ECP, Mr. Paracha and me

So here comes the historical moment in the lives of desperate Pakistanis after decades of dictatorial epoch ,they tell us! we are blessed to witness the first ever "Five-Years UN-INTERRUPTED term" of a democratic government, they insist. Something to boast about in front of your grandchildren one day, they exaggerate! and so goes on the rant of our politicians-cum-actors-cum-idiots-cum-retards-cum-clumsy clowns!

Anyway, this post is not going to be wasted mourning the last five years in vain, lets talk about something else instead, something more refreshing if I could give you a hint here *chuckles* YES!! Lets talk about the most talked about topic these days yet again, I will be more then excited to break the story to you if luckily any one of my readers refrains from watching news, reading paper and talking about the current national scenario under the strict instructions of their Doctor, I mean there is this priceless feeling of being The First One to break news, right? But then it has its own side-effects, I mean my lappy is not charged enough to go this far to allow me to quote the details here and we have no power for the last 3 hours now * Did I just hear "Raja BC" here?* Oh no, I promised myself not to rant the bloody old rants again. We have had enough already, ENOUGH! Lets move on, shall we?

So yes guys I believe you must have heard it in bits up til now THAT;

*There are 32 Paraa's In Quran.
*There are 6 pillers of Islam.
*There is a Sajda in Nama e Janazza too (makes you wonder if this guy ever attended any Janaza at all in his life)
*Prayer of Qanoot is read in Fajar.
*Sorah a Ikhlas in place of Drood -e Inraheemi.

The list is too long here but then I don't want to trouble my Non-Pakistani readers here, Oh and before Mr. Paracha Labels me with a "Jahadi" and start a crusade war against me on Twitter, let me have my say first. But before I do that, let me introduce you to Mr. Paracha here. Mr. P and his likewise are "The Most Unhappy" people on the land of pure, this is being the most precised description I could come up with. They are the so-called Ultimate Critics , do and will criticise whatsoever comes their way.You are doomed and doomed pretty much bad if you follow them to have a clear opinion because all they leave you with is utter confusion and not to mention a headache too.

Mushuruff comes in or goes out, Afridi performs well or sucks at batting, CJ delays or takes Suo-moto notice of Shahzeb Murder case, Insar Abbasi does or does not come up with his investigatve-cum-personal opinion in Capital Talk, Sana Bucha does or does not change her hair-style, Najam Sethi does or does not mention his Chirya, it rains or it does not rain in Tahir Qadri's dhurna, We trade with U.S or with China or with India, No Independent Election Commission or a comparatively better Election Commission. (so on and on and on...)

Mr.Paracha & Company are always always unhappy and annoyed, up there ranting in their "as ever" mood.
For the name of Lord, WHAT ON THE EARTH IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?! May be it was not an ideal post to write about you Mr. Paracha but then I wanted to ask you this since long now. Yes its a bit too much asking all those questions to Election Candidates and lets not talk about "The Ideology of Pakistan" debate but whatever I mentioned above are not the basics? the very very basics?  are not the number of candidates who could not tell on Kulmaa'z from Jamaat e Islaami? Are they not the same people who tell you to cover your head, offer your prayers, and not mas****ate? are they not the same people who will sit in Parliment and legislate ? where do they stand? Why this fuss over asking the candidates the very basic questions? Forget about the 'a bit too much" type of questions here, but seriously whats wrong if you ask them about the basics? Do I not have this right being a citizen of this state to have this desire about  knowing more about the people I am going to select and send to sit in the Parliment representing me!? Oh yes I do have this right Mr. P

I have every right under the constitution of Pakistan to ask for whatever I deem right to the candidate that is going to represent me via my vote in the National Assembly of Paksitan. You have any problem with that? Yes the way could be wrong, but not the questions, criticise in good spirit just once, if you could. I wish I could request ECP to include you & your League in their "How to Do it right" committee so that we may know what solution do you have. Though I doubt if you have any solution for any of the problems you keep on blustering about. *No Offence intended*

Yes this is big, the first successful five years terms of a democratic governement in ^60 years, and so is everything else, the first (comparatively) independent Election Commission, the first ever THIRD PARTY factor in pakistani politics, and the first ever attempt of ECP to secrutinize the candidate. This might not be the best strategy but at least there is an effort. Will you bother notice that already? All the other nations have learned via Trial & Error method, but it their same trying trying again until they have the right way of doing things that served them well. Why cant it be the same for us?

So Dear Mr. Paracha & Company , spare the basics and talk about fake degrees and fake tax-records and fake assets reports, yes you guys are more educated under every definition of education for us poor ignorant ordinary Pakistanis which gives you every right to be tagged as "Liberals" but do no kindly forget that no matter how vaguely we, the common ones, appear over the surface, that does not snatch our right to tell you how do we feel about it. You want to help? Please enlighten the ones in the present system over their strategy and for once at least, stop criticizing for good. Talk about a better Scrutinizing system than not having a system at all, will you? 


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  3. Arrayyyyyy aapii Aap tou zinda hain!!! Wow!
    As for the post I'm the most ill-fitted piece in the puzzle of politics as I Dont understand even ABC of it!!
    Can I STILL hope for you to be a bit more regular on blogger!?

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  6. Mishi,

    I agree that some people have habit of picking faults in everything without taking notice of some good changes which take place. Wish you all the best for upcoming elections.

    Take care

  7. well, i agree with you about the Parachas type people the pseudoliberal fascists...
    but the EC make a mockery of the scrutiny process and did not disqualify a single tax evader, theif, corrupt politician and so on... and now after the election, the performance of the ECP is in front of us all, except the PML.N die hard fans, no body accepted this election... :(

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  9. Lol @ Unhappy people in the land of pure :)

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  11. Great post! Like your blog and readings.
    Have you seen that Roti Kapra Makan ?

  12. I never heard there are 32 parahs n 6 pillars n all other stuff.
    Islam never said anything like that

  13. mishi, u r nowhere to be found; wapis aajaao kuch nahi kaha jaeye ga-


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