Turning 28 has its Lessons

So yeah It was my birthday,First of All thank you so much guys for making my day even more beautiful,Special Thanks goes to STRANGER here..wow! the idea is really unique and I was so overwhelmed..!

It was a good day,it couldn't be any better then that,I spent the day with my family,received calls and sms all day long.Growing up has certainly its own bright sides,Like I was not thinking about people who forgot to wish me,I used to be the kind of person who took this very seriously,no friend could forget my birthday and if they did, I ,after waiting for a reasonable time, used to call them myself and asked them to wish me! he he sounds very stupid to me now..so yeah it does not matter any more,I did not get mad at people who forgot to wish me even when they were added in my Face book Friends and as once quoted by one of my Friends 

"In This age of Face book,It is a crime to not wish somebody on their birthday specially if the person was in your Friends List!" 

Makes sense!! Face book is a blessing in this context, you don't need to remember all the dates,it does that for you and even if you didn't read those Advanced Notifications ,you can wish the person that very day! simple! and has  made life much more easier now.So yeah I was saying it did not make me want to call my Friends with short memory to make me wish,I'm over that now.Its OK if somebody forgot my birthday,After all em entering into a Age-Phase that from now on I will not even like Face book to announce my birthday! ha ha kidding! though the idea is very striking..

I do not want to bore you all with all the stupid details of my day,it went fine,I had gifts too.One of my Sister gave me this very cute stuffed toy,its big one and its cute, but I did not know how to react when she brought that to me,I mean I turned 28!!! right? But she had her own reasons and she said she wants me to keep it so that one day my kids would be playing with that and she could tell them that it was she who gave me that present! NOT BAD!! So I thanked her a lot for actually buying something for my KIDS TO BE!! 

                                            (Here it is..the toy,it rests on 
                                              easy chair now)

We have this very interesting Birthday Tradition in the family that on every birthday in the family,we ask the Birthday girl person if there is something particular they want like if there is something that they need to have and tell our budget  too,it saves both parties a lot of time and energy.Interesting na? So yeah The rest of the Gifts were my little needs that I told them and they bought those for me.My father threw a small family party in the evening as usual and we all had fun.The day ended with smiles..

It is strange how small things make you realize something of vital importance,I witnessed a similar thing on this birthday that I don't intend to forget for the rest of life,Not that I did not know it before but sometimes we just do not see that coming..

I had a slide phone,it was Nokia 3600 Slide, a beautiful ladies cell phone,I had it last year,bought it from a Friend who had a new cell,it was in excellent condition,worked just fine and I liked it too,Then I don't know how and why I had this idea of changing my cell phone,Though I was unemployed that time and I still am,I am not a kind or person who crave for things,I hardly get mad after things,Everybody around me  knows this about me,I am a content sort of person.So I saw this phone somewhere,it was an iPhone,and I liked it so much that I decided to have it.

Now I started treating my phone in a really bad manner,I used to take care of it a lot,and I did not care anymore if it just fell on the ground,I was head over heals with an iPhone that I did not have yet..So days were passing by smoothly with my dreaming and planning about having a new phone and mistreating my old one..

One nice evening, I was having something with tea that I had a call,it was a formal acquaintance,somebody who wanted my help with something,while I picked that call up, I went into the washroom to wash my hands,and while I was doing that I gripped the phone pressing my shoulder with  my ear before I bent over wash-basin and GUESS WHAT! Without even a slightest warning,it slipped and fell right into the wash-basin with a tab running in its full strength!! I froze for a second,held it back and ran to dry it with a towel while the call was still on and started talking to that fellow again..
yeah yeah I know what you must be thinking...that "ARE YOU MAD!!" It just skipped from my mind that I should have switched it off instantly..nature has its own way to teach you a lesson..

Later on,after I noticed the faded LCD of my phone,I asked my brother and he gave me that look yeah the "ARE YOU INSANE!!" waliHAVING NO PHONE AT ALL!! 

My father helped me with his extra phone and guess what it had the worst reception that I had even seen.It just drops signals without any advanced warning and then you have to do that TAP TAP ,TAP THE HARDER WAY thing to it until it breathes again..this phone is a pure torture if you know what  mean,Every time It loses its signals,I desperately wants my old phone back!

I still had hopes before yesterday(11th Jan) that I will get it back and will have its LCD replaced..So when on my birthday,I was asked what I want, I said I want to get my phone fixed and my sister said she will get it fixed for me..and later on broke me this news that it cannot be fixed,the phone is dead now that I have lost it.

When she gave me my dead phone back,it was only then that I realized how unthankful and ungrateful I have been towards it..I lost my phone because I had  stopped valuing it.and I did not realize how good it was until it was lost forever.We do the same with people too, we don't value them ,don't give them their due respect or love or care,we only realize their importance in our life after they are gone.after they are not available to us anymore.This small episode of losing my phone reminded me of something that we all tend to forget all the time..

We keep on desiring and wishing for things that are not even parts of our lives yet,ignore and forget what we have already..So yeah em really growing up  and em glad I can see now what I was unable to notice before..so yeah turning 28 was not so bad..

Thank you again to all those who wished me and made my day.Stay Blessed and Happy hameesha..Ameen

Mishi's Special Note:

Hey peoples,I know I have been absent from your pages,its not my fault,its just that I don't have the Laptop now and its really difficult to work on Computer especially when The power goes off like after every hour,I know I have missed a lot and trust me I regret that badly,Whenever I get here I try to read as many updates as I could.I will make my presence on your pages felt again.I am trying to adjust with the computer and power failure both.I hope you would understand! Just don't think that I'm ignoring your updates.em little helpless on it right now..Sowie!


  1. mishi wish you a very happy birthday . and what a noice message you just conveyed. you are taking right things with your age. keep writing and btw i did write a tag post. do read that =) take care. big hug =)

  2. Hi ((Mishi)):**

    thanks for your special thanks !! I’m honoured

    It’s been wonderful sailing on your blog throughout the year-2011

    Lord be with you and make your dreams come true :-{}

  3. bless you :)

    all the best and hope all ur wishes come true in this year ..


  4. @Humaira..thankyou sweetheart:-) and thankyou for the post..I will just go check that

    @Stranger..no problem...you deserved a special thankz!

    @Bikramjit..thankyou so much:-)

  5. Mishi,

    It is nice of you to share very important lesson of life. It is so true but we in our hurry forget to realise it.

    Take care

    1. its so nice to share all that!
      and yes we often realize how much care for others whether its human or anything else when they r lost or not with us..

  6. no mobile, no lappy, no electricity, "smile" A BIG YES.
    You waited 28 years to be blessed, so wait a little more for good news. [TAWAKAL el ALLAH]

  7. yes, at times we do forget to value things or people and once we loose them we start feel their importance.....nice massage by you here.....

  8. I MISSED YOUR BIRTHDAY! OKAY ITS LEGIT TO KILL ME COS THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO DO! :( I am so sorrrrrry, I wasn't around and now I see I missed your 28th. Kill me, please. :/
    Wish you a very happy belated birthday, MishiWish. I hate making belated wishes :(
    As a matter of fact, I hate Facebook. Its impersonal and makes people pretty self-consumed. :P
    Anyway, I wish you have a beaaaaautiful year ahead. And oh, you're a Capricorn. Nicey nice :D
    I love you SO much! yes yes, you can hate me.. grrr

  9. no thanks to me :( i am not commenting on your blog :(

  10. mehwish ur no longer in my fb list..where r u ?? or has ur name changed??? plzz add me back...

  11. @Uncle jack...em glad you dropped by!

    @Harman...thankyou sweeeeeeeeeeetheart:-*

    @@Tariq MIyan..hahaha yeah you are so right!

    @Irfanuddin...yeah thanks:)

  12. @crystal....hey you!! where were you Lost sweetie? I missed you so much...I tagged you in a post too!
    and its ok..I dint mind that...you belated wishes are sweet thankyou:-) and yes em capricorn! hey my profile has my msn id..do send me a mail sometime..ok

    love you..

  13. @Israr..lolz..

    @Cat girl...okay lemme check

  14. Mashallah kitni kamal harkat thi with the cellfone :P keep up the good work lawyer :P

  15. :((( nahhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i missed ur birthday :( how inhuman of me...seems like i am turning more insensitive with each passing year :( will make ur next b'day special..thats for sure :) for now...stay cheerful..with a prayer on ur lips...heres hoping you have a wonderful year with plenty of reasons to smile and blog...god bless you :)

    Yours and only urs,

    Bloggie :)))

  16. Beautiful piece, beautiful thoughts. Yup a birthday brings one closer to maturity and wisdom. I heard an aunt say that...Lols! :-) This may be quite late but it still is a heartfelt wish for blessings down your way all through your life. Belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Mishi! God bless you.

  17. Sorry I missed it. Now have a really great Unbirthday. Lovely post.

  18. oh god! sorry i missed ur bday so sorry :(

    the way you described the phone incident i was feeling so bad for both the phone and you of course but more for the poor phone :) and the way you tied that experience into a life lesson i think that was beautiful

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  20. wish u happy birthday
    & hmm thats it

  21. Hello Mishi.
    I sent you belated birthday wishes in the previous post.
    See...being 28 is not so bad...look how wise & grown up you've become (smile).

    Gifts given with love from the heart are the best gifts of all. Just think of the wonderful memories you will have of your sister many years down the line when you look back at her gift.

    Sorry to hear about your phone. You're right of course...one never realizes the good until it's no longer in our presence or possession.

    Don't fret over your absence from blogland. You can't be blamed for power outages & bad service. Your faithful followers & readers will understand & will patiently wait for your return.

    Wishing you all the best for this coming year. May it be one filled with much happiness, laughter & most importantly an overflowing abundance of love!
    Thanks for the anniversary wishes too. I really appreciated them.

  22. Happy birthday Mishi. i wish you have great year and i hope all of your dreams come true.

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  24. did u chk ur fb friend's list mehwish??

  25. new follower of your blog
    now follow my blog

  26. A very belated Happy Birthday! And starting to feel love for what we have over what we want is maturity , which only time can bless us with. May u have a wonderful year ahead.

  27. Wish you a belated Happy B'day!
    Hope you had a great one.


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