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                        We were on Family outing last night, went to Food Street and were waiting for our order of that Yummy khoyy wala Milk when I glared around and noticed the hustle bustle and the Live Crowd and it felt strange..yes a bit,.I mean we know what we are going through for the last couple of years..The Terrorism and The Power Crises and The Effects thereafter!! It has hit us quite hard..and its been here for some time..Lahore was not safe too...We have seen tough times...Not a single place in the city could be tagged as SAFE! Be it markets,or Shrines or Offices, even the Residence was not safe anywhere..and its still the same..You cant go out without thinking about the Security Concerns first! But this is Lahore...People never stop living their Lives here...Its a Blast in the Morning and People are out again in the evening..It seems that Nothing can really break the Spirit of Lahories....They truly are Lively people with a very different culture of their own..

Yes Lahore has its own Culture..which doesn't match with the rest of the Pakistani Culture..There is something very special about this city which makes it remarkable in its own special ways! Lahore Lahore aay! is said rightly...Don't know if it is the Famous Canal Road or The Food Street Or Anarkali Or Lahore Fort cant name just one things which makes Lahore , The Lahore! But yes There is one thing that you know while talking about "the Whats so special about Lahore" and that is its FOOD! yes 
I know more then Half of you would agree to this, weather  you have visited Lahore or Not..this is something that Lahore is Known for...I guess this is the only thing that Those ,who have never been to Lahore know about it...right?
SO yeh Food is Special thing number One about Lahore..Be it Old Gawalmundi or new Food Street...Food in its best form is all you see there and taste too...I know people who visit Lahore just for its Food, and when they are not in Lahore, All they miss about it is its Food..

                                 Click here  Food Street Lahore

Not to mention, Data Sab is another reason for what makes Lahore this popular ..They say if You are new in Lahore and you Don't know where to go or where to eat..Go to Data Sab and you are taken care of! There was a time when People from all over the Punjab used to come to Lahore for small odd jobs and The Shrine of Data Sab was the only place for them..They worked all day and came to the Shrine in the evening..where they could have free meals..(Lunger which never stops) and the Shelter for spending night too..

Thanks to The Terrorism ..The poor Muzdoors cant go there now for the Security reasons, But yes They still can have those meals..There is something about that Shrine that makes it an important part of Lahore..They say Lahore is "Datta's Nagri" (Datts' city)..True say! 

When I came to Lahore first some 6 years back..(yes em not From Lahore basically..from South Punjab actually and it makes my opinions here WEIGHTY! right? ) So, when I first came in here,I didn't like it much..I found it crowded and Polluted ..and it makes me smile to think that how Ironical is the fact , that now after 6 years, when this city is all the more crowded and polluted, em in Love with this place..Head over heals actually!

You can't blame me for that. You just cant help being in love with this place..Everything is special about Lahore..Its weather, The Food, The fun-Loving People and what not! oh yes and the famous Canal Road!! But before that I just recalled something that we miss these days most about Lahore..

Yes!! Basant...When I remember when I first came in Lahore some Years back, Basant was celebrated like any other Festival in Lahore.There was all fun about it back then.It was all about B.B.Q parties, Get-together, Food, Kites, and music back then.Nobody was hurt ever, Not that badly at least! Those days were the days when Basant used to bring business worth millions to Lahories..Everybody was happy about it Of course..Then came the new STUPID invention of Metal String which changed everything! 

Basant is just not the same since then,I miss Basant like many others But I can't favor it out of the fear that it might hurt somebody out there.How can you enjoy it when you know that the metal string can cut somebody's throat in the streets.So its not the same now.After the Ban on Basant, Lahore is without one of its major Festival now.Tho this does demand a debate here, weather it was wise to ban the String or the Festival! Khair so Lets Get back to the Canal Road, My most Favourite spot of Lahore.This was the First thing that I loved about Lahore.I still adore it.


So its Love, Life and Lahore.You cannot resist to the charms of Lahore.There might be many people who are annoyed with all the pollution and noise and crowd and they don't like it for that in a way,But even They confess Their affection for it in one way or another.HeHeHe I know What You guys are thinking..NO.NO.NO! Nobody paid me to promote Lahore here, This was something that I owed to this place.As it has helped me to become what I am today.I remember What I was like 6 years back, I owe a lot to this city for experiences and exposure's it helped me to have.

I will write a separate post on my initial years in Lahore some other day,That was all for today.I know I could not cover all the important things about Lahore, It was just a Token post, I hope it does give a basic idea to those who have never been to Lahore.

SO that's all for now..
From Lahore..With Love:-)

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Thanks for bearing with it.

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  1. such beautiful pictures...
    lahore has a history of its own:)

  2. wow lovely pics
    Lahore Lahore ae :D lol i was born there and i love lahore <3

  3. people say India had two brothers... One was Lahore and the other Lucknow... sadly they landed on the other side of the map after the brutal conflict of egoisitc leaders. Lovely Lahore.. wish someday the two brothers get together.. !

    Weakest LINK

  4. simple and beautiful post about the life in Lahore :) .... nice and refreshing :D

  5. Love the pictures.. Mish..
    never knew its so beautiful.. and those pictures of forts.. its awesome!Samadhi of maharaja ranjit singh ...I didnt know it was there..
    I love that govt college lahore..Khalsa college Amritsar is similar to that...
    its beautiful.

  6. God Bless Lahore. And may the future generations see the beauty and peace of this epic city again.Lahore is the spirit and heart of Pakistan. Can't wait for my next trip. Mishi is it true that the food street has been demolished?

  7. Lahore has a FOOD STREET? MISSSSSSH, you're so showing me around! Though Lucknow and Lahore sound starkly similar to me now that I've read SO much about it, I still want to be shown around :*
    PS: Badshahi Mosque looks a hell of alot like Jama Masjid. I am sure the same serenity prevails around there.

    Oh, your id hacking part if really bad. I don't what's with these losers going around hacking!

  8. hii

    nice blog and nice pics..lovely!

  9. I really hope to visit your part of the day...really hope..:)

  10. @sneha..yes I agree.Lahore has its own history:)

    @Rachit..I heard that too.,.and I would really like to visit Lukhnow some day..and to that "get together thing"..I hope it comes in terms of good neighbours!:)

    @princess..hey:) thankz for visiting my page..I hope you get to see this city yourself someday:)

  11. @eva..yes it is..its a lovely visit sometimes:)

    @Eddie..thankz :-)

    @Harman..em glad it gave you some idea about Lahore..I really love my lahore.and you know wot I couldnt cover the whole Lahore, there are so many other places that are worth visiting...smadhi of Ranjit Sing is a very popular place..people visit from India too..Do visit Lahore sometimes Harmeet..and DO visit me..I will be really glad:-)

  12. @pandora...yes Lahore is a cool place..No sweetheart They dint..Gawalmundi is the Old food street na..and Now they have a new one right besides Anarkali ..that place is cool too..Food is great..I bet you know it already:-)

    @Crystal..hello:-) em glad you likes it...Invite me to Lukhnow na:p
    and yes The HACKERS! they dont have anything better to do I guess:)

    @AS..hey thankyou so much for visiting my space and leaving a comment.em honored..:)

    @Bloggy..DO tell me when you visit..I will be more then glad to see you:-)

  13. nice presentation Mishi.
    jinnay Lour nai vakhia oney kugh vee nai vakhia.
    I had the feeling, you are not from Lahore as you used to say hak ha.
    I hope you would mention shalimar bagh next time.
    And remeber phajay daiy pai (Lamb/goat feet cooked by phaja)

    Also, you mentioned my college which is now a university but I like it as Government College Lahore and not as GC university.

    BTW: It's my birth city

    thanks for your strong comment on my blog about voting for the new leadership--it's been responded already.
    If you so wish to have a peak at it---be my guest.

  14. Such a beautiful place, I wish I come sometime. There is a bus service these days.

    And, I hope you are all set with your a/c. Do change your password often. My gmail was hacked once and I couldn't claim it...

  15. Ah I miss Lahore.Such a Beautiful Place it is! Very well described Mishi:-)

  16. @Tariq..haha yes em not from Lahore..and this Haq ha is the native expression...I included Shalimar pic here..and Fajay kay Paie was difficult to find in image!

    @Saru...Yes the bus service is good..I wish to visit India too..There are many places that I want to see there...and the account! what to say yara..Hackers are Losers basically..Thank God I got my account back:)

    @Adil..are you from Lahore? I dint know that:)

    @Misfit..yes it is:)

  17. Lahore is so beautiful
    thanks for sharing this post and all those lovely pics too & so much info

  18. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  19. Great blog! Check out mine. Wouold love to hear your view. Just started to write about Lahore. :)


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