Political Legacy to People's Tsunami

The end of 2011 is marked with something that has make the upcoming year filled with so many hopes,so many speculations and so many conspiracy theories.I would not talk about HOW THE WORLD WILL END in this year as the most people are thrilled about,Well don't stare at me for being so ruthlessly indifferent to the world that I live in, Blame my Green Passport! I have bigger and better things to worry about,for instance, the ongoing revolution movement in the country! Tell me if there is anything more powerful then that for us ,Pakistani, this moment? Nah there is not.This is the most captivating thing in years that we found to focus at last and it seems no one wants to keep his eyes off this, not yet, not now!

Yes yes its IMRAN KHAN'S TSUNAMI that I'm referring here,after all,its only been 3 days that we witnessed his Karachi Julsa of 25th December.This public gathering in Karachi showed something so significant that it may always be remembered as something unforgettable in the history of Pakistani Politics for so many years to come.What was started from Tusinia as wave of hope and wave of Revolution spread vastly through the pages of Social networking to the roads finally made it into Pakistan too,while crashing so many monarchies in the way.Though we don't have a prominent history of revolutions,But we still owe bundle of Thanks to The Judiciary Restoration movement that Now we kinda have an idea  what people's power can do to Monarchs and Dictators and how it can change the whole system upside down.We saw it in Egypt, Syria and then the rest of the Arab world too.The wind of change is blowing in Pakistan now.

A lot has been said and written about this already,Either he truly is Media's Darling or surely pays them a lot for all the extra coverage as being accused of by The Opponents.Well I don't care what you accuse him of, I have my own reasons for putting my trust on him this time.Being a student of Politics, I always had this opinion about our Leaders that they should not only be politicians but something more then that.Yes I agree KHAN is not that an experienced Politician as his fellow ones,its only been fifteen years since he started his political career but then I dare to ask you what in the name of God those EXPERIENCED ones have given us..you will name ATOMIC BLASTS,MOTORWAY,GILGIT BULTUSTAN,THE 18TH AMENDMENT,NFC Award (forgive me if I'm forgetting something) and Oh Not to mention N.R.O , War On Terror, BILAWAL BHUTTO,MERRIUM NAWAZ and HAMZA SHAREEF

Duh! HIS MAJESTY speaks of how his daughter ASIFA BHUTTO will take over what LATE BAYNAZEER has left and she will lead the nation,and then There comes Merrium Nawaz along with Hamza Sahreef as if we don't have any other choice but this! it makes me sick to my stomach when they talk of their POLITICAL LEGACY.as if this whole nation is nothing but their BLOODY TENANTS and they will keep on ruling over this herd of Sheep generations after generations,it makes me feel sick to my stomach when I hear them talking this s**t about passing the sacred duty of leading the nation on to their sons and daughters who don't even live here, who study abroad and have duel Nationalities.

But then why not! After all we are the people who don't give a damn to what our future will be,we are the nation that has this trend of selling votes for a mare 200 rupees, just pay them 200 to 500 per head and you have their votes and oh yes BLAME THEIR POVERTY for that! No one gives a damn to who are they electing and what will become of them.These are the Experienced Politicians who don't even like to attend Assembly Proceedings afterwards.What a Nation na!

Not that I'm some die-hard fan of KHAN,yes I have always liked him for so many reasons and these are the reasons I support him in Politics too, and I know what people are criticizing him for.The concerns and apprehensions are valid in a way.He is being accused of taking THE SAME OLD POKER FACES but tell me something what is it that makes a difference, the team or the leader? Its the Leader that can make the difference,I will be willing to accept these Used Cards Under his leadership because its his Vision that I trust.Yes this is what makes him who is he today.His will and and  his VISION.. yes an absolutely Alien concept for Pakistani Politics since Quaid-e-Azam..How many Politicians are there with Vision! So its man with vision and others joining him.

We don't need politicians for God sake, we need Reformers, we need Administrators, we need somebody with vision! The Vision that could work for us,People are afraid what if he fails,but tell me something do we have any other option?! Is this hope not worth taking a chance , a risk? 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I tell myself,this time I am going to make my own choice so that I may not blame anyone for pushing me for that.Yes I support him as I believe that even if he does half of what he says,we will be rescued as a Nation.

I,here, represent that youth which is being accused of following and supporting KHAN like crazy.We do and we will support him,Times have changed now.You cant keep on exploiting us on the names of your Mother or Father or Grand- father,this is a new time,this is a new era, we will choose what we think is best for us, and we think HIM as our only hope.A hope that is worth taking a chance!

So yes World, wish us a very HAPPY NEW YEAR, wish us a HAPPY REVOLUTION too....

(When I first heard this song,I loved it and thought it should have  been dedicated to the Pakistani People, and I'm so glad the job was done nicely by a very dear Friend,I hope my India Friends will not mind for our borrowing their song!)


  1. Bilawal is my hero :P Jiye bhutto and zardari khappay... :) :P

    well... jesa mun wesa thapar...so jesi awam wese hukumran hai... look at those who flocked to naudero for what? to be fooled...to be given a new heir-apparent of pakistan...asifa... !!! like can anybody tell the name of the chairperson of democrat party of USA?or republicans? or that of liberal or conservative of UK? because over there people only vote and care about the manifesto of the parties... people come and go...but in here we have parties...like N, Q, P, Z, etc etc... so if nothing else, Khan will make sure one thing...end to hereditary politics and parties... like after him there will be another chairperson of PTI and that will not be wife or child of Khan...

    Happy new year... :)

  2. Well ..to my mind ..nation depends on its people ..and power of voting.. where the all wrong means r used nothin much can be done except silent acceptance which is worse!
    nice song..N we dont mind..music is Global!!

  3. The public, particularly-- the rural one has been kept politically unaware; is a great crime agaist the people of Pakistan.
    The rulers call this democracy. I ask them, can democracy come into existence through pressure tactics or misleading the deformed minds of the people-- who are hungry and depedent upon these sardars and badmash mafia?

    Under the current electoral system, only sham democracy is available --
    take it or leave it --no choice.

    Yes! a paradigm shift in the system is in the making as people are fast turning politically mature due to over active media.

    With IK's PTI, there is a hope. In fact a tidal wave of political tsunami is likely to kill the so called democrats and the corrupt people indeed.
    Long Live Pakistan.

    Iftikhar Choudhry and IK are needed by the nation to make a positive change.

    Mishi, I love this post.
    I will be writing soon in this regard.

  4. Well Said, i solemnly agree! u know what i came to know yesterday.. almost 150 of the MNAs haven't even said a single word in the damn full 4 years... not even k yar thand bohat lag rahi ha AC halka ker doo (as per sheikh rasheed... abb buss ho gai ha yar... v should give IK 1 chance! its not that only v need him, he deserves it aswell...!
    keep the good work going kionqye tumhain pata ha na k iss awam ko bhool janye ki adat ha... tu jab tak vote'aien nahi dal jatien tab tak welding karti raho! :) well done!

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  6. this was such a good post. so insightful on so many aspects of your country. it was an engaging read

  7. Brilliantly written mishi, meray dil ki bhi yehe awaz hai.nice song.good work

  8. loved the video,it perfectly captures your post.and loved your post too.we truly are sick and tired of these A**holes!

  9. I agree with every word here,this is the most talked about topic these days and yet you summed it all up in one read.very good

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