and You are Proven GUILTY

Hence Comes the much awaited verdict today and left almost everyone of us in deep shock and sense of humiliation and loss....Well the shock is obvious! How come we kept on ignoring all those rumours about the existence of corruption in our cricket..I remember the initial reaction of Pakistani media when this story was broken out last Ramadan..They were all in state of Denial..I was not surprised  when I read those typical comments by some of the very responsible journalist that they are smelling some conspiracy in it..and it could be a well-planned game against our team and players...After all we are in a STATE-OF-DENIAL...we are not ready to see where we are going..

Khair If we read this behaviour carefully we should not be disappointed to see the role of P.C.B thereafter..After all they represent the same mind-set...They kept on denying too...and now after this historical verdict in any cricket corruption case until now, this is the first thing that hits our mind..If only they had taken this matter a bit more seriously, the whole series of embarrassing events later on could be avoided..If Only we had not declared it as a conspiracy and had taken some action on our own..things would not have been this bad in our favor..this whole episode has stained our cricket in a way that I doubt if can ever be compensated.

Needless to mention what  a terrible terrible defamation it has brought for us, the players who were regarded as Heroes are being hated today for their stupid acts out of sheer selfishness.How could you do this to  your country?! How could you do this to your people?
 "You have disappointed your people who loved and respected you" said Justice Cooke this evening..and all I was thinking if putting them behind the bars can repay this..In fact the shocking end of this matter made the impact on Pakistani Cricket some more grave..and It will take our players and management a very very long period of time to retain its reputation get that confidence back , to have that Love and respect back that is Lost somewhere in the Dust of Oval Ground this Year..

But then Is it fair to blame the players alone? Is corruption not our mind-set today? Are we not all corrupt? Do we not belong from a country which is represented by somebody whose reputation is nothing but a Mr.Corrupt? Who is honest here anyways?! Is it not True that the then  chairman of P.C.B  (Aqa Ijaz Butt) is to be blamed as much for this as those players?

This part of the world (south Asia) is known for its love With this game, Cricket but there is one thing else that makes it well-known ( notorious ) and that's the ranking of these countries in Corruption..It will be very unfair to blame Pakistani Crickets alone, any one who has any interest with this game and some General-Knowledge knows Cricket-Corruption is every cant negate this..There have been scandals that involve other players,other teams other countries too..yes this was unlucky of them to be spotted like this, it was their bad-luck.

I will not call this our Bad-Luck tho, Yes we are mad at them for letting us down and bringing Pakistan's name down , we are sad for them when we think for their families who are in a state of shock and in pain as Salman Butt has a two-days old son that he couldn't see yet, Muhammad Asif got married only a few months back and Muhammad Amir is only a Kid.We feel Sorry for Muhammad Amir, he was very Young, very talented , he had a very long way to go,,he was only 18 years old..that makes you sad when you see how terribly his career is over,how sudden, It leaves you even  more sad when you see he was the only one who had the guts to confess.He should have given a chance.But When you think this in a Broader perceptive, you find this satisfactory in the long term interest of this game in Pakistan..

Yes I feel sorry for Muhammad Amir,he was uneducated, had a rural background,was inexperienced as Justice Cook remarked too.But if this is the price that it takes to clean the dirty mess then Why not?! If this could help bringing our house back in order , we are OK with that.If this can promise a Clean Cricket in Pakistan again , we are ready to forget all the humiliation this controversy caused us.But The Ten-Million Question is Who is going to do that! The Incompetent,Bunch of Clowns (as Quoted by Crown Court Prosecution this Evening) Pakistan Cricket Board or even more Corrupt and incompetent ,Our Beloved Government?!

But one thing is for sure, this is not cricket alone that we need to take care of.There is a lot to do but yes Cricket could be a good start.Enough is Enough and this is the right time that we grab this Corruption with an iron hand and clean it up before its too Late..actually its already Late.We don't want to see it getting any worse.This was not the first time that our players faced such Allegations, there are many cases in the past too where Players faced charges and cases and Judicial Inquiries too, But if only they were taken seriously, we would not have witnessed this high-tension Drama.
Best Of Luck P.C.B..and Best of Luck Salman..Asif and Amir..We hope you have nice time there..(that was on a serious note)


  1. Corruption is every where. In each and every Branch of Pakistan. Even in its roots. Corruption Corruption and Corruption.

    Humans are prone to Corruption - Their hearts can easily be taken over by it.

    I don't really want to say anything about them. I don't hate them ad I never loved them 'cos I don't even watch cricket. So yeah.

    Well at least they are not In PAkistani Jails.

    What are we when our own Leaders are corrupted ;)

  2. i do agree that other players are not sentenced jail wagaira,
    but u see other players don't give false statements each time the court calls them in,

    well, i really propose this punishment. that's what they deserve.

  3. Tch Tch Tch poor guys lost their career... (jo pahly kon sa tha) :/

    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  4. I'm not watching cricket, though I can still relate..
    Corruption is terribly everywhere.
    because it is well tolerated..
    It must be really stopped ;/ question is how.

  5. its sad! its the greed ...not the need..
    Players are considered to be idols for the nation ...But times have changed and so have the people ..
    God Bless them N hope they realise their mistakes!

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  7. is not the cricket alone where corruption is, and it is not the Pakistan alone where cricketers are fact its only about as long as we are not caught we are just wait, there has to be some more name n couple of other countries too into it....

    Moreover who is not corrupt today....i think only they, who fortunately or unfortunately don't have any chance to be corrupt, yes "HUM ME SE JO IMANDAR HAIN, APNI MAJBOORI SE IMAANDAAR HAI, KYUNKI UNKO BEIMAANI SE KAMAANE KA MAUQA NAHI HAI"....

  8. oh the humanity!...people will never learn ,


  9. i second you eva on that.... exceptions aside ....but then we as individuals always should strive for betterment .... otherwise what else is there to do in this world :)

    They did wrong and they deserved to be punished for that..... people in the past have done so yet got away with a just a pat on the hand was about time some strict action was taken ....i surely hope though this is just the beginning of the cleaning process and not the end...

  10. Aamir just 19 yr old, I dont know I do feel pity for him. Sympathy actually!

  11. its indeed a sad news; dont know how much corruption is their in this domain.. seems like roots are deep down and just few came under the knife.
    I hope others learn from it . just look at their ages ad what they are accused of.

    anyways hope you are doing good take care=))

  12. Kehtay hain bud sey bednam burra.
    In the eyes of global world we are more badnaam than we actually are. In 1947, seed of corruption was left in our older generation of that time which kept developing to the state we are in today.
    Let's properly diagnose the problem:
    Some people are greedy while some are just the innocent victims of being influenced by the powerful. It seems as if one of them might have been trapped due to his innocence and immature age.
    Let's not forget, a corrupt nation always has corrupt leaders and corrupt people to repreent in sports or trade or otherwise.
    We have to first of all straighten our own QIBLA.

  13. are right what can be said when we are all corrupt! This was the point that made me write this ..we have no right to point a finger on them..if they are corrupt, so are was their bad luck that they got caught..

    as Roy says :" eman dar wo nahe hai jo bayemani nai karta bulkay wo hai kay jis ko moqa nahe mila!!!"

  14. @Ateeq yeh I agree.they deserve this!

    @Asma..yup but poor guys went for it themselves na..kis nay kaha tha?

  15. @Diane..yup sweetie its every where..thankz for dropping by my page.sorry I couldnt post a comment on your reads due to the blogger issue.. i will catch you on your page soon inshALLAH

    @Harman..yes i really hope they realize their mistake and it works as an example for other players too.

  16. @Eva...yes you are right .tho eddie has a point too.but to desire for more is something in human nature..we keep on making mistakes and keep on forgetting them without learning any lessons..and yes @eddie..pple do such things out of special reasons..but then this should nt be a justification for committing wrongs you see..and if you were reffering here..there problem was GREED and not NEED! thankyou guys for commenting

    and@eddie..see! i do reply back if my blogger lets me post these here!

  17. @redhanded

    yes i feel bad for him too.

    @Humairs.hey em doing fine tell! left you a msg on your read and consider that:)

  18. @Tariq miyan,,I cant agree more! well said..i hope it works in our favor.and could stop players from doing this ever again!

  19. I felt pity for Amir.he truly is young but lets hope, as you said May be it works for us in a way.well written mishi

  20. hope this acts as a deterrent to others around the world

  21. I stopped watching cricket once the match fixing scandal news broke out in late '90's, here. The game that was so dear to me, became an alien. I was feeling like a stupid for cheering the cricketers, when some of them had already decided the result before hand. If this continues, more and more people will get distanced from this wonderful game. That's all I can say.


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