Bakra, Eid and Me

Hello Peoples..I hope you all are having great time, Its a Festive season around the Globe, The Diwali , Halloween and Now Eid-ul-Adha..and season of shopping,fun,musti and food..yeah tasty yummy food...God em craving for Salty meat..My mother has promised to make me some on this eid..So Its Bakra Eid around the corner, which is  lot more entertaining but less exciting then choti Eid..Well the reasons are obvious , You see Eid-ul-Fiter (Choti Eid) has Ramadan , which is the most special month for us, it has lot to offer.Your whole Life-Style gets transformed and you find yourself waiting and getting ready for the big day after Ramadan and Not-To-Mention the CHAND RAAT..Yes Eid-ul-Adha has some weighty points due to its Bar-b Que parties but It cant compete with Eid-ul-Fiter's "Will it be Eid tomorrow or fast"..The last minute excitement is indescribable.
(By the way, For those who want to know the Story and myth behind Eid-ul-Adha..There is a detailed description..Spirit behind Eid-ul-Adha.)

This Bakra Eid is more popular with Bucha Party, Yes Kids love this and credit goes to their Bakra+s! You can see it in almost every neighbourhood here.Its kids that are enjoying the most.They get attached with their Bakras or whatever animal it is instantly.The kids shower all their affection on them.Its touchy to see how they take them on evening walks and decorate them too.Something Like this..

                            (hehe they could never have a better look then this  
                                   not for their Shadi even!)

The lovely look of these goats has reminded me something that I had deliberately forgotten long ago, but Now that it has hit my mind, I see no harm in sharing this with you, Under one Condition only! That  no matter what happens, No one will remind me this again and Don't you dare Laugh on this..OK? This is pretty much personal stuff that I'm going to spit here.So sit Tight..

It was one Eid-ul-Adha of My childhood, Now before I proceed , I would like to tell you one more thing, I was not like other girls in my childhood.I was more like a Mahi-Munda/Tom Boy..A girl who was more like boys in her ways, I used to play with boys,used to beat them up too..Yeah You must have guessed it already! I'm still a mean girl except that I don't beat them up now..Not in an Obvious manner of-course,yes I have learned to slow-Poison them! *wink wink* 
So I was this Tom Boy type girl of my Neighbourhood and Boys used to fear me Except one! He was the most Nasty Kid , more nasty then me! He kinda never accepted my Control over the area and always tried to pick a fight with me.SO it was One such Eid-ul-Adha and My father got us this beautiful Healthy goat ,Now there is  a thing with Goats and Kids..If you combine them both on one place , it would only spark some dhamal and nothing else.Now everyone else had a goat too.But Kids used to boast about their Goats that how their Bakra is "the Most Powerful one" and its "The most beautiful one too"..So we had this discussion started and everyone was busy making bigger and impressive claims when that Kid, the nasty one, made an appearance in the play ground with his really Heavy-weight Bakra , gave that mean look to our's and came straight toward my Bakra and said:
 "DO you think your Bakra is powerful then mine?"
 and I said without thinking much: ""yes it is! 
He looked up to other kids , Laughed and said:
" Are you sure?".
Now you see this was sensitive, Me, Him, my Bakra and His bakra and all those kids standing by there,He was making fun of my Bakra in my own area!! I just couldn't allow that so I fired a sharp glare at him and said : "Oh yes it is!! You want a fight or what?"
and I knew in my heart that I just made  a Blunder, There was no way My Bakra could win over His..His was a huge one with those pointing Horns , it was scary too if I tell you honestly. So out of this Blunder.,We fixed day and time for our Bakra-Fight and the crowd was dismissed.I was really worried, I did not want him to embarrass me and above all it was about my Bakra too.
So For the next two days, My bakra received special Diets, That included His typical diet P.S My diet too..Yes I fed him Roti and milk too..and some of the sweets as well.It was the Fight third day, all of us were gathered on the fixed spot at fixed time, I had my supporters too but so did he so It raised the already burdening pressure level on my little heart and brain.I prayed in heart and Whispered in my Goat's ear "Please Win" and We untied them within a close range of each other.
 Now you see , The Goats are not a fighting animals , But his was a horrible one, The  moment I loosened my grip on My Goat's Rope, His bakra jumped and ran toward Mine,The poor goat was scared and tried to run, But he couldn't go very far and was taken down by that Giant thing.The next thing I know is My goat was lying on the ground and that Mr.nasty Laughing hysterically and I was crying! WHY  you ask? Well umm Dint I mention those Horrible Horns that the opposite Goat had got?! He attacked on My goat's Horn and I don't know how on the earth It got cracked and broke one of his Horn..Oh My Lord! You cant imagine what I felt that moment.Thanks fully My Uncle got there Before I could think any longer then that, he rescued the Goat and brought both of us home...And what happened next is none of your business.OK?
..But yes That was one of my Worst Eids ,I do remember this much and I had to do a lot of crappy things to get even with that Mean Boy,which I will describe some other time.

So this Eid has great treat for kids..and Frankly if it were not for the kids, The High-Inflation Effected poor people would have consulted some Aalim to get a Fatwaa for shifting the concept of  sacrifice from Goats to Hens! pay a visit to any Bakra Mundi near-by and you will know why! They are simply out of reach,All you can desire for is having a Fatty Hen after you done with your visit there.people could have an Heart-Attack So they have a Doctor there too.,Phew! How difficult it is getting for a common man to do these Basic religious Rituals even.The Image explains it all...Its not Goat who is being Sacrificed now..Its The Common man these days..Even Eid is getting on The Poor Public's nerves..

Not to mention,The tragic moment on Eid is the moment when Your goat that you got attached with in the last few days is carried away for the Sacrifice Ritual.Usually they don't let the kids watch this.It disturbs them and makes them cry for days.So they ask kids to hide when they do that.I remember one such occasion when Our dear Bakra was being carried for the sacrifice and our father told us to get inside.We were watching through the window and I still remember that sight, it was horrible.I couldn't eat any thing that day and I hated my mother for cooking my dear bakra and then everyone eating it ruthlessly.."How Cruel of them"! I thought in my hurting heart.

I still remember how my Grandfather made me understand the Philosophy behind the Ritual of Sacrifice, I remember my asking him "Do our Goats go to Heavens then?" and he smiled and said Yes they do!

The reason em writing this is the way my young cousins made me recall my own childhood bakra experiences .We are back in our home town for eid..The kids are going crazy after their goats and sheeps.Like I said earlier its a great fun watching kids doing those silly things to make their Goats healthy and active.My Aunt just caught my cousin red handed while he was carrying a glass of COCA-COLA to feed his Goat.! 

Anyways,I hope all of you are having good time with the Eid preparations.I wish all of you a really great time on this Eid.Oh and Did I mention this Eid is famous for its humour-part too.You get a lot of good pieces On Bakra-Eid..em sharing one of them here.,this is my favourite one.Hope you would enjoy it..Eid  Mubarak to all of you.Happy Barbecue parties and have a Delicious karahi and Baryani too:P


  1. hahahahahhahahahaha, ur bakra lost the fight,

    that was so hilarious story, :P
    man!!!!!! u are awesome,
    EID MUBARAK, to u, and enjoy yummy tikka boti stuff,:D

  2. MISHI! It means U R well trained to be an innocent comedian since childhood.

    May I add a little for the knowledge of our precious non Muslim blogg-friends?
    Allah the ALmighty loves sacrifice of a healthy and unwounded animal of (one year old bakra) or (5 year old cow or camel).
    It's obligatory on financially capable Muslim.
    The meat is mixed up tasty part or other parts in a single type is distributed eually in 3 portions. For the family, for the relatives and for the poor and hungry people.
    *****No hen at all.******
    This festival is the most sacred, because it falls on Arafat day (HAJJ day) option to slaughter is within 3 days after first day eid prayer in congregation.

  3. Hi, I dropped in through Sujatha Sathya. Great post on Bakrid.The story of the goat fight with the nasty kid was hilarious.Yes its a pity that kids develop deep affection for the goats before the sacrifice.

    Happy Bakrid
    Ram from Coimbatore India

  4. Hello Mishi.
    I'm not are the QUEEN of storytelling!
    I always leave here with a smile on my face.

    Hope you enjoy your celebrations!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  5. BAkra badnam hua Darling tere liye ...kash tu mera bakra hota...lolx

  6. hahahahahahahhahah Oh My God dont tell me your goat lost one of his horns.this eid would really be tough on you then mishi.
    Eid mubarak to you too,keep writing.I enjoyed reading it as usual:-)

  7. Hahaha, Love the stories ! Eid Mubarik!

  8. Love the post nd love u too
    Eid mubarik sister

  9. Eid mubarak
    and hey what about the Edi:) do we get to taste the bakra :)

    hope you had a good day ..


  10. Mishi,

    Caught up with all pending posts. So the secret is out that inspite of being local DADA in childhood why are you so sweet - Chocolates. No amount of words can make one understand what love is unless one experiences it. Love is of many hues, love of - parents for children, children for parents, siblings / cousins / friends for each others, relatives specially grandparents and between two persons who feel each other as soulmates. You can understand each type of love when you come to that stage. What you said about love is so correct. And one sided love is not LOVE but insanity as you said. Black sheep is there is every flock. Match fixing has been rumoured for a long time but unfortunately serious attention was not paid. It is there in other games too, boxing for one has had such a chequered history. It is really sad and something needs to be done to curb this trend. Very informative about EID. My Urdu has become very rusty due to non practice but I could read the poem you wrote at the end. Do check your hotmail.

    Take care

  11. Now that is one interesting story dear.. :) here is wishing you a very Happy Eid :) take care :)

  12. AWWW! Ain't you the CUTEST? You gave us a story to remember on this beautiful day of festivity! :D and it was crazy as hell .. laughed my heart out!
    I keep telling my friends to name the bakras on Eid but all they come up with is Bakru and Bakranuu which is pretty sad. :P
    Khair mubarak to you, love. <3
    and wah wah, mahi munda! I didn't know about the term .. :D shall use it oftener now :D
    Take care! lottttttts of love

  13. Eid Mubarak,nice read.
    I enjoyed bakra pictures,hilarious with caption :)

  14. that was funny what you wrote - these bakres wont look so good even for their shaadis :)

  15. eid mubarak mishi =) i hope you enjoyed this eid with alot of delicious food.

    p.s. casual post is in making.

  16. Eid Mubarak...Sorry to wish you so late..
    I was actually too bsy at work dint get time to catch up with blogs ..
    hope you had good time and ENJOYED WITH FAMILY
    keep smiling love ya!

  17. God bless you for always brightening my days up with your posts. That is one hilarious story :)

  18. hahaha nice story lol hilarious in a way :D...nice write up too. I can totally picture u as a mahi munda for sure .....

  19. @Asma..yeh it is!

    @Ateeq..LOl shukur hai may tumka bukra nai;p

    @Danyan..go and get one then!

    @Tariq Sab...lolz ..yeh I have been one item kid ! and thank you so much for explaining it further:-)

  20. @Ramkrishan.,.Thank you so much for visiting my page..em truly honored:-)

    @Andy..hehehehe..em overwhelmed! your comments leave me smiling !keep commenting..ok

    @Annoymous...yeh you should say "KASH TOO MERA BUKWA HE HOTA!" hahaha

  21. @Sneha..Eid mubarak to you too dear..

    @writetoescape..thanks for visiting and liking my stories:-)

    @noreen..thankoo sweetie:-*

    @nazia...em glad it made u laugh!


  22. @Bikramjit...I wish I could send you some of the barbecue that we had on eid evening..thankz for wishing:)

    @Jack..Hey Jack you are so sweet seriously..I received you greeting card like always..thank you so much...and thank you so much for reading all my reads yet again and then analyzing them this beautifully...thankyou.em honored :-)

    @India's number one Blog...Thankyou Bloggy:-)

  23. @crystal..Lol...yeh the stories are hilarious if you ask after all these years, recalling them makes me smile too...mahi munda is a term used for such girls who are like boys in their ways you they talk,walk like boys and even fight too! so yeh I was the one in my childhood..:p

  24. @A..thankoo

    @Danish..hey hello Danish! thankz for reading it:)

    @Sujatha..hah em glad you liked the bakras here;p

    @HUmaira...aww em like dying to read that casual piece from you!

    @Harman..its ok..Sweetie..yes I had a very good time with my family and enjoyed a lot!

  25. @herenorforever..thankz:)

    @Pandora...lolz..and you tell e a great deal about perfumes every time I read your posts..
    so pleasure is all mine..

    @Eddie./.hahahah I will take it as a compliment..tho em not a tom boy any more:p

  26. Though I am late still wish you belated Happy Eid.

  27. Hey…….your blog is awesome and so your posts. The way you’ve outlined childhood memories of “Eid-Ul-Adha”, is marvelous.

    This………job of yours, makes my task extremely difficult (to part with matching comments of your caliber). I really enjoy reading such a garnished post.

    Hope, you had lovely EID with your nearer and dearer ones and enjoyed the scrumptious preparations.

    I'm sorry, your BAKRA lost battle, try next time !

    With best wishes.

  28. A long time since i have been here.
    Belated wishes to you :)

    P.S I actually tried searching for the "here i am" in the post, couldn't find :/ Anyways that was just to remind you of our pact :P

  29. are you done with distribution of bakra meat yet?
    where are U?

  30. @Shas..thankz sweetheart:)

    @Stranger..aww this is nice of you to say are you doing?

    @Vijay..hahahhah nah I really miss that line..will use it soon:P

    @Tariq..been busy:(


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