Lahore, Dengue The Duffer and Dirty Politics

Hello Everybody! Long Time No see huh? Showie...been really busy..You know how it is here these days and in case You didn't ..Let me tell you its LAHORE , DENGUE THE DUFFER AND DIRTY POLITICS that is on show these yeah My Mother was not well and so was My Bro..Both of them were down with Fever..Thanks Lord it was not Dengue..and I ,too was not well...So couldn't stay in touch with you guys..But I did get many msgs Inquiring about my disappearance that made me write this little note..To all those who wrote me those cute little notes asking if I am fine..and HARMAN it was your note that I received today...Thank you so much for your concern sweethearts,,,,em fine Alhumdulilaha:-)

Dengue has put on quite a show here..The Accused Mosquito which happens to be a Female one Triggered this Interesting debate Initially When Somebody said that she is more interested to sting men then Ladies! Quite a Myth na? But ...NO No The reason is not The Men have Sweeter Blood then The Women...Its the difference of Neatness Habits..Women keep their Houses more clean then Offices and the reason of this Discrimination on Behalf of this Lady Mosquito is The Office's Decoration Pots as it nourishes on Clean water instead of the filthy one like its other fellows.

So this Lady Mosquito has created a whole scene here...Not that we were not expecting it.Its not the first of some Epidemic Outbreak in Pakistan but None and I mean NONE has ever cornered us this badly as this one! and Credit goes to the Incompetence of Health Department...It was at the start of this year that we saw those guys from Health Department spraying all over the city and thought WOW! HOW EFFICIENT! and Guess what! Now they are telling us that the major reason behind this Sudden and Lethal  Outbreak of Dengue is the fact that the medicines used in those early sprays to kill the Lavas of Dengue were Impure and Adulterated ! 

I wonder if those who were involved in this Fraud have families and if they do..How are they doing now! After all its a Tiny Tiny Mosquito ..who does not know who to and who not to sting! or Else They have Bribed the Mosquito's or shifted their families else where?! I really wish the otherwise.

Its Like an Emergency situation here..The News of Deaths are in such close proximity that it leaves people all the more panic...A father of my Bro's friend, A brother of My Sister's friend, A Wife of a Closed Uncle and A sister of My Father's Colleagues are some of  the Deaths that We heard on Our closed Proximity...

The Schools, Colleges and Universities are closed for 10 if They will win this battle in these 10 days alone! Hospitals are over-crowded..which made them Realized that We need more hospitals..(Tho the situation is pathetic but  I wish that puts some extra efforts into building up more and more hospitals in future)

Then We have The Dirty Politics on show again..Yeah How the Government and Opposition are all Daggers Drawn over the issue..The Government,  tho  trying their best apparently, is eager to balance their Political Scores ...With all those long Lines in Government Hospital for Blood test, Shutting down almost all the Private Labs all around the city Is surely not the Wise move! They could have asked the Lab Owners to Cooperate on Test issue rather shutting them straight for Over-charging.

The Opposition member have other things to do then helping the government with their Dengue Operation..Oh yes they are busy placing the Banners for HIS EXCELENCY  Asif Ali Zardari..Of-course it is more important then People dying of some Epic Disease...Its his BIRTHDAY approaching after all!! and they already are coordinating over Dengue with Punjab Government ..By Pulling each other's Legs of-course..

So Peoples yeah Its Dengue The Duffer and Our Clown Politicians ..The mere sight of them on Television Screen makes us sick to our Stomach..and they claim to be The Saviours of this Nation..somebody shoot them please or somebody shoot us please! or else Dengue is going to kill us all anyways:-)


  1. One tiny mosquito creating so much havoc. Tch tch.
    I heard someone say "Ek saala macchar aadmi ko kya kya karwata hai? "
    Jokes apart, imagine adulteration in the sprays. The government, WHEN will it start caring? :(
    Politicians, won't realize the misery until they lose one of their own. :/

  2. And I heard they even banned facebook? or were planning to do so? Is it?

    Take care of everybody, including yourself.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @crystal

    haha well yes in this case this is proving true! Saal aik muchur aur pora shaher aagay laga liya;p

    @AAesthete...yeah our Intelligent Home Minister declared so..but I tell you what its not as It looks like..I will write a separate post on this..They are afraid of facebook for all the different reasons;p
    and we are taking care but its really difficult cant really run from Mosquitos ! they are everywhere ;p

  4. oho...take care Mishi...and yes, duffer applies to them all...sounds pretty bad!:(

  5. I hope you're safe...In our countries a lot of people are suffering because of dirty politics...

  6. Nice to hear you back.
    Mucher politics and flood politicts is actually good news for zordari sb, because his beggar's bowl isn't full yet.
    His bowl's minimum fill is upto the top edges-- rather he loves its overflowing with hard cash from abroad.
    And, the same cash (after bander baant) leaves Pakistan's border abrubtly--maybe back to some kind of his hidden treasue.
    Plus he doesn't have to buy lethal drugs to top up the grave yards.
    On the contrary, the country is already running out of shahre khamoshan (like Lahore's miani sahib).
    Dengue and not Drones is notorious for indiscrimnate killing.

    Left and right, the poor plight of Pakistan is further worsening, however, the intoxicated "zordari regime" is relaxing leaving the opposition free to politicise the latest mis-development here.
    Apex court's suo motto notice of administrative paralysis on the part of federal and provincial governments is unlikely to fetch any counter-dengue remedy.

  7. Hi!. I will pray to God for good health of your mother and brother too.

    Agreed, the political situations are very dreadful in your country, I fear, Millitary can overrule the Govt of your country again. take care..

    Nice post.

  8. welcome back mishi..i was thinking if you gone underground due to this dengue thing...see we always tell the major problems are due to Ladies :P :P :P

    yes exactly that is what i was thinking that there are so many people involved in the spread of this epidemic and so many innocent lives taken... there is a whole mafia... and so many people benefiting from the miseries of other fellow humans...but the main thing is that can the mosquito differntiate between poor and politician?it cannot day it can go to the houses of those policians, those health officials, the ministers, even the president...all it take is only a small bite... very timely and beautifully analyzed by the one and only Mishi :)

  9. Did not realize it was so bad. And I hope your family is perfectly okay now.

    scrolling down and somehow i skipped the first paragraph...

    when you disappear for so long then definitely we would be worried...its good to know that now you are fine and shine...and get well soon to your bro and mom as well...hope they recover soon :)

  11. I was about to send you a note too.thanks God you came up with something.Yes Dengue is a way too dangerous then our estimates.I am worried about my family too.I am in Islamabad and they are back in Lahore.I hope everyone stays fine.ameen.You are right about the dirty politics.we were talking about the very same thing the other night.May God give them some sense.

  12. same story is with indian politics but then I guess people in india and pakistan basically have same genes .. so they behave the same way ..

    I hope your bro and mom are doing well now ..

    The same mosquito creats havoc in india too but the Govt well what can i say they dont care about anything as long as they are safe ...


  13. and you take care too you and your writing :-)

  14. Hello mishi.I was busy too so I did not notice your disappearance.Hope you are ok now and so are your mother and brother.take care of yourself.somebody was telling me about this epic in Lahore.I wish people stay safe and I wish You guys get some wise people as your rulers.

    I just read your previous post left me all emotional.I pray your friend finds someone really nice was very well written usual ofcourse:-)

  15. People are sick to me when they do corruption in such delicate matters which can effect other's valueable lives.I curse them who were involved in that Spray Freud.well written mishi.I hope you and your family stays safe.ameeen .take care sweet girl:)

  16. so sad really,everyone is worried .so damn worried and panic.I wish it goes off soon.ameen

  17. politicians are same everywhere...they are the reason for the tension between our nations while the people wants peace and friendship...

    it's really sad to know about the dengue outbreak...hope they bite the politicians and not the innocents...take care...


  18. welcome back Mishi...:))

    it seems situation is grim there bcoz of dengue...
    i wish a fast and total recovery for all you dear ones.....

    Take acre,

  19. nice to hear from you...
    Dengue and dirty politics...hand in hand.
    Quite intimidating ..hope you and everybody at home is fine..
    Its really sad We as Asian still have malaria and dengue back home.. which most of the people don't know here in western countries.
    why cant these tropical diseases be removed?
    its sad to know ..Deaths due to stagnant water and no proper treatment ,lack of medical facility...
    Govt need to punched properly..

  20. Oh My God!!
    I really hope this phase passes off soo. I hope everything gets normal soon. Prayers be with you!!
    Welcome back!!

  21. I hope and pray you and your family feel better soon. Thank God it was only common fever.There is dengue spreading here in Islamabad as well. I live right beside the fresh water rawal dam :)We should stop relying on the government for any kind of help. As u stated they are busy celebrating his highness's Birthday.Just use lots of mosquito repellent and don't let any clean water accumulate around you. I have heard even the water dripping behind the AC unit is an ideal place for the female to lay eggs.
    Allah protect you all. Hopefully the season will end soon.

  22. Dengue is very scary indeed. ALLAh raham karay hum sab per.

    Aur baki hum nay kudh tu apni halat nahe badalni, may be dengue will scare us enough to revert to ALLAH and ask for forgiveness.

  23. :( Please take care and get well soon!

    Hope things get better and the mosquitos rest in peace.

  24. Ashwini: Take care of yourself Mishi.. Nice to see you post after a long time.. Was kind of missing your writing. Welcome back.

    "Blogger is giving me troubles .. NOt letting me post a comment on my name:("

  25. Mishi, take care.
    i know .... ek machchar aadmi ko maar deta hai. its the same in India, dengue, H1NI hits people & govt is busy in their own little games while commoners die. its such a pity

  26. Thanks...........for what ?

    For reminding me to take home “Goodnight” (liquid mosquito repellant). I like other millions, use “Goodnight” to keep mosquitoes away. This is very effective, just put on the socket and switch on the button, this works whole night, mosquitoes from outside windows keep cursing, but I don’t mind.

    I wish we could have some similar sort of thing to be kept inside our Parliament in order to keep blood sucking mosquitoes (tainted and corrupt politicians) away and the country is kept neat and clean so that common person could live merrily.

    Best wishes, keep writing, and yea…….don’t forget to keep “Goodnight” inside your home !

  27. @Stranger:
    Politicians are immune to this “Goodnight” (liquid mosquito repellant).
    The polluted parliaments are here to stay as a big burden on the tax payers. They define crimes according to their own agenda.
    What amounts to what is for them to legislate and the naive public is just a commodity for these suckers.

  28. heyyy Mishi :))) the story is more or less the same on this side of the border too girl...just a look at these jokers makers you cringe...i find it very very very hard to believe that these politicians are human...:((

  29. hello mishi. welcome back. hope you're okay! bless you and take care hun!
    keep in touch!

  30. I hope your family is doing fine. take care. we are facing alot of challenges now adays. Allah bless us all.

  31. Aww take care meri behna ♥♥ =)

  32. ahhhh me hating the blogger so much right now..aint letting me reply to your comments:-(

  33. Politicians play politics and the common man suffers.
    I think its the same case in every country.

  34. Good to see you back Mishi .Holding good thoughts for you and yours.


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