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So yeah Peoples..Eid is over and so are the Eid holidays.I felt like the Luckiest person on this Planet this Monday Morning.when I saw both my Sisters literally crying before they were getting up for their offices..hehehehe..yeah so Being Unemployed has its certain Positive points too,,Tho It takes you ages to discover them..bTW this eid was the Best eid ever.We had loads of always feels extra nice to be a Guest on such Occasions rather then Being an Annoyed Host.all stuck up in Kitchen..hehehe..will share the lovely photos of my Trip with you soon...

Life is usual..I don't have much to say, as for some stupid unknown reasons my brains aren't working well these days..I just like to sleep and eat and watch TV. and skip those hideous Talk-Shows and keep on watching CARTOON NETWORK...wasay peoples..The Cartoons of the Modern Day SUCK!!! yeah they really do..what is with this Ben10! I feel like strangling the kid for transferring all those awful desires in young poor kids,.I had my cousins visiting us the other day and they were all dying to watch BEn10 and their mother told me how much they bug her with their non-stop Frumaieshi programme of *Now we want Ben10 Watch* and *now the stickers* and the rest of the crap...I mean come'n ! They are not even Cartoons..they are not even CUTE! a quality that every cartoon is supposed to have or its not cartoon at could be anything else but not a Cartoon..this is what I feel about these freakish things called cartoons these days..

Don't mind my Buk Buk about this..em not making it already is ! remember how I confessed my Love for TOM AND JERRY while disclosing some of my secrets in some Award Ceremony of mine..I really love those old cartoons.I find them Adorable..and cute.and yummy and Jhakkas! I feel lucky to have the kind of Childhood that these kids these days cant even imagine to have....I know I know..em getting Nostalgic A LOT lately but I cant help it..cant just help start this comparison between my time and their time  ( all my Young cousins included) ..there is lot that is missing in their Childhood..But  What em worried most is how em gonna stop my Kids to be from watching these silly cartoons!!! Of course em  going to have kids some I guess I will have to have a huge collection of all the old Innocent, cute, Adorable Cartoons...TOM AND JERRY, the Pink Panther, Smurfs, Micky Mouse that Mean bunny too..they were all good guys..a way too good then Ben10  and the other stupid crap..

Then there are these Rains..which is an Extra Positive Addition in my Totally Boring Life..being it my Biggest TURN-ON..its always lovely to see rain..but my Tragedy is..despite all my efforts.and that too best of them..em unable to take even a single Rain Shower till now! Can you imagine?! this is big...

I love to do that dancing in rain.*my pathetic dancing moves*.the Reason there is the fact that our house is an Official place..Fourth Floor! and there is skyscraper right in front of our we have to keep our windows closed all the times and worse is the extra sad fact that we cant even use our Roof during office their windows face our Roof and the building is really whenever it rains these days,.its the Office Time! and I cant even touch it across my palm..My mother keeps on telling me to move from the window..Grrrr..It SUCKS...I hate our Fourth Floor..and I hate those Office windows,.and I hate those people hanging from those windows..and I always have a quarrel with Allah MIyan for not sending the rain after the Office timings..and I always do that Ba-Awaz-e-buland..means *to think Aloud*..Which includes ..

*Oh Allah Ji kiya hai ap ko? Usser kion nai hota apko akhir..itni dafa kaha hai 4 bajay kay baad bheja karen Barish..lakin ap b bus dosron ki terha mujay Lift nai karatay..jaein ub nai kehna may ny ap sy kuch bhu*

which makes my mother very very uncomfortable and she tells me to be a bit more  respectful towards ALlah MIyan ..and I tell her its my Allah Miyan..I will talk to HIM the way I would like to..hai na? 

but khair this is not the point here...the point is WHY IT DOESN'T RAIN AFTER THE DAMN OFFICE TIMINGS!? WHy ..why why why!! WHY ME???!  *sobs*

khair I was missing my page and My Blog Friends a lot..wasn't able to come here much ..blame my Sleepy Dumb Brains! So I decided to make an appearance..Considering the fact *or Imaging * that you guys would be missing me too...hai na? *say NO and you are dead!!* 

So Peoples this was me ,again with another Absolutely Non-Sense post of mine , signing out now just to come back with a Blast soon..Take cares and Don't you dare Forget me..or my Ghoost will haunt you Forever..Try me!;p see ya..Miltay hein break kay Baad..


  1. popeye is the besht :D

    i din quite get the whole deal with the office space and you not able to enjoi the rain :( its your house na? so what if its in 4rth floor :O

    yeha pe tho har odd time mein baarish hotha hein, aisa lagtha hein ki bhagwan jaan boochkar baarish chod detha hein wen ever we go out :( har time bheeg jaatha hun!

    chalo yaar, u take care and may God make you drench in rain soon :P

  2. "Aae abray karam tu aaj itnaa baras kay wo jaa naa sakain-but baras after 4PM-
    oops! this doesn't apply to you. disregard this one.
    In order to encourage a rain fall, u have to do 40 days ka chilla inside your kitchen in a standing position with your hands in a begging mode--so Allah will start listening to U---U may ask Asma Khan some other easy remedy to motivate QADIR-E-Mutlaq.
    BTW: U were mentioning about the cartoons up there. But, how about all the cartoons who are running our country in such a way that there is no need of rule of law any more? black magic or his excellency zordari wali degree.
    Just lootou aur khasootau--rafoo chakker ho jao
    mufahmat ki siasat zinda baad--good business.
    zulfiqar Mirza is still Zardari's man--OMG
    Something really fishy is going on-- Hey Mishi!

  3. Seems like you had some good fun and lots of rest after Eid ..
    hope to see ya more now!
    tc..God Bless!

  4. this monday soo much happy. I had been waiting for that monday for long :D schools re opened and both of my chotay siblings are in school now. fell so goood :D

    I am still on vacations :P

  5. love your random thinking & buk buk
    toh ab se full dose milega haan ?

  6. lolz... yes being unemployed has certain advantages...i hated going to school college and unive at 8am in the morning :P
    rains...ah ..such a pity that you cannot touch or see...and i am sure your moves are great...after all you are not recording a song for a have fun... and what else one does in office than to look outside their windows or wall clocks and counting the hours :P... i wish someday you have a house on the ground floor with an open lawn and you can enjoy the rain as much as you like without being looked by the office guys :)

  7. Finally a post. :P

    Glad to see that there are some people left who're in their twenties and watch Cartoon Network!

  8. I am still enjoying the last days of eid holidays...actually ONAM holidays out here in KERALA!
    I love the randomness in ur blog!

  9. I love Tom and Jerry. In fact, I love all the cartoons that used to come on other channels over those one hour programs, like Duck Tales, Tale Spin, Mickey Mouse, Catdog and all. Now, I find them repetitive.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. Enjoyed your no non-sense buk buk :))) HAHA. Long time where have you been

  11. Hands down, Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon. I love it, may be a little less than you:) Nice post, sounds straight from heart:)

  12. phir allah ne kya jawab diya.. and belated happy eid :)

    Weakest LINK

  13. You have written your post in a very jolly and enjoying mood.
    Happy Eid.Sorry for being late.

  14. Oh yeah, I so agree with you.... love those cartoons of the golden days of our youth. That wasn't so long ago, was it? LOLS!! Aaaargh I hate Ben10 too! Why is it called a cartoon when it just scares the kids out of their wit's end?!! Our old cartoons give us a yummy good feeling after. Notwithstanding the big bump on Tom's head or was it Jerry's? hahahah ...

    'Twas fun reading your blog. Thanks for the smiles it gave me. :-) See yah!

  15. you had all that fun wowo.. yes unemployed has its benefits .. but employement has more :) he he he

    Tom and jerry is the best cartoon till date .. I stil lwatch them when nothing good is coming on tele ..

    and RAIN well here in UK the whole week would be nice and shiny and warm but come the Weekend or the Bank holiday it has to rain .. It is so always ...


  16. I was also crying on the Monday morning after Eid vacations... Lucky you :)

  17. random thinking
    interesting way

  18. I never liked tom and jerry!! thats really odd but I donno y!I loved simba ( loin king) , just kids and wings club!! I have watched first season of ben10 too!!!.it was fine!!.....and yeah I have missed you!!...... my brain also is sleeping * its really bad feeling*!!

  19. I completely agree with you Mishu :) today cartoon's suck...big time i dont know what these pokemons and ben10s are about...where are the flintstones, huckleberry hounds and birdman:))) I miss all of them....

  20. @Sawan...aww puppye is good too..tho I couldnt see lot of his cartoons..and the Office thing is simple the building faces our windows so we cnt stand there..or the office boys get stuck in their windows!;p hope you got it no

  21. @chilla tip..nai bhi I will keep on praying..hope iss sy bhi kam chalay may gaie tou umman aur 10 kam bata dein gein sath;p

    and yes THOSE CARTOONS!!! hahahahahaha how funny that guy is na! that Zulfi Mirza...hehe bus ji susti entertainment bhi aa gai hai ub tou mulk may..dramay hein sub kay sub.freaks

  22. @Harman..yeh I did have a lot of was good being there with our reletives after all these years..

    @iffi..haha yeh being the eldest in 5 siblings ..I can understand your joy and pain both really very well;p

  23. @Sujatha...awwww I enjoy your talks too..they are lot more sensible then mine...and yes ub sy full dose milay ge;p

    @Israr... hai na? how difficult it is to wake up right at 7 o clock in the mrning..youkhsssss.....and my moves are really have no idea and you dont want to me! and to office guys..yeah I understand their misery too so kehti hon koi bat nai;p

  24. @Ovais..yeah finally a post! and yes I do watch cartoons..specially when em having break-fast..hehe weird na>?

    @Red handed..awww thank you sweet heart..I love your excellent posts too:-)

  25. @Aesthete..they are repetative but still! they are cute..nai?

    @A....thankooo...its people like you who inspire me to write more and more;p

    @Saru...thankz sweetheart..yes whatever I write comes straight from my Heart.and that is why I named this page My secret little diary:-)

  26. @ hey Rachit!..ubi tak tou koi jaewab nai aya jasay he aaie ga will let you know;p


    @kunwar..its ok..thankz for the compliment and thankz for visitng my space.em really honered:-)

  27. @ellen..hey Ellen..thankz for dropping by and commenting on my page...yeh they are cute and worth watching unlike all the modern things they call cartoonns...and em so glad you had smiled while reading this..well its kidda equal now..your posts always give me the wisdom and my give you smile! not bad! ;p

  28. @bikrimjit....yeh employment has money with it..and being unemployed has only the small pocket money;p I have talked to you already so ubi sirf thankz sy kam chalay ga;p

    @captureuniverse....haha yeh em lucky in that contxt:-)


  29. @khushu..hey simba aint bad too! its cuter then Tom and jerry!

    @Bloggy....hai na? I miss them too:-(

  30. Being host is not so bad I guess. Or may be I have no prob with it since we always get to be hosting on eids :D
    Totally agreed with you on the cartoon thing. In my childhood (which wasn't long time ago :P ) Cartoons used to be innocently created and animated, everyone has forgotten tom and jerry I suppose. :D
    Nice post :)

  31. AOA! Mishi yep monsoon has hit us with wonderful weather and me too hasn't bee able to take shower in rain until it freeze me to bones.

    upper floor tragedy is sad indeed! been there done that! no privacy.

    as for as complaining to ALLAH MIAN is concerned, mishi i was quite like you all my life until most recently. I always thought, kay mera haq hay , MAAN hay Apnay ALLAH per tu jis tarha marzi laad main baat karoo, shikwa karoo....atleast ALLAH will never misunderstand my intentions and love.

    That's sweet to an extent but now i have new dawning that its rather more important to be fearful and humble as was the case of all our Prophets and khulfa-e-rashdeen.

    Main nay kahee parha hay kay ager tumhay zindagee kee asal haqeeqat maloom ho jayay tu tum, hanso kam...aur roo ziada.

    I am saying this now coz iam now realizing and you should know that i have been coming from same kind of attitude as is urs now.

    Loving ALLAH is very serious business and is cute and innocent only until we reach certain age. HOWEVER maan tu Apnay ALLAH ji per hamesha rahay ga but now in more humble way.

  32. I don't think I'll grow up and stop watching cartoon network! ^_^

  33. Nice to see you back :)
    Even I loove cartoon network. Its way better than those saas-bahu drama and news channels.

  34. chalo... buk buk fir suru to huiii , warna khamosh raahen chubh si thi...

    heyyaa MISHO MISHO MISHo... how r u???

  35. @ph..thankz sweetheart:-)

    @AL..I miss you too cutie pie

    @Aiman..hey Aiman! where were you LOST? i was missing you..and I left you a msg on your facebook too..Hope you got that..LOng time no see..where are you busy? is everything orite? and for your comment..yes you are right and I understand but then dil tou bucha hai na;p

  36. @Hamza...thankz Lord I found atleast one person like me!

    @Shas...hey thankyou for the worm welcome..

    @Bhargav..hey Bhargav sweet Bhargav..em goood you tell?

  37. lolz.after reading your latest post.this post was a reason to smile.good job mishi.keep writing girl

  38. hahaha Same here.all smiles now:-)

    I love your casual style of writing:-*


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