Warm-Up Post

YEAH its a warm-up post..TESTING..TESTING..TESTING..can you hear me?! LOL...These are one of those days when Sadness prevail...and Today is the weather that makes you feel like shooting your self with one of those Kitchen Knives..Damn the Lovely Weather! That kind of lovely which makes you all gloomy and Teary..What makes it even more worse is the choice of your music on this particular Blue day..I wonder How music describes what you Feel...The perfect melodies for almost every Human Feeling..Khair I hope you guys are OK..I have been reading your write-ups...Everybody seems to be doing great which is good to know..em OK too by the way! I have just been busy with stuff at Home Plus the Load-shedding things and 'Having No Laptop' made it more complicated...I will catch you guys Soon now...*Smiles*

Here is the Song that is making my Blue day a bit more Neela..LOL..Its a Lovely melody..Enjoy this and Don't Click IF YOU ARE FEELING DOWN ALREADY!...Do enjoy the song otherwise:-)


  1. Hmm here's wishing your day cheers up soon ..

    its funny when we are down we tend to listen to songs that are sadder .. instead of listening to peppy numbers to cheer us up..


  2. Glad to see you back. Missed your posts. And cheer up! No more sad songs for you!

  3. Welcome back lady!! Was wondering as to why we have no posts from the ever active Mishi. Waiting for more that's coming.

  4. cheer up frnd :) the smile has to be hunted out from its hiding place!!

  5. I feel like shooting myself after seeing the weather.

    1. happy to see you back..
      cheer up we are approaching towards spring ..every bloom will cheer you up :)
      looking forward to see more of your funtoosh posts!
      have a nice weekend!

  6. Welcome back mishi. Is electricity back too?

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmm,... lost, in search of, and now found .. oneself, its good to be back within your ownself, atleast it won't hurt more :) :) :)

  8. i am glad you are back... now please dont take 1 year to warm up... get down to work and start writing :P

  9. You are asking Ishq for something it can't do :) Actually the weather inside u makes it more or less Neela, rest all are contributing factors.

  10. good warning :)

    the song is great Mishi

  11. Was feeling low and I came across this post. The song is lovely. Yes, its making me feel more neela but it is worth listening to it. Thanks for sharing it.


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