Donate Eyes, Live Twice!

The Thought Crossed my Mind One week back and Its stuck there since then..I was viewing this Page for Eyes-Bank and it clicked me ! Why cant I donate my eyes once they are of no use to me! It stuck so bad that Its kinda irritating me now and I'm simply unable to get rid of it..Especially after having this discussion with a Friend where she told me that its not Allowed In Islam to Donate any of Your Organs..

Well its another discussion..My Prime concern here is Do I really want to do it and if so How I'm going to break the news to My Family..My Mother is surely going to FREAK OUT! and its not her Fault really..No one in my Entire Family has ever done that before and then Of-Course there is this Religious Issue, This Debate of "Allowed or NOT Allowed"! That I'm really not concerned about.Not yet At-Least!

The Idea of Donating your eyes after you are no more is quiet Thrilling! or I find it so..I remember reading this Novel where Hero , after a whole series or melodramatic events, donates his eyes to the Blind Heroine after his death of-course and the moment when that girl opens her new eyes for the first time and looks herself in the Mirror and gets Astonished to see her reflection..She falls for her own eyes, used to watch herself for hours together..Aww Thus The Love of that man remain by her side even after his Death..Too Filmy?! Nah!! not really...It can happen and em sure it happens ..

People who decide to brighten up the dark Lives of those who are  deprived of this Gift are Brave indeed.Brave and Humane,Even the fact that loosing our eyes after we are dead is not going to hurt us, doesn't motivate us enough to think about this! I'm glad that I got this thought right on time and not when em lying Dead with People mourning around me so yes I still have a lot of time to ponder over it some more...(yes! Our Brain stays Alive for almost an hour after our body is dead and the Dead Bodies are actually with Alive Brains in the initial period of their Discovery,,the Mourning period in Most cases.)

I would be happy to know that I was able to do something good out of my Life.So yes I do want to donate My eyes, Feel Free to help me with the Information of "How to Do it"!. Apart from the "Good Cause"..I do have something else in my mind and please don't hate me for that! 
I have this creepy, mean thought of Spying on My Man When em Dead! yes I would love to see who is he seeing after he got rid of me..and trust me this thought is equally Inspiring and motivating and thrilling! I fancy to Haunt him with my Eyes..I wish I could give it to that Blind Girl That he would fall after my death..yeah yeah I know..its mean and LAME! but who cares!? This is how it is in my mind right now ..I do have an Evil Little Brain after-all..DEAL WITH IT..OK?

Dengue is still around with its Obnoxious stupid Crime plans and God knows how long will we have to smell this absolutely not pleasant MOSQUITO COALS ..I feel like my sense of smell is gone..The nerve that takes the signals of smell to my brain is stuffed with the Dengue  Spray and the Worst part its not going away..So yes this was the thought that made me think about donating my eyes..that what If I fall a victim of it too..I will be dead this young..(okay not that young but still!! em 27 only..OK?) without achieving anything significant in my life..without hitting any of those goals that I have listed as "THE MUST" i was indulged in this deep thought..I went through this Image of Eye-Bank accidentally on Google..and I was like I wish I had donated my eyes too..and I would not be this worried..I know that's not all that One would need after passing through this World..But Still , I find the idea quite Inspirational and I'm Glad I had it.And after being failed to stop thinking about it..I finally decided to write it down..and while writing this piece..I'm all the more determined about it!!

So Thats All for Today..I'm half-sleeping already so Peoples see ya All soon InshALLAH..Take cares and miltay hein Break kay baad..( wasay this line is so Ghissi-Pitti na?! I know it SUCKS ..but what to do..I love it!! so DEAL WITH IT TOO;p)

(Yes this reason could be another motive for me!!:p)


  1. Hey Mish!
    ...God bless..I was jus gonna log off saw your post n smiled!
    what a noble thought..why not ..let others see the world through your eyes!BUT if your parents don't agree then nopes..Parents if they are not happy ..don't do it..its my humble advice CuZ they are the ones they brought us in this world ..we are blessed we have parents ...trying doin some other noble cause which will make everyone happy!
    abt dengue
    still goin? its been so long..Gosssh they cudn't control..
    hope you guys are safe!
    nice talking sleep well

  2. Loved ur noble thoughts and gesture...hope you eventually manage to do something which makes u supremely happy...:-)

  3. Loved the wordings and the emotions. What an inspiring thought. This is Munir over here at Focus. I have seen very few lines like these inspite of my age.

  4. What lovely thought and intent! Sad though that culture gets to stand in its way. But it's such a pleasure to get acquainted with someone like you --- having such a generous soul as yours. Blessings to you, Mishi. Be blessed; stay blessed.

  5. I know you are scared and trying to be good and create some humour all at once.
    May Allah help the Lahorites to be free of the virus soon. Amen!
    Dear Mishi!
    Your frustration with the ongoing dengue virus has forced you to make a “humanity friendly” decision, so you deserve to be “applauded” for that.
    Nevertheless, there is a big “BUT” or “IF”—and that most likely would put you in the middle of a cross road/intersection—Surely, you shall be needing directions if you don't have a road map.
    Your Creator has already given you a complete code of life. As your Creator owns your body parts, so He alone must be consulted through the mentioned code of life before your final decision.

    The other reason-- when we die, all our body parts are pre-programmed to present evidence in the court of our Creator about our good or bad deeds.
    If you left your beautiful eyes to be donated to some needy person for spying on your own man or for any other good reason, then in the absence of your witness (eyes in your case), any proceeding after your return to eternity will be postponed indefinitely; hence justice will be delayed.
    And you will be in much more trouble.
    As you are a Muslim, submit to the will of the Creator, because Muslim means who submits as His true slave (ABD-GHULAAM).
    Decision is yours of course.

  6. Hopefully the cold weather will see the end of mosquitoes and dengue. Just hold on for a wee bit longer hon. I have donated my organs too.Having a fiance who is a doctor helps a lot. Hundreds of people die just waiting in line to receive a heart or lung transplant. I'm satisfied religiously too cuz they actually encourage to do it in Iran (That's where most of my family is from)
    Hope you make the right decision Take care.

  7. Dropped over to your blog to see where you've disappeared.
    Turns out that my dashboard just doesn't show your updates *sobs*
    This is such an amazing idea. Really. And before reading this post, I never knew Islam me it's not allowed.
    Well, I'm not going to say anything about that :) Hope you do whatever, according to you, is the right decision for you!
    Oh yeah, one of my FB-close friends is from Lahore and he's been down with dengue. Now he's better but weak :(
    May God bless everyone and may all these mosquitoes die -__-
    Take care!

  8. i understand about the religion part but i would like to tell here that i have heard of many muslim people who have taken up the step of donating their eyes after their death......i know it maybe tough for your family when you breakout the news to them but then again its your decision to whatever your heart says :)

  9. thats what they call different... to think of something noble, to turn a disaster into an opportunity, to come up with a good idea instead of wailing and complaining about the dengue... salute you and your noble intentions...even though you want to spy as well but still :)

    well i am no religious scholar but when we were studying ethics, there was a point in comparative religions that in islam, the sanctity of the corpse should be maintained and shouldn't be disgraced and then there was a point that human body should be preserved but religious scholars agreed that since saving a life is much more important...a case of accepting lesser of the two evils..and that is the principle through which kidney donation is allowed even though it does violate the principle of damaging the body... so i think religious scholars should work on this eye donation thing as well and hope one day we will get a definitive answer :) never the less your intention is much appreciated... :)

    and yes the dengue... aarhg... the coils and the morteins...i hate that smell but yet have to tolerate it whole night :( dont know when will this end...and the spray and the mospels and all :(

    nice post mishi..keep it up..and stay safe :)

  10. well written mishi!

    And yes i had been thinking about doing the same thing... But then i am also facing all those same problems.. Whether its allowed or not in Islam...and family too.. HOPE THAT SOMEDAY I FIND THE COURAGE TO DO IT! :D

    Take care

  11. This is close to the bone for me. We (Doreen and I) have been having this sort of discussion of late. 90-something % of the population say they agree with it, but very very few get round to doing it, apparently. I am sure you are right: family is probably the first and biggest issue.

  12. You honestly shared your message... :)
    Well written...
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  13. Aww love i so respect your wish but this is not Allowed in Islam. AS our every organ is Allah gift to us. and there is always reason behind every thing .. if someone is blind then he/she is surely going to have some reward from Allah in afterlife because Allah never ever do unfair to anyone.
    And Allah will surely give you All the jaza iss wish k liye. =)


  14. Already done.. along with the heart tooo :)

    thanks for sharing


  15. @Harman..
    hello there!:-)
    well yes Dengue is still on..what to say yara..they are trying but its really bad..But khair its going to end by the end of October anyways..
    and yes I wont do it without my parent's permission..and I know I will convince them..All I have to do is reason with them..there are fractions in Islam that Allow Organ donation and em counting on them!

  16. @Rahul
    Thankyou! em looking forward to it too:)

    @Anonymous...Thank you so much for visiting my space..em truly honored !:-)

  17. @Ellen..the pleasure is all mine! em glad to know you too Ellen,,you are an amazing person and I love your writing..Stay Blessed too:-)

  18. @tariq..Thankz for pondering over it this closely...Well Dear Respected Tariq Saab its not Dengue only..yes I had that thought under these particular situation but the thought is genuine and the wish is pure..I really want to look into this and I hope I find something positive..

    and NO I dont want to do it for spying on my man ! That is just one tiny tiny part of it..the whole motive is huge and far more pregressive then this stupid little desire:p
    Thankz again,You always enlighten me with your comments:-)

  19. @Pandora..really? My God you have inspired me some more! yes I know its Allowed in Iran..Only The Muslim Scholars of India and Pakistan have a different opinion about it..Well Lets See..I hope I will get through it too!

    and yes The Dengue should go now.I hope it ends soon now..Thankz:-)

  20. @ Blahblaholic ♥ © ...Aww You came to check on me!! Love you:-*
    Yes I hope I get all the more clear about it,will talk to some Learned person about it..and yes the dengue thing!!! its bugging us really..but I hope it goes soon now..i wish your friend gets better soon.ameen

  21. @Pink Delight...Yup There are people who believe its Halal..em looking for a discussion about it!thankz for your moral support sweet heart:-)

    @ Israr...hello The Humor Boy!:P Well I already was reading a lot of stuff about the concept of Organ Donation in Islam..but thank you so much for summing it all up so beautifully...wo bhi itna concise!!! I hope I can talk to you about it some time..Add me on gtalk..ok?
    and Thankz for appreciating ..your appreciation makes me write some more:-)

  22. @Niya..I wish you have this courage and Dont worry You have me now! You can ask me about it..Em having discussions about it with many people these days..I will be more then glad to help:-)

    @ Dave...Thank you Dave!! You have lot of followers and you still mange to comment on my Posts..em honored:)and yes you are right..very few people get to the end of this.and I wish em one of them!!

    @Asma Khan..Hello sweetie!! Long time no see...thankz and hope to see you on your page :)

    @Bikramjit..really?!! WOW!! You are my next Inspiration then!

  23. Hey Mishi, thts a very noble thought.. it really is something more people shud consider doing.. bravo for taking the decision to go forward to it :)

    Hahaha.. haunt him with ur eyes... undying blind love, eh? :)

  24. a noble thought.. it reminded me of Aishwarya Rai promoting the eye donation campaign.. i guess i will muster the courage the courage to opt for one.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  25. i really salute ur idea,
    but i wanna die in a single piece, :P

  26. Ur post was really interesting to read!Yeah its really noble thought!!And u described it greatly!!It made me think over this thing too! never before, this thing crossed my mind!!:-)fabulously written as always!!

  27. Mishi,

    Very good post and great thought

  28. @Raaj..hahahaha yeh Undying Love! May rahon na rahon..mera pyar rehy ga:P

    @ Rachit..hi Rachit:-) Thankz:)

    @ateeq..lolz..okay dont worry you will die in one piece then:p

    @Khushu..thankz sweetie..em glad I could inspire you with something..

    @A...thank you so much:-)

  29. Aye Mish! I like how the idea struck you, and believe you me, I don't think there's a nobler deed. Will start donating blood too once I cross the 18 barrier. :)

  30. Love you too, my Mishi :D
    Inshallah (hope I spelt it right :-s) you'll make a decision which you deem is right!
    Have a great weekend

  31. I just wanted to ask a couple of things.

    A) Is blood donation allowed in Pakistan (I actually mean Islam ??)

    B) If not than how the accident victims survive there ?

    C) I met a Pakistani family here in an Indian hospital where the uncle of the patient refused to give blood citing it as Anti-Islam and wanted us to give it for her niece, I was aghast by his reasoning to say the least.


  32. Thats a good thought by you Mishi...I had an idea that there is a NO to it in Islam but frankly speaking didn't knew that very reason which Tariq Bhai has given in his comment....and i personally feel that he has a point into it....i must say Tariq bhai reflects so well on each n every post...:)

  33. what if i die in explosion :P
    a thousand chotey chotey pieces :P

  34. Now thats a very noble thought Mishu :) god bless care...

  35. @Crystle ..aww this is so sweet of you really! em inspired:)

    @Blahblaholic...haha *hugs* yes you spelt it just right sweetheart:)

  36. @Anonymous..
    Thankz for dropping by and leaving a comment to your question!

    Well NO donating Blood is not haram in Islam..its allowed and we have this prctce here in pakistan..people donate blood all the time..That man must be min-informed or there must be another reason that he dint want to donate blood...

    Now to the Organ Donation..Well there are different school of thoughts about it in Islam..One is of the view (Including Pakistani and Indian muslim schlors) that its not allowed based on the fact that you cant disgrace the human body after death..the other (Iran) is of the view that if the process is done with due care and it damages the body less then its okay! and you can do em right in middle of it..having discussions with people and trying to figure it some more.

    I hope you got your answers..:-)

  37. @Irfanuddin...well what to say..Tariq sab is a very learned man..em a fan of his knowledge..he does have a point and to be frank its his point that has made me ponder over it some more:-)

    @Ateeq..Allah na karay..kasi batein karty ho duffer..May you have a long happy healthy life..and may it end in peace..ameen

  38. Hello.
    I found this to be quite a moving post from you, Mishi.

    Profound & generous thoughts from one still young at heart. ;-)
    I wish you well with whatever you decide to do.

    Thanks for sharing & for your comments on my latest post:

    The Evening Zephyr

  39. a noble thot... well addressssseeedd... god bless... :)

  40. First of all my mom's gonna kill me foe even thinking about donating a part of my body :( and secondly I don't have enough guts to donate an organ dnt knw y :( but maybe someday I will and I'll think abt it then :)

  41. I am happy to notice that we share similar views.
    I am soo for EYE DONATION. But seriously my family is against it. They age old belief that if u give away ur eyes, your soul will wander around totally blind and may not even be able to appreciate the beauty of heavens above :P
    also the belief that you should have all ur organs in place when u die
    But i support eye donation and i will do it!

  42. I should really appreciate your lofty thoughts...and it's written well convincing too...great thinking and nice blog you have...:-)

  43. MISH ..sweetie ..where are you?
    no blogs.."itni laambi break"...
    hope things are good! wud love to hear from you!

  44. Hi mishi! either i was on long leave or were you; i didnt see any updates on my news feed blog. errr well once you are sure of religious aspect; go for it. Also i hope and we should explore other aspects of spreading good will after we are gone from the world. Which may start with donating something in hospitals with your own hand or mosques etc. take care of yourself and i hope dengue subsides quickly..I am really hating these extra thoughts overwhelming pakis minds nowadays; we already have alot to deal with. I am bitten by few grrrrr ... Alllah save us and make us good human. TC.

  45. It's Not Allowed In Islam? I'm having doubts on that. Have you asked your friends where he confirmed that from. I don't think it is not Allowed.

  46. well i was watching Will Smith's Seven Pounds the other day, and it makes me think of donating the organs, I am not sure yet but i might decide to donate my heart & eyes....
    Lovely piece by the way...........

  47. today i gifted ny sight.. so happy:)..No one in my Entire Family has ever done that before and so happy that in this desicion my mother and my best friend is there with me.. i dont need any one else..:) There can be no greater pleasure than giving the gift of vision to a visually impaired person..

  48. I was having similar thoughts so I started looking up what other people think about donating their eyes and yours is the first post I read. Thanks I guess I will go ahead with my thoughts too. It is a noble gesture and well we all have our reasons for them. Take care and live a long and happy life.


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