For Choclates with Love

(Consider this a warm-up Post..Dont you dare Judge it..ok?)

I have been very down lately..was not well and was having these Mood-Swings that dive me crazy...The only thing that makes me feel better when em like this is CHOCOLATE!! yeh and LOTS OF THEM!! There is nothing else in this world which can make me feel any better then bunch of chocolates...So I wondered what is it that makes chocolate " A LIFE SAVER"!! and this is what I found out....

For many years, chocolate was believed to be an aphrodisiac.
Chocolate was originally only used as a beverage, and only served to men (see the reason why above).
Eating chocolate began in 1674 when the first chocolate cake was baked.
Eating chocolate makes you happy because it contains phenylephylamine - the same hormone the brain triggers when you fall in love.
Americans eat chocolate at the rate of 11.7 pounds per person a year.
71% of American chocolate lovers like milk chocolate the best.
People in Denmark eat the most chocolate - about 30 pounds per person a year.
Most women like to get chocolate instead of flowers on Valentine's Day - especially women over the age of 50.
The melting point of cocoa butter is just below human body temperature - this is why chocolate melts in your mouth.
Recent reports have found that chocolate may help lower your cholesterol level and reduce the risk of heart disease.
One ounce of milk chocolate contains about the same amount of caffeine as one cup of decaffeinated coffee.
Dental studies report that eating chocolate does not cause cavities.
Repeated studies have shown that chocolate does not cause acne - or make it worse.
Chocolate is poisonous for your pets.
                    (Fun Fact about chocolates)

Now what caught my attention here was The face about phenylephylamine Harmon ...So it makes us feel the same way what we feel when we are head over heals with some stupid a**!! Interesting!!

So basically we have something that can replace our Mr.Freaky Ex!! and can help us survive the "after the Break-up phase"! ..we can avoid the sufferings of painful memories..and yes!! No need to hide in your pillow now..If you are tired of crying your heart out while everyone else is sleeping peacefully around you..a few Chocolates is all you need..a few Bites and here you go..ready to Live again and back in Action, em No Agony-Aunt but this is  something that really works..ummm well I have seen it working..just don't ask how and when!! lol...

Oh and By the Way..I remember this girl back in Hostel who used to buy a lot of Chocolate ..Whenever we saw her coming back from shopping , she had this packet of chocolate in her was really was LOTS OF THEM!! we used to make jokes about her and her chocolates..then we discovered that she had many boyfriends..and keeps on changing them...she used to be on phone like 24/7!! Khair so it was not until yesterday that I came to realize what might had given her such a strength to deal with such a high level of melodrama! These were chocolates..yeh Chocolates were indeed her SECRET WEAPON!! chocolates can do this as..

"Chocolate can affect the brain by causing the release of certain neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the molecules that transmit signals between neurons. The amounts of particular neurotransmitters we have at any given time can have a great impact on our mood. Happy neurotransmitters such as endorphins and other opiates can help to reduce stress and lead to feelings of euphoria. As connections between neurons, they are released from the pre-synaptic membrane and travel across the synaptic clef to react with receptors in the post-synaptic membrane. Receptors are specified to react with particular molecules which can trigger different responses in the connected neurons. The proper neurotransmitter can trigger certain emotions."!

Isn't it amazing? So It means chocolate is a well balanced chemical food that we got on this planet! Knowing all this made me all the more crazy about chocolates then ever.. I always found them Seductive and now I want them even more ..I just want to save them for me and me alone...and I want to hide them somewhere that no one else could find..Call me a Greedy chick or what..I don't care..cause from now on ..I have this secret plan of "HIJACKING EVERY AUDIBLE CHOCOLATE" on this Planet Earth! HA HA HA..(umm that was the Villain are supposed to get a shiver after hearing this..OK?) 

I hope you guys wont hate me after knowing my plan! Will you?:-( Don't blame me for being so mean..em just very down these days..cant you do this bit to make me feel better? Just let go of your claim on Chocolates and let me have them all:p

So Guys this was a Little Tribute Post for Chocolates, they make our Lives more Beautiful and Colorful and Yummuy...I can't imagine a Life without them..ummm thora zaidaa ho gya But Still they are important to me..and for everyone else too I hope..I seriously feel sorry for people who don't like Chocolates for some UNKNOWN+MYSTERIOUS+(STUPID..NO OFFENSE!;P) reasons , For they will never know what they are missing..hai na Chocolate Lovers out there?!

Life would have been tough if not stopped without them around, Imagine what a Valentine Day will look like without chocolates? See! You felt the tinge of pain in your Heart..It makes us all happy and em Glad I Like Chocolates or I would have missed a great deal of Fun..

HAPPY CHOCOLATES DAY to you all...Oh I got too carried away..hehe so what! We can celebrate whatever day we want to , right? So make it a Chocolate day and send me some please..I would be Extra happy if they are swiss:p
So that was all from this warm-up post here...Chocolates did help me get recover soon so I owed a Piece to them..I hope you were not Bored to read this Chocoloate-nama! see ya after a small Tiny Tiny Break,.It will be really small this time..I promise!

Mishi's Additional Note

Sorry guys..I have been really away from my page..was down with fever,cough and Migraine..Harman, Tariq Saab , crystal , Adil , nazia, Misbah,Misfit,farhad, Annonymous1 and Annonymous2..thank you all for your showing your concern..em so Over-whelmed and thankful..Love you all..Take cares and yes I will stay around now..I have lots of Drafts to get published!..see ya:-)


  1. Hmmm but what about the most hazardous ingredient of chocolate, the white poison I mean sugar... :)

    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  2. Hello.
    Laughing...Mishi you are too much!
    I too am a complete chocoholic so I guess that's why I love love. ;-)

    Hope you feel better soon & no...I don't share my chocolate!

  3. Thank God Mishi you are Back.I was really worried for you.Hope you are feeling better now.take care of yourself make so many people smile.
    I love chocolates too and @Asma If you Love chocolates then this white poison doesnt scare you much:)
    Mishi I would love to send you some chocolates, if this is what makes you feel better and I can share my Chocolates with you sweet girl:-)

  4. Lol Back with a Chocolate Blast , Take care mishi. and I can share my chocolates with you if you promise to share those that Adil is sending you:-P

  5. ha ha ha
    very nicely written.Huq adda kar diya ap nay tou chocolate ki muhabut ka.I will send you some if You promise to keep on writing and There will be written on it.,
    "For Mishi,with Love":-P

  6. welcome back...hope you are feeling well now...I love chocolates and it does not hurt...i want some chocolates now :)

    take care

    my new blog at

  7. Mishimish! We will always be concerned about you. And you get well really really soon. -_- Mwahhh!
    And coming to the post, HELL YESSSS chocolate is SUCH an addiction! I loved the last badge haha funny :D
    And chocolate is poisonous for pets? OMG!

    Get well soon , really soon! Come around and get kicking soon, love. *hug*

  8. i was waiting for a post like this since forever! it mishi

  9. @Asma..haha well I will go with Adil shah here! when you are in Love with chocolates who cares about white poison?

  10. @Andy...hehehe em glad I gave you a good laugh! yes em better now ..thankz:-)

    n its okay..I will not take your chocolates then;p

  11. @Adil..lolzzz...hey Thankyou for your lovely probably are one of my most Loyal Readers..I dont have any words to show how greatful I am to you for your kindness and concern..thank you!

    and well I would have loved to get those chocolates but I was kidding thankz but no thankz:-)

  12. @Sneha..hahaha em glad you are here to welcome me;p

    @fatima...thankz sweetie:-*

    @misfit..LOLZ...this is so sweet of you really!

  13. @Ovais...haha Join the club then;p

    @Sub..thankyou so much..yes em better now:-)

  14. @crystal...heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...:-))))))
    cyashtal!;p Thankoo buddy..its cause of friends like you that I manage to get back to my page every time ..otherwise when em away na seems like I will never get back here..thankz Love...and yes dont worry em back in town baby!!! hehehehehe :-* Hugs:-)

  15. @Eva...hello sweetheart! Longggggggggggggg time no chat huh? where are you Lost? at-least you can send me a msg on Fb yar:-(

  16. For some reason i ate like 3 bars of snickers i think 2 hours before i read this post....hmmmmmm i wonder why is that :P

  17. Your color selection is so chocolaty :)

  18. Welcome back Mishu :) you have returned with a 'happy piece' :) you know naa that Bhutanese folks are the happiest ones in the world :)) so imagine if they start consuming as much chocs as the dutch, they will attain nirvana :))))) keep smiling :))))

  19. Oh ho .. how are you doing now .. I hope you are perfectly fine and smiling again ..

    I love chocolates myself .. oh what the hell you only live once so might as well enjoy the good things in life ...


  20. I had promised myself tht i wont have chocolates until this weekend..but as i was reading this, my right arm got hold of the Nutella bottle and the left hand tuk the spoon, and i had the biggest mouthfull ever!

    Yummy post! Welcome back!

  21. Haye mishi i want chocolates sary :(
    You made my mouth water :(

  22. ahh want choco now!!

    follow me for extreme randomnism!

  23. nice chocolate post!
    that was YUM..
    blended well with milk and caramel...But had some nuts:) which kept on cracking under my tooth...but the end result was very sumptuous and overwhelming ...
    Love you
    take care.

  24. I SOOOOOO LOVE CHOCOLATES!!I have celebrated the chocolate day couple of times too!!loved ur true love for chocolates and i have same feeling for em!! But one thing is still bad about em they make be fat!!...........

  25. Welcome back Mishi!
    And special thanks for your praise of chocolate. You are hell of a good sales person.
    Chocolate manufacturers are always looking for sales people, so you have good chance now.

    Please don't forget to add this post in your CV as proof of your experties in this field.

    BTW: I am glad to see Adil Shah is out of hiding.
    Wait a second! I always meet him in your comment section.

    I must admit: Like every other lover, I am in love with chocolates too fortunately and my cholestrol level is within the required range.

    Thanks for sharing with us another dhamakay Daar post --Mishi!

  26. ooh! You have given me even more reasons to indulge.Thanks for the fun facts.chocolate really does lift up the mood. I hope you feel better soon. Nothing like taking a break with a good book and of course a huge bar of chocolate. Try Lindt's sea salt one. OMG! I'm salivating just thinking about it.Again, feel better soon. You touch so many hearts and spread so many smiles.

  27. I KNOW chocolate is an aphrodisiac - but maybe it depends on how it's given!

  28. sigh, one blogger is down with jaundice, i am ill and you had your share....virus on blogosphere?

    i like chocolates, but not as much as i used i long for something a chocolate cake, with hot chocolate sauce or chocolate mousse cake :| damn, i think i love chocolate as much as i always did....shoo!

  29. @Ahsan thankz:)

    @Bloggy..hahaha yeh i thought the same about it!

    @BIkram..hehe yes em better now alhumdulilaha:)

    @red..hahahhahaha I hope you wont blame me now for those extra pounds you gonna get after having chocolates again!

  30. @Aman.


    @short poems..haha okay I will send you some when I will get lots of them:p

  31. are you now....hope doing well with "choco fever"....

    and Chocolates.....hhmmmm you know i keep few of them hiding from my kids just to boost up my energy level...:))

  32. Chocolate is indeed a great mood booster!! Nice post.

  33. well..i have read this post the time you posted it but since you dint include my name in your additional note so i dont want to comment :(

    i should eat rather drink chocolates if it can make the same effects as being in love :P

    i was thinking to give chocolates to someone on valentines day but then i read the above 50 :(

    i am wondering what your hostel friend would have written like saving all these names of her bfs... Cadbury Mobile, Cadbury Home, Jubilee 1, Ferero 3, etc etc etc :)

    now we got the reason why you remained absent from were busy eating lots of chocolates :)

    keep enjoying :)

  34. Hey nice blog you have got there.. you have a point of view for eerything and the writing skills to portray them as well.. and loved your quotes and photographs.. thankyou for dropping by @deeppurple&blue.. would be great to have u around.

  35. Kids will be happy to hear this: that eating chocolate does not cause cavities.

  36. Runs off to get some chocolate.......
    By the way i liked the hostel girl story now it makes sense how she actually survived all tooo many bfs

  37. Happy to know that you are better now. get well soon n take care. Even I love chocolates :))

  38. @Irfan..yes em better now alhumdulialha...haha I can understand your love for them then;p

    @Vyanktsh,.,thanks dear:)

    @Israr..heheheh I already replied to you personally !

    @samia..hey thankz for visiting my page!:)

    @Noreen..lolz..em very honored neeno this is the first time that you commented here..plz do comment often.

    @haddock..haha yeh plz do tell your kids abt it

    @shas...thank you so much...em better now:)


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