Tag Time

Its The Tag Time..I'm really Honored and pleased to receive this Tag from None Other then My Very First and Foremost Friend here on Blogger .Harman..The Tag here requires me to answer some questions and tell you guys about somethings that I might not have told anyone Before..Exciting na?
DON'T BE! Kidding..P.S em an Introvert so Don't you Dare think That I will reveal my Secrets just like that..Nah Nah..Em more Tough then That..

Uff Kitni BUkwasi Duddu hon na may..Yeah I know..I dont need you to confirm that for me..Lets Move to the Tag thing now or em on this Bukwas for some time more!So here it goes..

1-If I were a month, I would be January ..

Well Reason # One: its my Birthday and Reason #Two: I just like this Month for all the Enthusiasm it brings with it..You know Start of the Year and every one is excited and all ..:)

2-If I were a day of the week, I would be Friday....Its a Holy Day for Us!

3-If I were a time of day, I would be Evening..Tho they are sad but I like the Feeling that Now its Time to Rest..He.He He LAZY MISHI!:P ..and P.S I would have said Mornings for sure, After all Morning are Lovely But Who wakes up in the Mornings when you are Unemployed and stay at Home:p

4-If I were a season, I'd be Winters for sure ...I love the feel of this Season..The Blankets..The Tea Parties..The Dry Fruit parties..But ABOVE ALL
..I love Winters for the Fact that they are becoming RARE and RARE..Shorter and Shorter every year! Thanks to THE GLOBAL WARMING and a WAR ON TERROR in our Neighbours! *It literally Sucks being in this Part of the Globe sometimes..hai na?*

5-If I were a planet, I’d be Pluto..yeh The One which  is not even Considered a Planet anymore..I would be a Pluto so that I could  have told them HOW DARE THEY! TO KICK THAT POOR THING OUT OF THE PLANET CIRCLE!!
Who gave them this Right?!.I wish I were Pluto and I would have taught them a Lesson..I still remember how bad I felt When I read this news..It was odd you see, Like Throwing somebody away just like that ..Pure MEAN and EVIL IF you ask me! I hope you got my point here..

6-If I were an animal, I’d be a cat without any second Thoughts.....a lovely and Paloo shi Mani Billi..Remember I LOVE CATS!!

7-If I were a direction, I'd be West...See How everybody Idolizes THE WEST:p

8-If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be that Dressing Table..Something that is needed THE MOST in an House! yeh so that when somebody would ask me: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL..TELL ME WHO IS THE PRETTIEST OF  ALL..I could answer them SHUT UP aur muhn dho kay aao! *Go wash your face* yeah yeah em MEAN ..I know!

9-If I were a liquid, I’d be Water..yes there is Nothing more Refreshing then a Glass of Water..Ask me ..em From that Part of the South Punjab where it gets really Hot in Summer and I know what Water means!

If I were a tree, I would be a Mango Tree..

I love the sight of a Tree Full of Mango's..Its Mesmerising ..Especially if you are a Fanatic Mango Fan!

11-If I were a tool, I’d be a Hammer too.. ... Like Harman said ,to straighten everything out.!

12-If I were an element,I'd be Gold Of-Course...Pure and Divine and EXPENSIVE like anything!

13-If I were a gemstone, I’d be Diamond. Kehnay may Kiya Jata hai:p

14-If I were a musical instrument, I wud be Guitar.I love its Sounds..yup being a Fan of Linkin Park and Metallica ..it should explain a lot..

15-If I were a color, I’d be Black! 
Reason# One: This..

Reason Two: I like the way it covers everything up..its just so powerful na..
16-If I were an emotion, I would be Happiness and Courage..Smiles..Smiles every where:-)

17-If I were a fruit, I’d be Mango ..Like I said earlier.

18-If I were a sound, I would be the Sound of that Siren which Announces that its time to Ifrar in Ramadan..People love this sound like anything ..

19-If I were a car, I'd be Honda Civic..aint it simply Gorgeous?

20-If I were food, I’d be Chicken Karahe!Tho em more a vegetarian then Non-Veg but I like Chicken Karahe..

21-If I were a taste, I’d be of Gulab Jaman's! Yum Yum..

22-If I were a scent, I’d be fragracne of Jasmine..LOve it like crazy..

If I were a pair of shoes, I Would be High Heals..Yeah Being Tall..(em 5.5) I cant wear Heals that much.I crave for them literally..wish could wear them!

24-If I were a bird, I would be a nunnu munni si Chirya..

25-If I were a Fast bowler, I’d be Shoaib Akhtar and had used my talent in a much much better way then him! Dumb Shoaib!

26-If I were a Batsman, I’d be Afridi ..Aw God em having a crush on him..and Damn it..he is not even single now! why is he so cute!!!! AkhirKion!

So yeah Peoples..These were some random questions and some of my random answers..Now the time to pass on the Tag, and Since this Is about telling something more about yourself so I have selected the ones that I want to know some more..and I have taken the Liberty of enhancing the Number of persons that em going to pass this on to..(I hope Harman you wont mind!)
So I would like to pass this on to following Friends..
*Crystal, the sweet girl from India..My new Lovely Friend, 
*Humaira The one Girl that I really want to get to know more , 
*Pandora..A lady so passionate about Perfumes, and I want to know what else is there in her Life..it would be a pleasant surprise ,I know it Already, 
*Tariq sab  ..yes I know he will be a slightly uncomfortable while writing this post, But out  of all that serious stuff that he is writing these days,.this has to be a pleasant change!
*Israr..yeah I certainly want to know more about this Khan..Since em having a crush on Afridi...All the Other Pathans are all the more respectable!

So guys this was a Tag post that was due on me..Hope to see you soon with something refreshing I guess or Depressing ..WHATEVER! it has to be something or I will hate myself for Ignoring my page..
See ya soon:-)

So Guys..Gimme a post on this Tag real soon..OK?


  1. Hi Mishi :)

    This is my first time commenting here. I joined your blog a wee bit ago and remained silent until I could return and peruse it at a greater length :)

    We have many readers in common and I've always been an admirer of your gorgeous image! Your sense of humour just jumped off the pages when I first came to visit here ~ this is the main reason I decided to follow :)

    I have really enjoyed reading all of these wonderful things about you! I love the creative way in which you chose to reveal them. A fantastic read and I'm looking forward to what Crystal and Israr are going to post!

    Best Wishes to you,
    Fiona :)

  2. I guess you are right; I must get into some entertainment oriented stuff for a little change.
    Ok guys! u gonna get it soon than---just wait buddy!

    My written statement to Mishi’s plaint:
    A prolonged “wish history” of your amusing if or if or if..................if.
    Very cute of you.
    Of course, your “wish list” is a source of amusement, yet you forgot to mention----If I were a judge I would have taken a suo motto notice of un-employed bloggers responsible for the spread of corruption free atmosphere as it’s anti-norms.
    I wonder if you are eying upon my Honda Civic.....RU ?????....I hope not...
    My wish list:
    If I were a pilot, I would have flown my Honda Civic all across the Atlantic ocean and landed at food street of Lahore ; then enjoying the luscious tandoori chicken tikka and tandoori roti there with pepsi cola.
    Today, this much is enough of my wish list, because now my better half is calling me ---dinner is ready.
    I have to go.
    Bye bhai
    Stay tuned.

  3. It's lovely getting to know more about you. Your pluto one had me laughing out loud :) I stand by you on this entirely.
    Thank you for passing this down to me. I will surely do this tag as soon as I can.
    Have a great day.

  4. hey thanks God you are still alive... :)

    agreed on 2, 3, 4, and 9-21 and 25.

    poor you...already out of the solar system :P

    being cat without second thought? there are dogs out there :P

    and 5.5 can wear heels..no problem with that :P

    and afridi the batsman? :P

    and i was felling happy when i saw my name andthen the crush and it all came flat on the ground when i saw the name of afridi after crush :( :P

  5. Even I would be a Mango tree if I were a tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And friday is definitely a HOLY DAY for us!

  6. This was so much fun. And I agree with Israr, I am rather intrigued by the fact that you didn't pass out in the middle, I sure would. -.-
    Oh yay! Now I know your birthday month, so I can do something (smirks) Which day which day? My favourite month and day would be February (my birthday month) and SATURDAAY :D
    And aaaww at nanhi munni si chiriya. So cute you are. :*
    And Afridi haa? My across the borders love inclue Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam and Shahid Afridi ;) irrespective of Afridi saying INdia vaalo ka dil bada nai hai. :(
    I loved 18. <3 And 15 was divine. I love how relgious you are. :')
    ANDDDDD, I'd want to be the feeling of excitement :D I will take this up. It is SO much fun. Thanks for the tag, hon. *hug*

  7. Mishi , Loved this , Got to know more of you.. Awesome justifications for why you love to be color black, batsman Afridi and so on.. Great post as usual. It had been a week since I logged in to read my favourite readers. When I first logged on today your post was the first one I picked and it gave a fresh start for the week.Great going dear.

  8. haha nice tag...Enjoyed reading the answers...nice cover up on some of them too :P lol.. its a hard thing to get the inner secrets out from a cappi :P ... lol..

  9. Some interesting things about you Mishi and I always tell my husband that if I die, I will visit him as a sparrow.

    Enjoyed reading every bit of it!!!

  10. Mishi Mishi Mishi, Here you go with your Most Adorable Sense Of Humor ever.I came in here after so many days , weeks I guess and I am all cheered up by reading this one piece of yours.You are so cool with the random stuff girl,Some of the answers made me laugh really hard.I love mangos too and I like cats too, yours by the way is the cutest cat that I have ever seen.keep writing and dont forget I am your Biggest Fan Alive in this Planet:-)

  11. Lol@nunni Munni chirya and Bukwasi Duddu, you surely have great sense of humor.your man is going to be very Lucky Mishi:P

  12. @Lady Fiona..

    First of all NICE NAME!! very cool actually...Thank you so much for following me, I dint know you until you posted this comment..em glad you did..it gave me a chance to know you! I visited your page and it inspired me to follow you back:)

    you have a beautiful page Lady Fiona and the way you have talked about me and my page speaks volumes about you..you sure are a friendly person..and em happy to find you here..keep visiting and keep commenting and stay connected:-)

  13. @Tariq Miyan..

    hahah see I caught you OFF GUARDS ! knew it ! see you were too busy taking the pains of those things that are beyond our power to repair! So I thought to give you a Break...its always good to have a break..such random silly little things make you smile ..em sure you will experience this yourself soon..

    and yes Now that I know you have a Honda Civic..tou WHY NOT! I will eye that:P

    and it was CUTE of you to say cute to me:P

    em glad you liked the idea of tagging you here..and em really waiting for you next read so BRING IT ON:P

  14. @Pandora..hehehehe yes I really felt bad for Pluto..the poor thing..yara we have been memorising 9 planets since our childhood , we were kind of attached na..then One fine Morning we wake up to know that there are not 9 planets any more and that the Tinny them of all is being kicked out! HOW RUTHLESS na!

    so now Im waiting for your answers to know more about you..:-)

  15. @Israr...

    yes em ALIVE and em so sorry for disappointing you for that:P

    hmm well I can wear heals but I dont..coz I dont know how to walk in those things and I fell every time I try!

    and the Crush thing! Why dont we discuss it in PRivate?:p will explain that you in a more explaining manner:P

    now do the post soon!

  16. @Red Handed...Thank you sweet heart:)

    @Asma khan..Thankz Khan sab:P

  17. @Crystal...

    oye you started giving answers here! you are supposed to do a separate post for that!

    and yes Afridi ROCKS! and dont feel bad he dint mean that..that was under some special circumstances na..he will say something good about you guys soon..Let me just talk to him about it..hahahahha..

    Now Dont say thankz and do this tag post real soon..em waiting.. *Hugs*:-)

  18. @Ashwini..

    Hey sweet girl how are you doing? Long time no see!!! em glad you visited after such a long time...I will catch up on you soon..

    and the association with Black color has a deep root with KHANA KABA but I will not call it religious .its just an emotional attachment!

    Thankyou sweetheart for visiting again:)

  19. @Eddie.

    yeah thankz..Tho I was about to make an amendment here..but em glad you take the initiative on your own! saved me some time and energy too:P

  20. @sneha...Thankyou so much sweetie:)

    @Saru...hai na? sparrows are so adorable..Thankz Saru :-)

  21. @Adil..

    hey welcome back! Long Time no See!

    and Thankyou so much for your lovely comments..yeah I know the fan thing already..its nice of you really...em obliged:-)

  22. @misfit..

    Lol..am I? I dont think so:-)

    hmmm and I will ask my man whoever he will be the same question if he thinks he is lucky to have me and then will let you know what he said:-)

  23. That's a cute tag and tells a whole lot more about you!Afridi was super cute once upon a time...and i would join hands with you on gold and diamond and shoes and gulab jamans and a whole lot there!:-)

  24. I like winters too and January...)))) Good to know more about you

  25. hey ..Mish
    love ya...I cudnt stop laughing reading this lovely tag... so cute...so sweet..
    my nanni muni chiriyaaaa..
    that was so cute!
    you can tag anyone dear!
    Uma and you are someone I consider close ...so I had tagged jus two!

  26. Congrats! And to all recipients too!:) I enjoy reading all your answers and feel great about all what you said! Fantastic girl for me! If they will asked me what planet should I be? Just like what you said, Pluto! Same reason too! Lols.. Thanks for sharing us about you!:) Find you a nice person.:) Keep sharing:)

  27. i loved this post totally the if i were this is imaginative & fun and i know not that easy to write either.
    i am so tempted to do a post on similar lines
    its fun just thinking of the answers to each of the questions and you've done great here
    copycat me!:))

  28. :D ouch mishi i really take a bow for your convincing skills. this scarcely happens that i decide to write about myself :P

    so my post would be coming soon on this .

    thanks and take a very good care. keep writing =D we enjoy you a lot

  29. Well, that's pretty comprehensive, but still it opens up all sorts of possibilities. I particularly liked the hammer one.

  30. ..love it or hate it?? hehe.. LOVE it!
    nice to know u more...

    aaaarrgghh, i so hate cats and u love them much??!!!
    but i love mangoes, and i also want to wear heels... like u, i really cant wear it most of the time, coz im 5'6"... HAHA..

    eniway, how i wish youd have work so that u could give me Prisma colours =)


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Mishi,

    Read 2 posts now. Thanks a lot for giving so much information on my place of birth - Lahore. I have heard so much about it from my elders and that fascinates me. Hope I can visit this beautiful city some day. Thanks for such beautiful pictures. Well done Tag, mango is my favourite too.

    Take care

  33. uffs...sorry...i was not supposed to stea dat..
    i loved that post..n juz copied it...for some reason..i dont know..
    u hav noticed na..theres nothing else in dat blog..n even i dint mind dat blog furthermore...
    am sorry.. really really sorry.. :(

  34. Hey that kitty is so cute xx :) I guess heals are every girls dream, I too can't manage heals. Aww.. I prefer converse shoes, they rock!


  35. "the secret of good writing is to say an old thing in a new way"

    refreshing know-being :)

  36. thank you so much all for leaving your lovely comments here..Mishi is highly obliged :-)
    Love you all:-)

  37. Paloo shi Man :)))))))))))) i would love to be your cat mishu :) that way i would be pampered for sure :)))))))))))))))))


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