In The Name Of Love

                          "We are a little weird and Life is a little weird
                         and when we find someone whose weirdness is
                         compatible with ours..we join up with them and
                            fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE!!"

Ahh The Idea of Love, even this word Alone can make you smile or gloomy sometimes.The word is so familiar, so well-known and so defined that whenever we hear it or read it, we don't know how to react towards it.Everyone seems to know a lot about it including You and Me and US..And still we find ourselves out of words when we are asked this one Silly (yes it sounds Silly to us) Question: "What is Love?" 
and you are like: "DUH!!! Everyone Knows what is Love!!?" and true trouble arises when you are asked further to DEFINE it in your own words..Like to give your Version of the Definition! You scratch your head...try to think of something Intellectual or at-least Impressive enough to make "The Silly One" (who dared to challenge your Knowledge and Wisdom) a fan of your Insight.

Nine out of Ten such Times, You don't come up with anything Intellectual, Like Intellectual enough to impress or depress the person in-front of you.You end up shuddering your shoulders..Love is indeed Difficult to describe..Too Difficult actually.

Oh before I could carry on with this Defining Love thing, I gotta tell you why is that em rambling about Love all of a sudden....Well this is because There occurred a very Tragic Incident In Lahore This week..Where A young Boy shot himself after Killing  a Girl ,that They said later, that he claimed to love and wanted to marry..He had his last argument with her that afternoon and out of desperation shot her five times and before anyone could understand anything killed himself too.

The scenes of both of them laying very close to each other on every channel of the town were very disturbing indeed..What came out as the Motive behind these killings was simple to understand..yeah The News people said so! The guy was in Love with this Girl, while she was not interested..He was after her for the last 6 months to convince her to marry him..and the girl was just not interested and had snubbed him many times but of course it dint help much.

I couldn't help thinking what kind of Love is this?! Does it make you kill ? Can it make you force somebody to love you back when He/She is just not interested! Somewhere Somebody has written that "ONE-SIDED LOVE IS INSANITY!" ..well I believe that..and I have this idea that there could not be anything more painful then loving somebody who doesn't love you back or worse Loves someone else! 

Love itself is a complicated thing, something that cant be put into words..People tend to do the most Stupid/Weird/Unbelievable things when they are in Love...and you know what disturbed me even more was the way some people commented on YOUTUBE..somebody said: ALL IS JUSTIFIED IN LOVE AND WAR! really?! and there was this Person who said that The Guy is the real hero! and not many people can do what he did..He proved his Love to both The Girl and the World! I went speechless after reading these and some similar comments.Does the face that we are in Love with somebody gives us this right to take his Life if he is not loving us back?!or is it THE EXTRA EFFECT OF DEVDAS ..(Many wrote that the guy is Devdas) 
HOW IRONIC na!!! Even Devdas dint kill PARO for marrying someone else!

There is a Lot that can be said and written about the Above mentioned incident, and I know everyone is going to condemn that, there is no way you can call this madness justified...Tho this is not the main point here but I hated the way The Media took this whole thing..Our Media is truly getting Hyper-Active day by day..Somebody seriously needs to tell it to BEHAVE itself..I was disgusted to see the LIVE images of that poor girl Laying Dead on that Bridge..Some channels din't even bother to blur her face for the first half an hour of the Coverage ..But then Who cares!? They don't even hesitate to show Gang-Rape Victims on TV , so that Dead Girl was not even protesting so Why Not!!!

I tried so hard to shake this off my mind..I couldn't succeed..To tell you the Truth, I was about to write about it In My Last post and I got so Disturbed that I preferred to write that Chocolate post instead.Bus Then I realized The Least I can do is to write about it.If this is some kind of Attitude or a Style of Loving others , we should speak against it.If The Ones who commented On YOUTUBE can speak their mind then why not Us who oppose this madness and insanity in the name of Love?!
I know and I have a firm believe that Love is explained in an altogether different way for every single one of us..

For Some, Its Gentle...Kind and Caring..They Can't and They Don't force their Love on the Ones They Idolize.
For Some, Love Doesnt need words..and it remains quiet and silent..There are people who keep on Loving without showing even a bit of it and stay happy with the fact that their Special One Doesn't even know it!
Then There are those, who Don't understand Love without words..They want it to be expressed in every way possible..Valentine Day was invented for this Group I guess , Tho technically its for those too, who don't express much But The ones who Love to express are the ones who are the biggest Beneficiaries of it.
Furthermore, There are those who are extremists even in Love! They are the ones who have this Slogan "Uger Tou Mera na Howa tou Kisi aur ka bhi na ho sakay ga!" Before digging this type harder,There is something I want to explain here..That is My very Own Personal Theory of Love..Something That I came up with after going through every single book of Urdu Literature and being a witness of many TRUE LOVE STORIES.. Love has a deep connection with our personality you make it easy to understand ,,I have an example too..
I believe that Love in its qualities is like Water! Pure, Clean, and the basic Human need..and Our Heart is Like a vessel.,a Glass to carry that water for us..
Now You see water has no shape of its own...It transform itself according to the shape of the Glass.If Glass is Round, so is the shape of water and if its narrow , so is the water too.If Glass is neat, water is neat.If Glass is dirty, No matter how clean the water is, Once its into the Glass, Its Polluted too..

So Our heart gives shape and color and smell to our Feelings..If our heart (read the over-all personality here) is of a kind person, we will be kind in our feelings too..makes sense na? Its the General experiences and Outlooks of a person that effects his very personal and intimate relationships it effects one's way of dealing with them!

So People, Check your Glasses first before you plan to pour some water into it..Make sure they are clean and well-shaped..and If you have certain Devdas Tendencies (with an Apology to Devdas Fans for using it as a Taunt but Its only in a perspective here) Like If You feel Like Killing Your Beloved or Your Beloved's Beloved Just Because He/She doesn't  responds well to your Affection..Trust me Its not Love that You need..Its a THERAPIST!!! You are on the Verge of becoming a Psychopath...Do something Before Its too late..On a very serious Note, This notion is highly alarming..This is Our duty to watch people around us,.Because sometimes what we ignore or over-look as to being "Extra-possessive" or "Attached" could be a signal of "That person Needs Help"...Just Don't Ignore that.May be Your paying attention to His/Her Problem could solve this or You could end up helping Him/Her getting some Professional help too.

In the End, Love is a beautiful thing, The Most Beautiful and The Only Divine thing on the face of this Planet , Just Dont Misread it because if you really get what Love is all about, Its certain that It makes you a much much Better person then and Love is NOT about Killing and shedding Blood , It can never be! Its all about Letting it go and wait to get it back to you and If it does , it was always yours and if doesnt , It never was! Simple as that..


  1. A true definition of LOVE, really I LOVE it... ::)
    Hmmm a sad incident... :/
    What I think is true love or love that worth is only when someone have for other for the sake of Allah...
    And we love others or we consider someone very special, take good care of them, indeed this sooth us make us feel happy, we do this for own satisfaction. We do not love for the love sake or others pleasure...

    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

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  3. Love is simply love dear has to be felt from deep within....there is no definition for it I guess...I completely agree it is among the most beautiful feelings (things) you will ever have :):)

  4. Love is well.... Love. I'd call it pain, but it still remains love.

    Beautiful love filled post.

  5. well, yes everything is justified in love and war but that is when both are in love... otherwise the world would become a living hell if everybody love someone and try to force him/her. and i think at that age, it is not love but crush. like one likes a girl/boy and then move on and like another and another and another. i have like loved 30 girls :P
    but when true love happens, then one forget about oneself and only try to please his/her beloved. and i dont think killing her in day light is something that would please anybody. that was plain madness. and the boy was not a hero..he was just psycho. if you cannot get love of somebody then shoot him.but i guess that is how some of our people think. and the media is just pathetic.

  6. I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat's new book which has a part about one sided love and now this. :( I don't think this guy was mentally unstable, psychic, a freak, retard whatever, Sometimes, I guess, love rather I'd call it, can make you do things.You're ready to fight the world, fight the demons, fight the partner too at times. 'Madly' in love could be kinda true but well. It can be hurtful, even painful and shakes you inside totally to love someone who doesn't love or even like you back. Love is a strong feeling, some just misinterpret!
    The last picture said it all btw. :)

  7. Really a great post!!That incident was hell alarming for me too! That is not what love is!!love is to sacrifice ur own happiness for ur loved one!Not to kill em !..........the boy was totally a psycho not a true lover( devdas)!I loved ur theory of our heart being like a vessel and love is like water!!......For me love is yet to be discovered ............<3!!

  8. Trouble is there aint just one sort of love, there's many, and we use the same word for all of them. Oh, the poverty of language! Brave post, most readable and enjoyable.

  9. Oh well Mishi ... What's Love ? Its simple .. One with whom you feel comfortable he/she is your love. It is an experience in itself. Loved this post.

  10. Lover's obsession is a psychopathic behaviour; it’s all over the Globe, there are so many cases taking place 24/7. Such psychopaths don't realise that love has to be mutual as it's not a one way street.
    Nevertheless, when love is double-sided, Some call it a “misconception between two fools,” while many still believe that life without love is painting without colors. Whatever it is – has to be blind. Sky is the limit but its footprints are on the moon for the love of adventure.
    On the other hand, it’s an emotion of strong affection, attraction and personal attachment. Some people fall in love before they really know their partner and marry in this state of romantic rapture.
    Naturally, man is a consumer, so he loves to look for SEX objects meaning he loves not the woman but what he gets from her. Similarly, a woman despite being a commodity herself, looks more for SUCCESS objects instead of sex objects. Naturally, to feel more secure, she is more attracted to partner with money, status, and ambition.
    Maturity level: Men fall in love faster than women do. Women take longer, because they have to evaluate the gentleman with seriousness - doing some educated calculation.
    Now the experts: they are of the view that there are three stages of love including lust, attraction and attachment. Each stage might be driven by different hormones and chemicals.
    Lust is the first stage of love and is driven by the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen – in both men and women.
    With an irresistible cocktail of chemicals, human brain entices the people to fall in love.
    Scientists think that three main neurotransmitters are involved in this stage; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. Oxytocin is the cuddle hormone and Vasopressin is another important hormone.
    In nut shell there are three different components: intimacy, commitment, and passion.
    Apart from love for lust and materialistic love, there is love for extremism. love for killing and the crook Zardari's love for money and power. Of course there is love for stealing other country's natural resources and there is blind love for blindly dictating and killing and killing--God forbid.
    In the end, I would love to advocate love for the lovely “true word of God Almighty” who has put instinct of love in every living being for loving each other rather for exploiting the less fortunate.
    Let's go for "LOVE for all, hatred for none."

  11. O.o
    that wasn't love if he killed her.
    He just decided that if she didn't want him, then she wouldn't get anyone. ._.

  12. Selfish SOB. May he rot in hell. I was so angry looking at the images on all the news channels. Our media has gone to the dogs.Has no respect for the living or the dead.

  13. beautifully written post mishi! while reading till end this is what my heart whispeted. meaningful! take a very good care hope you see pure love shaping up clean in your style;)


    this is my take on the subject :)

  15. Such a cute yet realistic post!
    LOVE is the mask which HATRED wears to luk pretty :P

  16. I agree with every word here mishi.You have analyzed it really brilliantly,and I loved your Theory it makes a lot of sense.That guy was sick for cant kill somebody that you claim to love.this is not love.well written mishi:-)

  17. it was a beautiful post,I saw the news too and felt the same way about it.Media is getting on our nerves now.and this extremism is getting in our it LOve or Religion

  18. This was so sad really.I felt so bad about that poor girl.That guy was SOB and so are the people who justified his act, would they have said the same if the girl were their own sister??
    You have written it so well Mishi, I wish people could understand what love is all about

  19. very very well written Mishi.Thumbs up

  20. super duper post.loved it Mishi.I agree with every word and every bit of it.I agree with Tariq sahib too.Brilliant post girl




  22. In you
    I see parts of me
    Parts of me
    I cannot see

    And im just anonymous..not anony1 or 2 :)

  23. love is heaven but hurts like hell

  24. Mishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. :D *hugs*
    Ohmigod :o He killed her???? :O
    That is not love AT ALL. That is the want of possessing her :o Ohmigod I'm still a lil shocked.
    Now a days people have a very distorted version of love. People slit wrists, consume poison, threaten to kill and all that. Where is all this taking us? :(
    Loved the post. Agree to every bit. And that whole "Agar tu mera na ho saka,toh kisi ka na hoga" is so effing ridiculous. Blame Hindi movies for that -__-
    May their souls rest in peace.
    Take care!

  25. nice post,love is just love,it happens like a headace,only you know it is there.

    sometimes the brightness of love blind us to see the shadow of love :)

  26. Update update update. Update update update.
    Now, go and UPDATE. Like, seriously :P

  27. hello..everybody..finally my Blogger is letting me reply to the comments on my posts...em really very thankful to all of you for your valuable comments here..em sorry I couldnt reply earlier..thank you so much all...for your love and you all:-)

  28. @Anonymous,,yes you are only Anonymous..i was not talking about you, was refering to two anonymous emails that i got, two people who said they dont want to be named!


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