is it  the Ghost of Uncle Osama (the Late Busted Beloved of Uncle Sam)?

Its a mixture of all these I guess..You see They say Afghanistan is the Graveyard of Super Powers..I bet The Americans didn't believe it when they thought  to invade this plane Land ..All they thought of was Opium in Abundance and a check-point for their So not Friendly lover-hater China...Oh and yes They thought of catching OBL too...yeah don't seem to be a much of a Motive..if it were there prime motive then,,,they would have thrown his body in The Sea Years ago...

But it dint happen...WE on the other hands joined this so-called War On Terror just because our God-Damn Military Ruler then Freaked out when They told him "WE will send you back to the Stone-Age"!...this is so funny really...nearly after a decade of this Threat..we are literally without Electricity+Gas+Jobs+Water+Affordable Food...If this is what they meant by STONE-AGE..Why the hell we are in it when we joined them then?! and if this is what they meant..I would say Our Brave Mushi rushed for the decision...

I don't want to start this debate of "this is our war or not"...enough of these talks already...But this very this present day...This is not our war..Not anymore...not when OBL is dead..Not when we are not save in our own homes today..Not a single place is save it markets, Shrines, offices, street , School , Collages,, Universities, Hotels, or buses..Nobody is save anywhere..Somebody updated this line on Twitter on 11th of this Month, on the eve of 9/11's Anniversary

Dear USA, Your 9/11 is our 24/7!

and if you ask there could be nothing more expressive then explaining what we are going through in this freaking War-on-Terror which already has lost public support all over the world..but who cares? Uncle Sam wants to win it any way...or at-least wants to make it look like a Victory...
So yeah They have gone for a rift some time...Some of my Friends..not to mention Hard-core ones blindly believe that "they ARE AFTER OUR nukes"!..
The idea doesn't look bad..if  you put yourself in THEIR shoes...but then this is not the talk of the hour for now..not yet ..

The point now is what is going to be our next Policy and who is going to set that? The Parliament House or GHQ? yes I don't believe on my Politicians ..They are nothing but bunch of Clown hanging like a naked sword right on our heads.and then there are these Damn serious Looking fellows in Uniform..(extremely good in personalities) ..who are in love with their power..and waste not a single second in replacing the office-wear shoes with heavy Army boots in the Parliament house...but it will be unjustified to admit that no doubts,,,these guys in uniforms are the only reason we are surviving today..these are the one guarding us against the extremists on border and outside of it too...

One of my Friend is married to a Fouji...and in one family gathering he told me the loss that the Pakistan Army is bearing is way too huge then the ones that have been recorded on media...I don't doubt that and I know you would not either.

So yes it felt nice to hear Prime.minister ordering our Foreign minister to leave USA on urgent notice..tho the order was revised later on as she has to make a speech in UNO.But yes this was some missing gesture which came out as a pleasant surprise , from Parliament or GHQ..dosent matter.Yes we do have Internal Issues but we can solve them on our own..the External Interference (read DRONE ATTACKS HERE) is only adding to this already dancing sheer madness on our streets..and all we get from Washington is another "DO MORE"! this has to stop..The people sitting In President House and GHQ will have to understand that its we ..the commoners. that are paying the price for their stupid committments,..its my Father and my Brother whose safty keeps us worried whenever they are out..and its common people that are being killed in suicidal attacks all over the country..people that were out to earn the basic needs for their families.All we need is a POLICY OF NATIONAL CONSENSUS over these issue,.is it too much to ask?

We cant trust on Uncle Sam anymore..we are their partners ,their allies,,and allies are treated on equal footings,,,after all its our people and forces who are paying the Price for their mistakes...they cant keep on pushing us like this..this needs to was OBL yesterday and it is HAQQANI for today..who know what will be their next demand..I seek it as an opportunity to alienate from their partnership a bit,,,U.S.A is not our only friend here..Pakistan needs to focus on regional ties more ...
Pak-Cheen Dosti Zinda-baad already gives USA a very bad migraine ;p

Somtimes I wonder what will it be like with U.S.A..if Both Pakistan and India end up being at least Trade-Partners if not good Friends...what excuse will USA  have then to stay in this region?...


  1. Oh man! I don't know what to say :(

  2. Well. It is enlightening to me how people feel in Pakistan. Could have never thought that way.

  3. your 9/11 is our 24/7 --- my god! that one line says it all :((
    true, co-operation never guaranteed electricity/gas/food/water for the common man. being where you are a decade later is a sad place to be in ... for a person & more so for a nation

  4. Uncle SAM is never ot be truested .. as we have seen over period the americans and the british too can make a U turn and DItch you as and when it suits them ..

    But one thing I would say is That Pakistan needs to be stronger and fight this terrorism harder. Terrorism is bad for anyone those who help it and those who fight it ...

    USA used and became an ally cause it needed pakistan for its afghanishtan plan.. Now it doesnot need it that much hence all this taking place ...


  5. your 9/11 is our 24/7 --- i second that ..
    May Allah bless our country. Ameen.:(

  6. yes and you have described it so beautifully mishi.My Mother was asking the same question to my Father Last night.Its horrible how the media is portrying the situation.things are bad and grim this time, its evident.I hope These Losers learn their lessons this time and stop depending on Uncle Sam that much.good work mishi

  7. their 9/11 is our 24/7 indeed,I curse the moment mushruff agreed to join this madness.I just want to have the same peaceful pakistan back which it was 10 years back.nicely put in words mishi.this is some heavy talk in some really nice light words.that is why you are my fav Blogger out here.Love you Girl:-)

  8. I really Liked the Pics you have used here,they are very expressive, completely go with your piece here.

    Mishi you are a brilliant amazes me to notice how easily you handle these tough and heavy topics.the changing scene has really grimed the things between Pak and are right when you said its useless to talk about wheather to join this war was a right situation or not.the important point here is we dont need this madness anymore.we want to get out of this as soon as possible,but this can only be possible if all the Important Institutions of Pakistan work together, the government , the army and the agencies.we have put our public pressure to get things done .They dint ask us before joining this war.but now a point has come where they cant continue with it without people's consent.
    well done :-)

  9. @Dilawar, I agree with you here,word by word.

    and Mishi. nicely was something that represents what PUBLIC of Pakistan feels about this stupid war.well done:)

  10. the fight is between China and USA now...and they are so desperate to make us fight...i so wish that all Indians and Pakistanis realize this...if we become friends both China and US are going to have hard time...


  11. Chachoo sey dosti-- yaa dushmani-- khatarnak hain.
    Tussle actually is on the overlapped vested

    Pakistan lost more than 35000 lives so far in helping chachoo, but there has been an ongoing "do more" demand.

    Mishi! don't worry, US needs Pakistan's friendship to have an exit strategy.

    When the nation, government and the FAUJ are all on the same page, some traces of Pakistan's soverignity are still enough to make others respect the troubled country.

    That's why, it's too early to jump to any logical conclusions.

    The global powers should help Pakistan cope with the deadly flooding and the dengue disease on urgent basis instead.

    May Allah keep peace in the whole region--amen

  12. I hate it when they play politics over Hina Rabbani :((( ;P



  14. @crystal..:-( yeah I know..even we dont know what to say !

    @A...thats why I wrote this tell people on the other side what we are going through

  15. @Sujatha..yes dear.this is really a tough phase for us..we have lot to face and lot to bear.I just hope it gets better soon

    @Bikrimjit...YEs Bikrim you are right..and let me tell you we as a nation are not supportive of this Extremism..these are just wrong decisions on part of our rulers and Agencies that we have to suffer now..

  16. hopeful :-)

    @Aleen..thankz for stopping by my space:)

    @Fatima..hey!:-) thankz ..what made me more happy was to see that you were able to relate with it:-)

  17. Interesting writeup. Blaming an intelligence Agency is an kinda funny. Singling out ISI that if the other intelligence agencies in the world just sit in the vetican and sing hymns with Angels just threw the toys out of his cot and threw a tantrum :P

  18. @nazia...I love you too girl:-)

    @Dilawar..yup...couldnt agree more then what Misfit has already said..this truly is the time that they will have to see what the public is up to..and we just want this to end asap..and thankz buddy:-)


  19. have mentioned something which I totally forgot to include in my Piece here..yes this is between China and USA always was between them...I really wish we could stop giving them the oppurtunities to exploit our NOT SO GOOD relations! thankz for reminding me this:-)

  20. I'll be honest.
    I'm sick of politics.
    But you said not to ignore it :P

  21. @Tariq...

    you see this is a blessing in disguise..we can use this chance to alienate from them a bit..we know how this whole thing is making us pay for it..this has to this is the time when they should focus on Dialouges more and just let the Taliban run things must have in your mind the memories of Taliban's regime in 90' was so peaceful and they were running it smoothly..why cant they let them run their country now? instead of fighting them off..just convince them on some terms and give them the control ..everything will be fine then...and this is the only Face-saver for USA.em telling you

  22. @India's number one Blog...hahahahaha you never told me you were that crazy about her!;p

  23. @Stranger..I agree..but this has to stop with some mutual cooperation ..Both India and Pakistan will have to work together for this..and I tell you what..this needs public support..we got to tell them that we are sick and tired of Poverty and regional fight..and they should stop wasting millions and millions of rupees in buying arms and work for their people instead

  24. @eddie..haha yeah right! thankz:-)

    @Ovais, problems sweetheart..em glad you dint ignore my warning:-)

  25. The weight of evidence, coolly considered, is that the world is becoming progressively less violent, but this is almost impossible to believe - because of the way in which the news is presented. Excellent post.

  26. As I always say, 9/11 is over rated. We on this side have bigger terror attacks and very rightly put, it is our 24x7! I like the sarcasm there.

  27. quite an insight ..I dint know about that..
    well its time for mutual cooperation and coexistence ..forgetting about the personal grudges ...
    nice post :)

  28. i wish that in response to this, USA had recalled their own foreign ministers and ambassadors from pakistan (i.e, zardari, rehman malik et al) but alas...we are not so lucky... in the name of democracy, the thieves are governing us and we cannot help :(

  29. A good perspective, with blend of sarcasm n wit!

  30. Mishu...u have to visit my latest post..wont tell you why now :))))

  31. @Dave



    Thankz buddies:-)

    @chinton..yup it truly is OVER-RATED!!!

  32. @Rahul..oh sorry i missed you earlier..thankz buddy:-)

    @Bloggy...Okay Let me see what you got here for me:)

  33. I know what you say , the common people are Seldom asked about such decisions its the corrupt politicians who do it without giving a thought for the nation in the long run ..

    Alas we all share the same problem,, the politician in india is the same too...

    I hope good sense prevails and we all are able to take care of our nations before its too late .. so much blood has been spilled over silly things ...

    I am not arguing over who has done what . what has happened has gone .. now is the time to start to rectify for a better future for all man kind in all the nations ...

    by the way its bikrAm not bikrIm :) he he he

  34. lolz..oh really? Shorry I find Indian Names a bit difficult..Jahil me! Accept my Apologies please:-)

    and yes what to are right!

  35. Good insight into the recent happenings

  36. I reckon this is just a flash in pan .Pak and USA would be like that for more time and things be like that .

    It is well done analyzed post.

  37. Hey Mishi, well written n very well analysed...

    I really loved the final thought - what if both Pakistan and India become friends? Its so much of a reality that its an irony it's not due to politix on both sides... :(

    I guess world politics is governed by motives of a few powerful ppl n may not exactly represent the greater sentiment.

    Brilliantly analysed post, Mishi :)

  38. Mishi,

    Read all pending posts. Congratulations on getting over 100 followers. If you write what you feel from heart, people will appreciate and follow you. I am glad that you had good time on EID. May God be kind to you always. I agree that with advancement in technology there are some disadvantages too, like no personal touch. But advantages do outweigh those. I too get so perturbed to see present day comics which our granddaughter watches, so I switch to some decent ones for her. We have this sad tendency to put blame on someone who is not able to defend. Why don't we come out of such old dreadful thoughts? I feel sorry for the girls and pray that May God bless them with happiness. Unfortunately politicians will always indulge in blame game rather than to put heads together for finding solution to crisis including Dengue. On this one, I do not know when will we learn that we and only WE are the ones who have to find solution to our problems. If we think US or Russia or China or for that matter any other outside force will help us for that, then we are living in fools paradise. They have only their own well being in mind and what can they get out of us. Do I need to talk of what Britishers did to us? Did we have any problems before they set their foot on our land? Did we not live in peace? To suit their plans they sowed seeds of hatred with divide and rule policy. And what is the result? Instead of going on and on, I will just say that may be we can not rewrite the history but if we, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, sit together and speak to each other honestly with no behind the back politics, we can bring stability in this region without much difficulty. But will that suit our power hungry politicians or leaders? Hope I do see some sense prevailing in my life time.

    Take care

  39. Hello.
    I tend to turn off the TV when the politicians start "talking". I'd rather listen to the soothing sounds of the man with the golden voice...Mukesh Chand Mathur.

    Interesting & insightful read.

    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    The Last Kiss

  40. Ek aur cute kitty Mishu :) spl invite to meet him...just for you :))

  41. Interesting insights!!

    One thing that stood out was the way Hina dished out those verbal volleys. A strong lady!!

  42. Im not a pakistani, not an indian, nor american...
    im a filipina, and honestly i thought pakistani's are terrorists..well that was before..sorry for stereotyping.

    thanks to blogger, ive been enlightened on the other side of your country and of the people as well.. i admire most of the pakistani and indian bloggers here because you guys are really deep..

    i feel sorry for what your country is experiencing ryt now, though somehow cant relate to it..

    BTW u have nice blog.. folllowing you now.

  43. @Vijay..Thankz:)

    @Izdiher..yes I think the same:)

    @Raaj..hey!:) yup I agree but still there is nothing bad in desiring the peace!

  44. @come at Bro..hey thankz for dropping by..:)

    Aww you are alwasy amazing with your comments on my reads,.,and you sum up everything so beautifully..thankz for reading all my previous posts too..and I always find myself agreeing with your wisdom:-)

    @AL..hai na?:p

  45. @Andy..haha and still dropping by and leaving a comment! thankz em honored:)

    @Bloggy..haha I had checked it already! seem to be Die-hard fan of MIss KHar:p

    @Kharren..thankz sweetheart..that means a lot to me...em glad it helped you to change your opinion of us a bit:)


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